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Friday, March 31, 2017


What are your plans for this summer?

Baguio? Hong Kong? Boracay?

Really, why do you have to go so far? I mean I would understand if it's to see Mines View Park or Disneyland or to have Jonah's Milkshake. But if your sole purpose is to just get away, relax, defeat the scorch of summer, AND experience service like no other, then you have a wonderful option to go for.

A 5-Star option in fact.

And it's just right here in Metro Manila!!!!

MARCO POLO HOTEL in Ortigas!!!!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Sometime last year, I got a taste of GRINGO'S juicy barbecued Chicken and Ribs when we were sent boxes of their hot meat and sides. THE YAPPY BUNCH loved the food and found ourselves licking the bones and chops after wolfing it all down in seconds. Since then, we have craved for GRINGO but we were not able to drop by the actual restaurant because it was too far from where we lived.

Luckily, GRINGO recently opened in SM Megamall and it was so timely for us because we were having Mati's birthday staycation in MARCO POLO HOTEL. I asked my dear son where he wanted to eat that Saturday night and upon learning that GRINGO was already open there, he heaved a long sigh and said "FINALLY!!!!"

So it's no question where we'll be having our weekend dinner for my dearest's birthday staycation. Possibly the foodie gods arranged it because they knew how much we wanted to eat again at GRINGO but were too lazy to make the trek. And to think that it is something that my birthday boy really, really, as in REALLLY, want to eat in!!!!!

See? Everything was meant to be!  


Chicken, Ribs, FRIENDS!!!

Like I said, the restaurant was still in their soft opening so I was not expecting everything to be smooth sailing. The food anyway is the one that's important!

The restaurant was packed but nobody was waiting in line. Me guess is that the staff is doing a fine job at efficiently serving and seating the guests!

Monday, March 27, 2017


THE YAPPY BUNCH went to Chinatown Binondo to celebrate the Chinese New year. And of course, what we are always looking ward to at the end of our trip is what we're going to have for lunch!!!!

And for the The Year of the Rooster, we're going for LING NAM!!!!

LING NAM was suggested by our kumpareng THE FOOD ALPHABET when we asked where we should go for lunch.

Friday, March 24, 2017


It's day two of our superfun MARCO POLO Birthday staycation for Master Mati. And if you're traumatized by the loads of pictures that I posted in my last blog, don't worry...

You'll be TERRORIZED this time!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!


Good morning Manila!!!!

Thursday, March 23, 2017


My dearest Master Mati turned 13 this year and to celebrate his entry to "teenage-hood", the Chinese Dimpol and I made his 2 week celebration extra special! Besides his restaurant requests, his surprise birthday party, and his Best Bud sleepover, we also gave him a special....


And it's not just an ordinary MARCO POLO staycation.... It's a MARCO POLO BIRTHDAY staycation!!!!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


My dearest Master Mati just turned 13 this year and while we were all prepared to do his usual 2-week birthday celebration, I was thinking: What else could we do to commemorate his arrival to "teenhood"? I have to bear in mind that this is something he has been waiting for a looooooong time (most probably because he wanted to get into PG-13 movies... Tee hee!). That's why we know turning 13 is not just significant for us but it's also a monumental event for my boy. So even if foodtrips, staycations, getogethers are already fine with him, I want to give him something more...

And that's when I thought of giving him a surprise birthday party!


Our venue for Mati's surprise birthday party was going to be in THE METROCLUB in Makati City. BGP Marian's dad was a member and he was able to endorse little ol' me for the use of the facilities. 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


The Master Mati is having his 2 week birthday fun and included in his celebrations is choosing where the family will eat for the weekends that are reserved for him. Normally, the birthday boy makes a list on where he wants to go but even if my dearest Mati forgot to do this, the Chinese Dimpol and I knew that he will NEVER miss having a Korean dinner. I asked him if he wanted to go to the usual practical (aka cheap) buffets that are so popular now. My New Teenager agreed but somehow I sensed that he wanted to try out someplace new instead.

So with that I suggested SONG DO KOREAN RESTAURANT!

I was very familiar with SONG DO because my office would order take-out there just in case they were craving for something Korean. I have often heard raves about their food that it really got me curious. And with Master Mati's birthday celebration, we figured that now was the time.

We're going to SONG DO!


Now be prepared to climb on a lot of steps! He he he he he he!

Monday, March 20, 2017


My first born Mati just turned 13 and I'm ready to cry my brains out.

Why you ask??? WHY???? WHAT DO YOU MEAN WHY???

Mati is my first ever baby boy!!!!

He's the one who subjected me to ONLY 2 hours of labor (world record if you ask me) when I gave birth to him...

He's the one whom I exclusively breastfed and never went out for, for 6 months....

He's the one whom I made a scrapbook filled with my letters, memorabilia, and pictures that I started when I got pregnant with him...

He's the one whom I personally sewed "JM" in all of his baby clothes even if I HATED sewing...

He's the one whom I always bit on the chin so I could smell his milky breath and showered him with kisses...

He's the one whom I would call everyday the moment he gets home from school...

He's the one whom I composed several songs for...


