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Thursday, June 12, 2014


Sometime last month, my couple friends and I got together to celebrate the birthday of our very own "Edward Cullen", pareng Jun.

Why refer to him as that handsome vampire who seem to have some constipation issues you ask? Well not only does pareng Jun's gray eyes strike you as that of the undead, but man, the guy eats so much without gaining a pound that you would THINK he burns up any sort of fat cells when exposed with sunlight.

Anyway for his birthday, I suggested that we try out EL CANGREJO's Eat All You Can Steak and Crabs for only P749.00 (net). I have already enjoyed the fresh seafood of the new restaurant in Quezon City (SEE HERE) but to go surf and turf plus appetizers for only P749.00 was such a steal!

So in EL CANGREJO SEAFOOD AND STEAK BISTRO we went for a night of eating and chatting. And WOW... we never expected the SURF AND TURF to be SOOOOO good!

Read on!


Again, crab in menu...Why so happy when we're going to eat you later?

Our other couple friends were already there in EL CANGREJO chatting up without me!

You want me to get all "RED VIPER" angry with you huh?

As usual Albert and his pretty wife Suet were there before 8pm! They always arrive before us!!! I swear that on our next meet up, I'll give them a fake time so that we'll be at the venue before them.


Me and Kumareng Gail!

Yub and my master Mati who insisted on joining us because he loved seafood! He he he he!

AND the birthday boy, JUN! It was ACTUALLY his birthday and he chose to spend it with us losers... 

Awwwwww :)

menu grabbed from EL CANGREJO facebook page


Albert and Suet shared a bowl of EL CANGREJO new england clam chowder (P180.00).

As for THE YAPPY BUNCH we shared an order of my favorite EL CANGREJO Clam Steamers (P150.00)! Yep! The white wine infused broth was so delicious to slurp on like a soup! YUM!

Mati's current "flavor of the month" are oysters so he ordered a plate of these salty babies and had it grilled (P245.00)! 

My little man wiped these out in no time. Luckily I snuck meself a piece while he was focusing on the other plates of food. He he he he!

Albert also ordered EL CANGREJO's Grilled Tuna Steak (P380.00) with salsa. 

As for me, I wanted to try something else other than their seafood so I got the EL CANGREJO Grilled Barbecue Chicken (P265.00) which had a very savory sauce. I would have preferred next time that they grill me some dark meat since I don't really like the breast part.

Albert and Suet ordered one of my favorites from our last meal there -- EL CANGREJO's baked scallops (P395.00)!

Another dish that I loved before was EL CANGREJO's Prawns Aglio Olio (P395.00) especially that it's loaded with garlic and flavored olive oil! 

BUT! WE were actually there for THIS!
photo grabbed from EL CANGREJO facebook page
EL CANGREJO's eat all you can  SURF N' TURF dinner for only P749.00 nett!

The EL CANGREJO Surf N' Turf deal starts off with a serving of their creamy pumpkin soup! 

Then the TURF.... 

EL CANGREJO's Grilled Angus Hanging Tender Steak cooked ala minute! This was crazy tender and juicy! 

Birthday boy Jun was hungry... and READY!

In less than a minute, a plate of piping hot EL CANGREJO steamed mud crabs with butter sauce was served!

Wow! All this for only P749.00 nett?? We all can't believe our eyes, nose, and tummy!!!

The best part is, THIS. IS. EAT. ALL. YOU. CAN!!!


I was able to get a taste from the EL CANGREJO steak and yes, it was as tender and succulent as it looked! No way this deal cost only P749.00! The food that Jun was served with could rival the overpriced ones served at other popular restaurants out there!


Later on Jun was onto his 3rd plate of EL CANGREJO steak!

The meat of the steak was altogether juicy and flavorful. However, the tasty gravy makes everything more perfect! 

Oh yeah.... EL CANGREJO goodness!

And pareng Jun was on his second plate of EL CANGREJO steamed mud crabs!

He was all too happy to dig in and get his hands dirty for the SURFin!

Then, EL CANGREJO gave Jun a mini-birthday cake!!

I actually asked for it... Ha ha ha ha ha! It was so gracious of EL CANGREJO to oblige!

Happy birthday dear Jun!!! I wonder how old you are in vampire years? He he he he! Kidding!

Mareng Gail LOVED the EL CANGREJO chocolate blueberry cheesecake! Yes! It is worth a try when you go there.

As for me, my favorite was EL CANGREJO Apple Pie ala Mode (P150.00). Such a heavenly ending to a delicious dinner!

And it was gone in a jiffy! This was soooo good! I would have preferred the apples to be skinless though. But still, this would be something I would order again the next time we're there. 


Reasonable prices right?

The week after.... Yup you read that right... 

Our friend Albert enjoyed our EL CANGREJO Surf N' Turf dinner so much that he came back with his family the following week. He said that the restaurant almost shut down because of the many servings they had of the Surf N' Turf...

And yes, I actually believe him!

Ha ha ha ha!

Last June 12, the Chinese Adonis and I were scheduled to meet up again with our favorite group of crazy people!

I was raving and praising the Eat All You Can deal of EL CANGREJO that when my PRETTY MOMMIES group were planning a getogether to celebrate Abel's birthday, the restaurant again came to mind.

Well actually, it was Abel who requested for it since we WERE raving and praising it too much! Ha ha ha ha!

And also, if you're raising an eyebrow over our group name, just give us a break. Like the song from West Side Story, WE FEEL PRETTY, OH SO PRETTY, WE FEEL PRETTY AND WITTY AND GAYYYY! So. There. 

So most of the guys (except Eric and Albert since they were watching their figures) ordered the EL CANGREJO Eat All You Can Surf N' Turf!

Yup! The TURF was as delicious the last time... 


... and pareng Joji can't be happier about it!

At first, the waiters were taking a lot of time in serving out the crabs, but then I learned the reason for the wait was because they kill (yes kill, not just cook) the crabs upon order. Yep! They were all ALIVE and waiting for us.

So sorry little crabs.You had a delicious death anyway. 

Afterwards, plates and plates of steamed mud crabs were laid down our table.

And our guys just happily cracked, bit, sucked, and DEVOURED them all!

Birthday boy Abel ate all of the EL CANGREJO crabs that was supposedly for his family!

As for my master Mati, though he did not get the EL CANGREJO All you Can Eat Surf N' Turf, he was so happy for his full plate of grilled oysters!

Perhaps next time, I'll bring him to THIS... 

EL CANGREJO's Eat and Drink All you Can on Wine and Oysters at only P495.00 net every Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays! Of course, he ONLY gets the oysters... He he he he!

When we sang Abel a Happy Birthday, we asked EL CANGREJO for some candles on the desserts that we ordered. Doesn't it all look so purrty? 

Such a great night! First time also for Albert and Suet to join our crazy Pretty Mommies group. Yup! It was MORE fun for everyone!!! Yohooo!

LET'S EAT!!!!!

See here!

Unit D1 Jardin de Zenaida
34 Sgt. Esguerra Avenue, South Triangle
1103 Quezon City, Philippines
(02) 351-0700, (02) 917-203-0154

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