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Thursday, November 29, 2018


It was a holiday and that meant that THE YAPPY BUNCH would be out and about for some silly family time. It may be tempting though to stay at home and just sleep the day away but then our stomachs grumbled and we suddenly remembered how we all wanted to try out the new THE GRID FOOD MARKET in our favorite Powerplant Mall!

E you know us, we're a slave to our tummies and cravings. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! The best part too is that we ALL felt that way so everyone was excited to go. Yup! We all had the same mindset for that day.

Naks! The family that craves together, stays together nga naman!!!


Wednesday, November 28, 2018


When the Yub and I had a date in OHAYO RAMEN BAR, we made several posts and raves about our delicious dinner that I received several messages from my family asking where that restaurant was.

"It's just in San Juan" I said. To which my sister instantly replied "Then that's where we'll eat after Sunday mass."

"Ay ok po. Sige po ate po."

See how nice and meek I am when it comes to food???

But really, deep inside I was going like "YIPEEEEKIYAYMADAPAKAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!" He he he he he he! Free lunch nga naman in our favorite new restaurant e bakit ba???!!! Tee hee!

I'm so weird.

Yihiii!!!! We're in OHAYO RAMEN BAR!!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2018


The Chinese Dimpol got tickets to the popular musical play "ANG HULING EL BIMBO" that as a result, we had an insta-Sundate. Yup! Just me and the Chinese panget.

Well, I'm sure the boys would've LOOOOOVED to come with us (NOT!) but they have lakad with their Lola in Cavite so this date was just right for the two of us.

Pwede pang magbiglang liko going home.


When we got to (whispers) Resorts World Manila, we immediately set out to do an important mission. No, we didn't go to the theatre to get ready for the show. Rather, we looked for a restaurant to have our quick lunch before the show. He he he he he!

Syempre, priorities! Priorities!

We went around and since most of the places were interested in were full, we ended up in JOHNNY CHOW because for one, we haven't eaten there yet, and two, the Yub absolutely loved Chinese food.

Hopefully the food there in JOHNNY CHOW is good because I hate trying out new restaurants only to leave disappointed (that's why we eat at the same places tuloy).  Come to think of it though, we enjoy everywhere we go to because there is always something to be happy about and it's always fun as long as we're together.

Especially if biglang liko.


He he he he he he he!


Monday, November 26, 2018


As much as I love my ugly friends (who obviously don't read my blog), there is a different kind of fun hanging out with the foodies from The Kain Tulog Gang. Besides being gorgeous (like me... bwa ha ha ha ha....), they know the great places to eat in, have a full appetite (bawal diet), plus it is already understood how we'll take pictures of our grub before eating (even if it's not a sponsored meal).

These days I don't get to see them as much as I want to because I always get out of work late and I usually have plans with my family on weekends. Good thing that one time our schedules aligned and I was able to join some of the lovely ladies of THE KTG for an early lunch. The venue for that Saturdate was in MANAM -- a popular Filipino restaurant which I haven't tried yet, that's why I'm extra excited.

We obviously had a great time that Saturday. Well that's bound to happen because you could never go wrong with gorgeous people who love good food. He he he!

For those who don't agree, there's a special place in hell for you.


We're in MANAM!!!!!!

Even if we frequent Greenhills shopping mall, it's our first time to go to MANAM since it was fairly new in the area. 

And since we were really unfamiliar with the new establishment, we even went to the wrong parking area. TOINK!

Thursday, November 22, 2018


One weekend THE YAPPY BUNCH went to Greenhills to meet up with the other families of our BP GROUP!

And our venue for that night was KIMONO KEN!!!!!

KIMONO KEN was pretty full that night but since we were pretty (tee hee) we able to get a table for our big group.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018


It is once again the anniversary of our dear EAT BULAGA and though we have the same celebration enjoying the usual food, we are still excited because we always experience a different kind of fun each year.

Well it's not everyday you'll celebrate the 39th anniversary of your workplace right?

So we all went to Broadway Studio eager in anticipation of what the night may bring to us: Are we going to win the raffle? Will we be able to eat our favorite Kare-Kare? Could Tali take a picture with us?

And more importantly, is it going to be a night to remember?

YAHOO!!! I'm happy to say that ALL of the above came true, except for one.... (huhu)

Oh well. I'm sure you already have a picture of what that is. Still, read on and experience my night of being a Dabarkads for their 39 years!!!!  


Tuesday, November 20, 2018


If you've been following my silly little online journal (ay kawawa ka naman hija!!!) you would know that 2017 was a very hard year for me.

For one, I lost my Dad, so life will never be complete again. Secondly, my Best Gal Pal (or BGP) Mariane discovered she had breast cancer while on a vacation in the US so she stayed there much longer than expected for her treatment.