Then now...

My forever baby boy Mati  wants to be called MATTHEW because he said HE'S ALREADY A TEENAGER!!!

Friday, March 17, 2017


I am so in love with Boodle Fights these days.

Yup. I am very obsessed right now with this famed Filipino way of eating barbecued and grilled meats that you can't guess how low I could go.

Well for one, I always watch mukbang videos in Youtube now of families eating Boodle fights. One time, I got so into it that I even watched this group of irritating girls eating with their mouths open and talking loudly (you know, the works). But I still beared it because I was so drooling over the food!

That's why when the the Chinese Dimpol was on his way back home from a business trip in Indonesia, I asked my Mom if we could do a Boodle Fight for our Sunday family lunch.|

To think that we always have 2 or 3 grilled entrees for Sunday lunch anyway...
To think that clean-up will be so easy peasy with Boodle Fights...
To think that we are going to do this for her FAVORITE son-in-law... (sorry Anthony!!!)

Yep! We're going to have a Boodle Fight and it's going to be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our Sunday family BOODLE FIGHT!!!!!!!

BOODLE FIGHT is the Filipino Military style of eating where food is served on a common long table using banana leaves as cover. There are no utensils nor plates used so you'll be eating with your hands. When in a real BOODLE FIGHT, you get and eat what you can from the pile of food lest your seatmate gets it from you, hence, the (food) fight. 

This is fast becoming a popular way of eating Filipino food in homes/restaurants both here and abroad. And I am not surprised why people from all around are attracted to this communal way of eating.

Thursday, March 16, 2017


My older brother recently went to Japan and as promised, he took home Andrei's favorite for pasalubong!!!!



For this lazy Sunday, Andrei is going to do the KRACIE Cheeseburger and Fries!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Just in case you plan to eavesdrop in my conversations with Manong Fred and Best GalPal Mariane (because you have nothing more pathetic to do)  you would soon see a pattern in it...

"You're going to treat for your bday? Let's do PEKING DUCK!"
"It's Friday!!!! Treat us to PEKING DUCK!"
"Nang-indyan ka sa gimik? TREAT US TO PEKING DUCK!!!!"
"Awwww... You have a wart? TREAT US TO PEKING DUCK!!!"

The PEKING DUCK at PEKING GARDEN is such a delicacy for us four that it has already invaded all senses of our consciousness. It's like EVERYTHING has to be about PEKING DUCK and we won't shut up about it until this deep craving has been answered. The last time we all had it was during Manong Fred's birthday dinner for his Mom, and life was not the same ever since.

Finally when Manong Fred was deciding where to have BGP Mariane's surprise birthday party, PEKING GARDEN'S name came up. It should really be a natural choice since it IS my dear friend's favorite and therefore so perfect for her 40th birthday dinner. Besides being excited for my best gal pal's special day, we were all ecstatic that we are going to have a night with our favorite PEKING DUCK.

Ah yes. And life is beautiful again.

And crispy...
And fatty...
And meaty...
And juicy....
And just perfect.

Oh PEKING DUCK! Why can't we quit you????


Monday, March 13, 2017


Whenever we're at a weekend family staycation, I always make it a point to wake up early for the buffet breakfast.

Yup! Even if we stayed up alllll night lowng partying (Tugs! Tugs! Tee Hee!), I will still scream for everyone to wake up because we don't want to miss breakfast.

Because why should you???

Besides being the most important meal of the day, breakfast would always hit on something that will get you full and happy. And in a hotel, it's the only buffet where they will serve garlic rice AND creamy scrambled eggs -- two things I feel should be required in EVERY meal. So yes, I would never miss an opportunity to have breakfast. It would always have the dishes which would mostly have my favorites!

Usually though when we're in a hotel breakfast buffet, Andrei would just order ala carte since he has such a wittle wee appetite. But for this morning, the Yub and I decided that since we're celebrating his birthday, he could also partake in the buffet with us and get what he felt like eating.


Ah eh... Kidding. #hulika

Seriously though, I'm glad that the little lords were able to enjoy breakfast with us at NOBU HOTEL in CITY OF DREAMS. Normally, its hard to make them sit still and eat during mornings. And if they do eat, they're as fast as a hurricane because they're in a hurry to swim.  But in NOBU, they loved the food that I did not have to force them to fill their plates or wait for us. They happily hopped from one station to another and tried out the variety of breakfast food with the Japanese touch.

When you can, do try out the breakfast buffet at NOBU HOTEL. It's delicious breakfast food plus your usual Japanese favorites that's served on a whole new level!


Tugs! Tugs! 

Good morning NOBU HOTEL!!! It's time to have breakfast!

The NOBU restaurant reception.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


So how did you spend your VALENTIMES?

Before you wear your grammar nazi hat and immediately point out my spelling, well D-UH. That's intentional. Of course, we are still respectful of St. Valentine and how this day is connected to many beliefs and traditions. But for us, this is a special day of love, fun, and laughter -- and we want it all the time, hence, VALENTIMES!!!!

I swear if that won't blow the minds off the people in Thesaurus, I don't know what will.


