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Monday, July 16, 2007

USA EATS (What We Grubbed in Las Vegas and LA)

I once heard somebody on television claim that "You haven't been really to a place until you have tried their food" and I strongly agree to it.  Besides basking in the colors of a country's traditions, and sceneries, you would really find their culture in how they cook and serve their food.  

That is why when I go on trips abroad, I do not shop for clothes or gadgets. Instead, I splurge on experiences and FOOD. My point is, I could do my shopping back home anyway. And even if it will be converted to calories and fat when I get back to Manila I know that the whole experience of eating the grub is worth it. 

So for our 2007 trip to Las Vegas, that was what I did to my Padawan... and yes he learned fast enough to be a "Jedeater"! We ate and ate and ate to the delight and fascination of my cousin Kuya Nap because he shed tears of joy...

Or maybe it was because we robbed him of his grub. Ha ha ha! Kidding!

This is the first of, hopefully, many more editions of the "What We Ate" series in vacations and trips. Hope you would somehow  enjoy it as much as we did.

Here's to livin', lovin', and EATIN'! Cheers! :)


My first cousin's son is getting married and he asked my 3 year old Mati if he was willing to be the ring bearer. Without batting an eyelash we agreed because we love Las Vegas! We don't gamble but we just can't get enough of sin city!

We cannot say what we do there because like the cliche always go, "What happens in Vegas, stays in the restroom, este, in Vegas!".

Unfortunately, my husband has work so he cannot join the trip. Instead, my brother Kuya Jon served as our "body guard". He he he he!

By the way, I would have to apologize if the coverage of this trip is not blog friendly. Since I was taking care of a 3 year old who could run around like the Tasmanian devil, I was on vacation and did not feel like doing some writing or rememberin of names. My brain could only take so much y'know.

Tee hee heee!

Here's my cousin Kuya Nap picking us up at the Las Vegas airport. He immediately called my dad and assured that he will "take care" the little master Master.

Look how scared Mati was...  Ha ha ha!

Kuya Nap  then immediately drove us to New Orlean's Casino to eat their Alaskan King Crab.

You would really know that me and Kuya Nap are related because who else would pick up somebody from the airport and drive straight to a buffet? He he he!

We loved the Alaskan King Crabs! I particularly relished the ones fried in garlic! I dipped the soft meat in butter and squeezed a bit of lemon!

In this picture, Mati was already groaning that his tummy was so full!

Come on! JUST ONE PLATE MORE! Tee hee!

No kiddie meal for my boy here. He's going to enjoy the grub like a pro! 

After our heavy dinner, Kuya Nap took us to see how 7eleven converted their stores into THE SIMPSON's Kwik E Mart! This was in line with the showing of THE SIMPSON'S MOVIE. Cool right? I was not able to take pictures inside but we were able to get a squishee! Yummmm :)

The next day, Kuya Nap took us again to another buffet in Sunset Casino. I know they also have a wide array of grub there but for some reason what I always remember is their big tub of corn swimming in butter! (Drool..........)

My aunts (the senior ladies) treated us to some steak and wine!!!

Before going to the airport to fly to Minnesota (where the wedding will be) we had a wee snack in Mcdonalds. Mati had the big breakfast with scrambled eggs. Check out his morning hair!

After the dry desserts of Vegas, we saw the beautiful greens of Minnesota! I loved that in every corner you would be reminded of some scenes from "The Notebook"

The wedding reception was a sit down dinner in a clubhouse at Minnesota. Check out how I wrapped Mati with the table napkin.  

The tots had their own kiddie meal for the reception. Mati feasted on his chicken fingers and fries!

Look how messy Mati could get when eating. That's why the cover up was so necessary! :)

The adult plate! Unlike other sit down dinners I have attended, the food here was still hot like it was straight out of the oven. The breaded chicken with gravy was lipsmackingly good along with the twice baked cheesy potato. YUM!

I know this pic does not have any food in it but I would just like to share our family wedding shot. I remember when Raymund (the groom) was Mati's age, I took care of him. I'm so proud at how gentlemanly he became! His wife Elizabeth is such a lovely lady!

Check us out... MEH (l-f) Kuya Nap, his mom Tita Carol, his wife Ate Sheila, my niece MJ, and below there is little Mati!!!

We also had a late night dinner at Chevy's after some family bonding!

On our flight back to Las Vegas, we stopped by for a snack in Starbucks. Mati feasted on chicken wings and a tuna sandwich.

Those are actually MY orders but what the heck... (grumble grumble).

Check out Mati's "rope"... I don't really want to tie him up but this was very helpful when I needed to talk to somebody (airline attendant) and needed him to stay close. 

My aunts once again treated us to a Korean dinner to welcome our return in Vegas!

All the beef we could eat galore!

There was a time Kuya Nap took us to Lake Mead and planned on throwing Mati to the fishies...

He was kidding of course...

Or was he?

If I took care of Raymund, Kuya Nap was always there for us when we were kids. He stayed at our house and would baby sit when my parents were away.

One time he called my eldest brother and showed him a wedge of calamansi (Philippine lemon). He said "Jay, look at this, there's something funny coming out of this calamnsi."

When my Kuya Jay took a closer look, Kuya Nap squeezed the helloutta that lemon making my brother's eyes sting and tear up.

He would hysterically laugh afterwards.

That's why we think he's sooo awesome! After 20 years, he planned to do the same with Mati I just stopped him. Ha ha ha ha!

He never ages... That's why we love him (and his wife Ate Shiela) so much!!! They are just SO cool!

But if you were in Mati's shoes and seeing the hungry fishies waiting for your limb, you would definitely not agree. Ha ha ha ha!

In our trip to Disneyland, Mati loved the cotton candy.

(Just an FYI, no tourist shots here... Just the food that I was able to take when I was not running after the master Mati!)

After getting all crazy in Disneyland, he toned down when we gave him Mickey lolly. We took another one home but he ate it before we reached Manila.

While we were still in LA, Ate Baby (Kuya Nap's sister) and her daughter MJ took us out to a seafood dinner.

It's a shame you can't see the view from the window. We were eating seaside and the splashes of the waves complemented the whole dinner experience!

Surfin' and turfin!

Mati wanted to take more pictures from his Philippine Airlines camera...

My wonderful plate of steak, lobsters, and mashed potato with butter and lemon!

This was effingly delicious!

When Kuya Nap toured us at the Venetian hotel Mati requested we have a picture with this Haagen Daz mascot! ha ha ha ha!

Kuya Nap took us to the Fremont experience to ogle at the lights and have some of the drinks!

Mati had some margaritas too! Tee hee!

I love the Philippines but our country cannot produce plump strawberries like they do in the US!

Mati would take huge bites of these berries and was amused at the juices that would spurt out. He was surprised at how sweet it could be when he was so used to our "tart" versions. Tee hee!

If Mati likes em fresh, I like em baked into pies... MARIE CALLENDAR'S! 

My aunts (Tita Carol, Tita Meldy, and Tita Carmie) gave us a mini-party and whipped up some Filipino food.

After weeks of burgers, fries, potatoes... Rice and whatever Filipino grub should definitely be in order!

We also had a great lunch in OLIVE GARDEN after one mass... 

Dear Mati finished a big plate of pasta and... SOME WINE??!!!!!!!!!!!

Another steak dinner with my aunts!

Ha! The steak and creamed potatoes were all mine!

Days before our trip back to Manila, Ate Sheila treated us to some donuts at Krispy Kreme!

My pictures may not be much but I promise to do a better coverage the next time we're here.




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