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Tuesday, November 20, 2018


If you've been following my silly little online journal (ay kawawa ka naman hija!!!) you would know that 2017 was a very hard year for me.

For one, I lost my Dad, so life will never be complete again. Secondly, my Best Gal Pal (or BGP) Mariane discovered she had breast cancer while on a vacation in the US so she stayed there much longer than expected for her treatment.

Imagine expecting your best friend to be gone for only 2 months then learning that you wouldn't see her for more than a year? Ayayay!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a very difficult time for both of us because we cannot be for each other during those painful moments. During my Dad's wake, she was undergoing different examinations for her condition. At times when I wanted to pour out my heart-aches to her (as I would often do), I'd hesitate because I didn't want to burden her further (though she said it was okay). Hay. We may always talk on viber and messenger, but it was not the same and I wished for her return ASAP. I just consoled myself with the fact that it didn't matter how long she stays there as long as she's getting better. 

Though it was so hard to be away from each other during that painful time, I guess it just made our bond closer. We may have been thousands of miles away but we still felt each other's love and concern. You may say that it just made our BGP-hood stronger and really eternal. It's indeed proven that we're best friends in good and bad times, no matter the distance.

When she told me that she's finally cancer-free, hay naku! It was such a happy day! We were laughing and crying at the same time. FINALLY!!! Her Dad overhead us talking and he said "Ayan, magkikita na kayo ng best friend mo!" We were like college girls who got so kilig at the thought.

So finally she arrived but not at the date I was expecting: She and her hub Manong Fred didn't tell me that they are actually going home at an earlier date because they wanted to surprise me with the Chinese Dimpol as their accomplice.  

But I guess we were such BGP's that malayo pa lang I already saw her!!

Hay naku! I was really crying and happy that night. I didn't care that there were a lot of people in Powerplant Mall, I didn't care that we haven't paid our bill yet in 8 CUTS Burger (he he he he), I also didn't care that amoy burger pa ang buong mukha ko, -- I immediately went to her for that long overdue hug!!!!!!!

Yayyyy!!! After a year and 4 months, my Best Gal Pal is finally here and is CANCER FREE!!!!

Thank you so much God, Mama Mary, Jesus, and Padre Pio!!!!!

Of course, she will still need to go to the US every now and then for further check-ups, but what's important is that she is well and HERE!!!!!!

The BGP should only eat healthy food from now on that's why we treated her and Manong Fred to WHOLESOME TABLE. When she's better, we'll eat again at 8 CUTS BURGER BLENDS. He he he he he he!!!!

YAYYY! RIOT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On another night, the Chinese Dimpol and I joined BGP Marian's family to celebrate the birthday of her Dad, Tito Jun!


Besties, Chinese Dimpol and Manong Fred!!!!

BGP Marian and MEEEEEH!

Ninang Marlene and birthday boy, Tito Jun!

Yaya Rose, Pao Pao, and Fred's Mom!!!


We were served with complimentary bread basket and wow... Ito pa lang sulit na. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

The crusty bread were still warm and so delish with butter or olive oil with balsamic vinegar!

First on the table were bowls of ITALIANNI'S Stuffed Mushrooms (P575.00)!

Fresh mushrooms stuffed with sausage, herbs, and Italian cheeses! You can't stop at one.

ITALIANNI'S Caesar Salad (P575.00)!

We already got from this plate sorry before I took a picture. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! 

You could never really go wrong with Caesar's Salad!

ITALIANNI'S Fried Calamari (P680.00)!

Lightly bread but still flavorful. It was extra yum with a spritz of lemon!

ITALIANNI'S Spinach and Artichoke Formaggio (P595.00)!

This is one of ITALIANNI'S best sellers and it's also one of my favorite. The creamy and cheesy spread smothered on the buttered toasted baguette is something dreams are made off.


For mains they got the ITALIANNI'S Spaghetti and Meatballs (P645.00)!

And Carbonara Classico (P450.00)!


My plate!!! My carb-ful beautiful plate!!!!

BGP arranged for a birthday song for Tito Jun!

Happy Birthday Tito Jun! Please stay as loving and pogi always!!!!!!! We pray for many more birthdays to come!


Thank you for having us tito Jun!!! It was great seeing you all.

And of course, it's SUPERKADUPEROMAYGASHNESS awesome to have the BGP back!

Manong Fred? Not so much...



Welcome back BGP!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!



 2 Greenbelt, Makati, 
Metro Manila
(02) 728 0289



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