Anywho, if you ask us, we celebrated VALENTIMES in a number of ways. We had it with the boys, we had it in a government institution, we had it with family, etc., etc., But most importantly, we celebrated VALENTIMES our own way. Don't get me wrong, we still find it fun to be cheesy corny by wearing red, bringing flowers, and having dinner in restaurants bursting with cupid images. But when life alters our original plan, it's still romantic to do something to "catch up".

Most especially of course if you have somebody so willing to catch up that special day with you.


Sorry. He he he he he he eh he!


Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Honestly speaking, I'm not one to advocate for healthy eating. I mean, I'm not against it but it's not something that I would see myself enjoying with friends on a Friday night and flooding my social media accounts with it. Maybe one of the reasons why I'm not so much of a pro-healthy eater is because I don't care so much. I valued my taste buds more and experience has taught me how foods that are good for you could tasted so MEH. Growing up, I also felt so invincible at how I could eat all the greasy junk food that I loved without gaining a pound!

Oh the happy days! He he he he he he he!

But then everything has been slowly changing: I get tired easily, my metabolism makes me gain many pounds even after just a packet of noodles, and the Chinese Adoni's blood charts are off the roof!

Even if we look like 20 year olds, we don't FEEL like 20 year olds anymore!!!

So really, we don't have any appreciation for healthy foods until now that we needed it. And after encountering the delicious and mouth-watering dishes that are good for us in THE WHOLESOME TABLE, we are now converts! We realized that yes, we should ALWAYS go for healthy eating when we can and no, it doesn't have to be MEH.

Check out how our minds (and appetites) were instantly changed! 

A very "wholesome" group at THE WHOLESOME TABLE!!!

It was a cool and lazy Saturday that weekend that we didn't mind the walk going to THE WHOLESOME TABLE.

Monday, March 6, 2017


It's been a looooooong work week for me and the Chinese Dimpol with deadlines, out of town drives, memos, meetings, and on top of that, rushing home to help the little lords with their school work. We're not complaining of course -- we're thankful for the opportunity to have the jobs that we love and to help out our boys any which way we can. But of course, sometimes, it's just nice to stretch out, relax, and somehow get away from it all on a Friday....

And on top of that (pun intended), have some chilled red and white wines while we're at it!

The Chinese Dimpol and I escaped from work because we felt that we deserved to have some of MARCO POLO HOTEL's APERITIVO in VU'S SKY BAR AND LOUNGE!

What's an APERITIVO you might ask?

To put it simply, it's pre-dinner drinks and appetizers like in Italy. But of course, knowing how they do it in MARCO POLO ORTIGAS, we enjoyed THAT and a lotta more!

Saturday, March 4, 2017


My little bunsoy is celebrating his 10th birthday and with that, we're giving him a 10-day special too!!!!

We already had a party...
We already had a sleepover...
We already ate in his favorite restaurants...
We already had a staycation...

Now what next?

Time to do something recreational and fun! With that, we thought of DREAMPLAY!!!!

DREAMPLAY! Awooh! Awooh! Awooh! (ala 300)!

I found this family package promo by NOBU HOTEL where a weekend staycation with 2 kids also included 4 tickets to DREAMPLAY. I had enough cash saved up for Andrei's 10 days of fun, so we're going!

Thursday, March 2, 2017


MARCO POLO HOTEL, recently awarded 5 Stars by Forbes Travel Guide, certainly knows how to make things better ALL the time! Take for instance their popular buffet in CUCINA restaurant, they have added new dishes that would surely get your mouth watering to indulge in something VERY tasty!


Surrender yourself to CUCINA' s TASTY INDULGENCE!!!!

My family was celebrating my birthday week and we're excited for this treat from MARCO POLO HOTEL!

We're here to try out their newest sumptuous dishes in their popular buffet.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


It was the last day of 2016 and my eldest brother invited THE YAPPY BUNCH out for lunch since he'll not be able to spend New Year's Eve with us. We were supposed to eat at home but he suddenly felt like trying out something new since we WERE saying goodbye to 2016.

And with that, he thought of THE HALAL GUYS!

I know what you're thinking: WHO CARES ABOUT HALAL GUYS?????

Well we do!!!

HALAL GUYS may have received a lot of flak since it opened in SM Megamall but personally, it's still a restaurant that deserves a try AND a return. Many complain that it is far from the US counterpart but really, we shouldn't just expect too much. If it IS different maybe it's because of cost reasons or other things, we don't know. Bottom line is, we have another choice when we're craving for gyro, falafels, or shawarma. 

And if we set all expectations aside and just douse everything with the white sauce, we will probably enjoy it!



It's Andrei's birthday staycation at NOBU and we are at our second day. Now if yesterday was any indication as to how the second part of our staycation will go, then I'd say it's going to be another awesome one!

Because really, why wouldn't it?? The Chinese Dimpol even has a flower tucked behind his ear!!!

Tee to the Hee!



Good morning Manila!!!

THE YAPPY BUNCH slept really late last night but it was still like a loooong, sound, and deep sleep.

We had such a comfortable rest that we woke up happy and ready.

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