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Friday, June 15, 2012

WOODEN SPOON (Ladies Who Lunch)

When my officemate Ms. Grace Acojido, turned 30 last June, 2012 (he he he) she treated the LADIES WHO LUNCH group in the newly opened restaurant along Katipunan by the ever famous Sandy Daza.

Ordinarily, if you're a Katipunan, Quezon City newbie, you might miss WOODEN SPOON if it were just having an ordinary sign on display.


Chef Daza was smart and showcased his timeless good looks on the WOODEN SPOON banner that you would be crazy not to take a second stare!

Haaaay.... so handsome... Ha ha ha ha!

Inside WOODEN SPOON they have truly maximized the limited space but without making the hungry diners feel cramped or jammed up.

Besides, if Chef Daza was there, I wouldn't mind getting too close for.... ahem... comfort... Tee hee!

Just in case you are not familiar with Chef Sandy Daza, he is the son of the cooking legend Ms. Nora Daza, and has published articles such as in Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Of course, I knew him as the Chef in the long running Del Monte Kitchenomics which aired in the 80's and 90's in what else, the longest running noon time show ever!


And yes, the famed chef WAS there and it was sort of a reunion for him and the other EAT BULAGA ladies (The "Ladies Who Lunch" are officers of TAPE Inc., producers of EAT BULAGA and they have been with the company for over 30 years now. Some of them were even "extras" in various episodes of Del Monte Kitchenomics just for fun. Haha ha ha!)

(l-r) SVP - Finance Ms. Zeny Buenavista, MEH, Disbursing Manager Ms. Flory Antonio, Finance Manager Ms. Grace Acojido, SVP - Admin Ms. Leslie Dionisio, Executive Asst to Mr. Tuviera (our President) Ms. Josie Tolentino, and Chef Sandy "pogi" Daza. 

The birthday gal for the day, Ms. Grace!!!


Of course, before we ate, we should have pictures first as "proof" of everyone's attendance... He he he he!

Ms. Josie and Ms. Eileen Macapagal...

Ms. Grace and Ms. Leslie!

Ms. Zeny (feeling extra sweet to me... he he he), Ms. Flory, and Mrs. Tuviera :)

Lovely ladies!

But my tummy is lovely too and hungry!

All the dishes featured here are recommendations by the chef so I guess we'll never go wrong with this meal!

Now let's eat!

First on the table was WOODEN SPOON'S Crab Pancit (P145.00).

If the appetizer was a peep at how the meal would turn out, then we were assured that we would have a delicious lunch!  The WOODEN SPOON dish was runny eggs with crabfat poured over fried vermicelli noodles!

We asked the very accomodating waiters of WOODEN SPOON to give it a good mix so that we could all devour it... like ladies.... He he he!

I could take in a few tips from Ms. Eileen and Mrs. Tuviera on this department... Ha ha ha ha!

Up next was WOODEN SPOON's Fiesta Rice (P145.00)! The hearty plate of carbs is already a meal in itself as it was loaded with crispy adobo flakes, salted eggs, and fresh tomatoes. Be sure to put a little bit of each on your heaping tablespoonful for that perfect chomp!

I added a dollop of the garlic aioli mayonnaise dressing from another order. The extra layer of tasty fat made it more rich to the bite!

WOODEN SPOON'S Breaded Fish Fillet with Wansuy Sauce (P195.00) was crunchy on the outside and the dory was perfectly tender on the inside. 

Extra delectable when you give it a generous dip on the wansuy sauce!

WOODEN SPOON's Squid with Chili and Mushroom (P225.00) had the right amount of spice in every bite and was a very savory "ulam". I loved putting the bits of chili in my rice!! 

The clear crowd favorite was the WOODEN SPOON Stuffed Pechay (P155.00) in lip-smacking coconut milk. Inside the tender vegetable was a tinapa like spicy stuffing which went well with the creamy sauce!!!