Imagine expecting your best friend to be gone for only 2 months then learning that you wouldn't see her for more than a year? Ayayay!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a very difficult time for both of us because we cannot be for each other during those painful moments. During my Dad's wake, she was undergoing different examinations for her condition. At times when I wanted to pour out my heart-aches to her (as I would often do), I'd hesitate because I didn't want to burden her further (though she said it was okay). Hay. We may always talk on viber and messenger, but it was not the same and I wished for her return ASAP. I just consoled myself with the fact that it didn't matter how long she stays there as long as she's getting better. 

Though it was so hard to be away from each other during that painful time, I guess it just made our bond closer. We may have been thousands of miles away but we still felt each other's love and concern. You may say that it just made our BGP-hood stronger and really eternal. It's indeed proven that we're best friends in good and bad times, no matter the distance.

When she told me that she's finally cancer-free, hay naku! It was such a happy day! We were laughing and crying at the same time. FINALLY!!! Her Dad overhead us talking and he said "Ayan, magkikita na kayo ng best friend mo!" We were like college girls who got so kilig at the thought.

So finally she arrived but not at the date I was expecting: She and her hub Manong Fred didn't tell me that they are actually going home at an earlier date because they wanted to surprise me with the Chinese Dimpol as their accomplice.  

But I guess we were such BGP's that malayo pa lang I already saw her!!

Monday, November 19, 2018


When the Yub and I recently had a date in OHAYO MAKI X SUSHI, we loved the food so much that we predicted that it will be the "start of beautiful ramen-ship."

But.... we were wrong. Dan... dan... DANNNN!

Well sorta.

While at the stall in OHAYO MAKI X SUSHI, the server informed us that they also had a branch that had a real restaurant setting near Gilmore. The yub, being snooty all of a sudden, wanted to try out that branch when we can.

And when we did, we truly enjoyed the whole experience: we loved the food, the place, the airconditioning,  the parking spots, etc. Kaya ayan na talaga.... "The start of a beautiful ramen-ship!"

If the weather's cold and chilly, or if you want to avoid us, just bear in mind that we'll be in OHAYO RAMEN BAR -- our new favorite when it comes to ramen!!!!! 



OHAYO had limited space that's why seating could be a problem when the place gets packed. Good thing they have these bar stools that suited hungry us just fine.

Sunday, November 18, 2018


I'm sure it's fairly obvious by now that one of our favorite restaurants is GENKI SUSHI. From its first branch with the long lines to the other branches that answer our "instant sushi cravings", GENKI SUSHI has always been there for us.

It is also with GENKI SUSHI that we find ourselves usually commemorating the start and/or end of summer . I really don't know why and how this came to be but since GENKI SUSHI has equaled "HAPPINESS" for me and the kids, they quickly hooked it up with their summer vacation.

Basta when classes end, we just HAVE to eat at GENKI SUSHI!!!!

HOWEVER, for this particular visit, it was a bittersweet dinner in GENKI SUSHI. The Yub and I decided to treat the boys here again to formally say goodbye to their SUMMER VACATION (to lessen the pain, kumbaga... He he he he he).  So everything was fun as usual -- chomp, chomp, chomp, order, order, order, train, train, train, but there were periods where one of the boys would comically wail and cry "I don't want summer vacation to end!!!!!!"

There... there... my sweet summer child (tee hee). Before you know it, we'll be back here again but this time to start summer. He he he he he he!

Good thing GENKI SUSHI is "here" during this sad time.

Tee hee!!!!!!

It was a quiet night n GENKI SUSHI!

Friday, November 16, 2018


ERICJAZ FOODIES went out Saturday morning for an early getogether with THE KAIN TULOG GANG in Ortigas Center. We already went home about 1:00AM from a gimik that Friday but when our KTG beckons, we follow.

It's very likely anyway that delicious and hot food is waiting for us at the end of the "rainbow." He he he he he he he!

The venue for that morning was in WANG JIA TEA HOUSE, a simple and unpretentious restaurant located inside CW Home Depot Compound. When we got to the venue, the Yub and I knew that this would already be our kind of place especially when we're craving for affordable comfort food.

And knowing that they serve Yub's usual favorite (e.g. dimsum, noodles, rice toppings, kikiam, etc) just made him feel like he hit the jackpot.



Thursday, November 15, 2018


THE YAPPY BUNCH were having a family staycation with some of the Kain Tulog Gang at HEROES HOTEL. Come noontime, we were not really looking forward to lunch since we all just had coffee and we were relaxing in our rooms. Alas, food awaits and as much as we wanted to just be lazy our day, getting us fat is still the priority (tee hee).

Check out our unexpectedly enjoyable lunch where our not-so hungry bellies still managed to finish platters of delicious food. Yup. It's that good!



Wednesday, November 14, 2018


THE YAPPY BUNCH were having a family staycation somewhere that was so far from the ordinary....


This humble establishment is simple in size but overflowing in purpose and inspiration. And yep! Don't forget the FUN!!!

To be honest, I really did not expect to have one of the most unforgettable staycations ever. This just goes on to show that a hotel doesn't need to be grand or sosy wosy for guests to have a great time -- sometimes having a place that was constructed with lots of love and dedication then run by happy and inspired people is more than enough.

