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Monday, December 3, 2018


As much as I'm a drumstick-and-thighs kind of girl, I would never pass up the opportunity to relish a plate of crunchy and juicy Chicken Wings. The great thing about these bite-sized babies is that you get an appetizing  skin-to-meat ratio that every mouthful is perfection.

Add to that a plateful of steaming hot rice, OMG!!!!!

Yes, Chicken Wings may usually be considered as appetizers because of the size and the handiness of eating it (instant grips!) but for us Pinoys it is already a (ful)filling entree to our table.

That's why when the Yub and I recently visited WING ZONE in its new branch in Araneta Center, we happily and hungrily discovered that they don't have just the usual flavors made popular by the Westside. Besides the usual Buffalo or Honey Barbecue, WING ZONE tosses its newly fried wings in flavors such as Thai Chili, Sweet Samurai, Adobo, Sisig, etc -- so many choices right?

And yes, like you, I also immediately started craving for rice. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Check out our Friday dinner with other foodies in WING ZONE. I'm sure, you'll also start craving for some wings and more!!!

With extra rice... He he he he he he!


It was a busy night in WING ZONE that Friday.

Outside, they were giving out free samples of their chicken and flavors.

Inside, the place was packed with diners eating with their hands!

I met with foodies THE HUNGRY CHEF and Laine then realized immediately that we were all wearing blue.


Laine's hubby will follow so let's hope he's wearing a different color.


Yep! We're officially the "Blue Man Group" tonight. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Oh well. As they say, great minds (and appetites) think alike!

Time to order!

WING ZONE menu 1...

WING ZONE menu 2...

WING ZONE menu 3...

WING ZONE menu 4...

WING ZONE menu 5...

First on the table is an order of WING ZONE House Made Kettle Chips!!

This was crunchy and addicting. It also went well with their Ranch sauce.

WING ZONE Onion Rings!

We also got some WING ZONE Jalapeno Poppers!

Even if these appetizers claimed to have Jalapeno in them, they were not spicy at all. It only had that tasty smokiness of the pepper and was quite nice!

Chef Nat wanted to try out their Chicken Burger (P245.00) with Thai Chili Sauce!

The burger was surprisingly appetizing.

I said "surprisingly" because I'm not really a fan of chicken sandwiches. He he he he he!


WING ZONE 2 orders of 6-piece wings (P210.00/each)!

Savory Adobo...

Spicy Sisig!

We had another set of wings that seems to be more vicious than the previous one! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Here's the Nuclear Habanero!

(I don't think I need to tell you how spicy this was).

Sweet Samurai!

Not spicy but very savory!


Eating time!

Check out the rice... Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


We all made a "toast" of the spicy wings in honor of our "bravery"!

He he he he he!

Since WING ZONE was brought to us by the same group as PAPER MOON CAFE (Viva International Food and Restaurants, Inc.) and located next door, we had easy access to these popular and luscious desserts after our dinner!


PAPER MOON Mango Mille Crepe (P225.00)!

Young Coconut!

And the Ube Mille Crepe (P225.00)!

We also got a slice of Strawberry Shortcake (P325.00)!

DONE (almost)!

Place was almost empty and we were still in WING ZONE -- chatting. Ha ha ha ha ha haha!!!!!

Had a delicious meal and a fun time with the food-loving blue people. 

I'll surely go back to WING ZONE with the boys to wipe out more hot wings!!!

Thanks WING ZONE for having us!!!!

Coliseum Circle, Araneta Center, 
Cubao, Quezon City



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