If you have been a good girl lately, then order a plate of WOODEN SPOON's Lechon Kawali (P195.00). Each pork chunk is bursting with oil and fat but uber scrumptious!!! It won't hurt to dip it into the sauces on the side to remove that "cloying" effect, AND, drink some pineapple juice afterwards. Ha ha ha ha!

Don't forget to order the WOODEN SPOON'S Adobo Flakes (P195.00)! Each strand is perfectly crunchy with the right seasoning of soy and vinegar! Believe me you would find yourself shoveling spoonfuls of this in your mouth along with the fried rice!

There's that aioli dip I was talking about which I added more to my already loaded plate.

Our table was SO FULL!!!

My plate! My WOODEN SPOON loaded plate!

Sorry if I did not even think about proper plating... I was pathetically hungry at this point!

After that hearty WOODEN SPOON meal, all of us shared this one dessert because we were all so full!

Don't pity us too much as this WOODEN SPOON Pandan Crepe (P115.00) was worth getting extra pounds for.

Ha ha ha! Check out the shy piece... and how somebody stuck her finger on the chocolate syrup to get chocolate in her mouth. 

Not me!


Burp! Meal was done! Guess why I am smiling naughtily in this picture?

Look... closer... ha ha ha ha!


That was such a superkalifragalisticextraordinary lunch!!

Thanks Ms. Grace! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Wooden Spoon
Loyola Heights
329 Katipunan Ave
Loyola Heights, Quezon City
(02) 426-0044

Wooden Spoon
Power Plant Mall
Power Plant Mall, Amorsolo Dr
Poblacion, Makati

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Friday, June 8, 2012


Call me Ishmael....

No this is not THAT story... but it also involves a man... and his whale...

Well... FUTURE whale...

Because it was not always that way...

In one cold rainy night sometime last June...

A Chinese guy with beautiful sleepy eyes accompanied his Lady Boss for a steaming bowl of hot ramen...

While waiting for their order... they checked out the condiments...

The COOL menu...

The Chinese man and his Lady Boss were overly fond of the attractive colors and the abundance of food....

The RAMEN COOL Tempura was oh so crunchy and flavorful.... It had more breadings than the Chinese guy preferred but it was okay...

There was no coke zero for the Lady boss in RAMEN COOL so she just settled for an ice cold can of Pepsi light...

While munching on his RAMEN COOL tempura, the Chinese guys' Beef Fried Rice arrived....

... and it bought the sweetest smile to the famished traveler even if his beautiful eyes were on its way to a long slumber...

The Lady Boss agreed that her man's food were all delicious but she was feeling cold and felt that something warm and spicy would satisfy her tummy...

So a bowl of piping hot spicy pork with tofu arises....

Little did she know that the fragrant soup had a magic spell to entice her to crave RAMEN COOL'S magical broth and increase her appetite.... 

It would only work if she is able to annihilate the contents of the spicy delicious soup.... 

The Lady boss wondered if she could finish such a big bowl of spicy goodness in RAMEN COOL...

She then lightened up and decided that this will be her Mount Everest...

She will eat it because it was there...

... and it smelled M-mm good!

First slurp.....

RAMEN COOL Noodles were very firm and chewy... Soup was spicily nutty and intense...

The silky tofu of RAMEN COOL would temper the heat with it's creaminess...

AND in no time.... .... everything was finished. 

The soup then worked its wonders....  

Afterwards there was no turning back for the Lady Boss... She always craved the simple but flavorful soups of  RAMEN COOL....

She discovered that there was true joy in indulging and giving in to all food desires....

And now..

She became a whale...

Check out ERICJAZ FOODIES 2013 posts to see how fat I am now!!!

Har de har har!


Please do NOT take any referrals to magic potion in the soup seriously. RAMEN COOL broth is indeed hearty, healthy and safe! We became regular diners eversince!

Oh and no offense to whales... In my opinion they are the most gentlest of creatures... But they still weigh tons....

Also being fat is STILL beautiful... Ask my hub! He has his own reasons why he likes the 2013 Jaz now. Ha ha ha ha ha! More of me to love !!!

Ramen Cool
25 East Capitol Dr
Kapitolyo, Pasig

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