Check out part TWO of our memorable family staycation in a place that you should DEFINITELY check out soon...


Da da dan danan.... Danananan!!!!!

Were you able to tell that's from the Superman theme? Tee hee!!!

Monday, November 12, 2018


It was supposed to be the "usual" weekend for us: wake up to a late breakfast, Kali for Master Mati in the afternoon, then dinner and movie night for our Saturdate. However, we were invited by HEROES HOTEL for a weekend hotel staycation, so that meant our schedule for that particular Saturday and Sunday would be a wee different. But since we know how our usual staycations go, it's still going to be a fun "routine" for us. With that, I immediately made a mental checklist to pack our swimsuits, our midnight snacks, gameboards, movies, etc. etc.

But guess what? We didn't use ANY of them.

Saying that we had a different kind of weekend in HEROES HOTEL would be an understatement. It may not be the 5-star, flashy, and grand hotel that is popular in the metro but still, the family and I all had a unique and unforgettable stay.

And seriously I'm sure you will agree because HEROES HOTEL is indeed "the little hotel that could" in so many fun yet honorable ways!

Where else could you find a hotel that will make heroes out of you?

Read on and find out!

Yohoo! We're in HEROES HOTEL!!!!!

Friday, November 9, 2018


MIEN SAN is one restaurant in San Juan that you couldn't miss because of its bright lights and colors along Granada street. We have only eaten there once but even if we want to go back again, we just haven't gotten ourselves to do so well because we would usually prefer the convenience (and the variety of places to go to) in a mall.

One time after he picked me up from work, the Yub and I were deeply craving for some of our favorite Ramen. But when lo and behold we went to our usual place, we were SO disappointed to discover that it was closed. With that, MIEN SAN somehow "called" our attention and invited us to go back inside.

MIEN SAN was not as spacious as it was before and I think they cut down on rental space because they have another branch along Annapolis street. Still, this restaurant maintained that homey and comfy Chinese family vibe that it was popular for. And after our meal, the Yub and I loved our dinner that once again made promises that we would go back for some more.

My sexy tummy: "YES! Please don't be your usual forgetful self and forget!!!!!!!"


YOHOO! We're in MIEN SAN!!!!

(In fairness, I think ang ganda ko sa pic!)

Thursday, November 8, 2018


I don't normally share our observance of our "Araw ng Patay" but this time, I would just like to put on record in my silly little blog what happened this year. This is after all my online diary where I want to put anything and everything that goes on in my mundane life (Oh you should see my actual diary growing up. Ha ha ha ha ha!)

For many years now THE YAPPY BUNCH would visit the Yub's Dad in Quezon Province on November 1. Even if we have to travel a million miles (he he he he he) that's so fine with me because, as I would always say, I would rather that I don't have anyone super special to visit in our family mausoleum in Cavite.

When my Daddyowzers went to heaven last year, all things changed. And that's when I declared to the Yubhub that "Sorry, we'll be in Cavite every November 1 forever na."

I'm thankful to have a very understanding husband (ala eh, ang pogi pa!!!!) who agreed without any sort of hesitation. He knows naman din kasi how close I am to my family and that I'm forever a "Daddy's girl". I just consoled him that at least Cavite will be easier for us (considering the traffic during the holiday) and that at least we could just go to Quezon Province at his chosen weekend. Not that I need to but I just got to give some supporting words while I make himas himas of his.... biceps! Tee Hee!!!!

Let me share with you how my family would usually observe November 1 in the province. As always, I have the best time with my family. No need for beer, no need for loud laughs, no need for gadgets, no need for animated stories, no need for other people, and no need for whatever trivial thing that's popular out there. We, lalo na my beautiful self, always have memorable fun as long as we're together.

I'm sure that would make our Daddy so happy as well!

Super pogi my Daddy no????

Tuesday, November 6, 2018


HALLOWEEN has got to be one of the most exciting seasons for people like me who are quite fond of all things ghostly and macabre: I love the decors, I love the scary TV specials and movie marathons, I love hearing the "Monster Mash", I love the Jack O' Lanterns and hearing the legend about Ichabod Crane, etc., etc., Basta just in case it's not clear enough, I love everything Halloween!!!!!

I think Halloween is only time where the Marvel Superheroes take a break to give way to pareng Freddie Krueger, pareng Michael Myers, pareng Jason, mareng Sadako, Mahal (he he he), and the new kid on the block, mareng Bent-Necked Lady.

Yep! Halloween is the holiday where we could be our scary selves and not be ashamed of it (he he he he he). Not to mention the delicious candies and treats that come with that will energize us throughout the whole horror season.

Here's how we celebrated Halloween for this year. It may not be what we usually do but we still had a scream-worthy great time!!!!  

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 5, 2018


Last June was the Anniversary of my Daddyowzer's first year in Heaven. Now as much as I'm yearning to make this another dramatic post and recount the pains of how much I still miss him, I'm sure my Daddy wouldn't want us to be always crying and overlydramatic (Siguro konti lang he he he he.... He doesn't want us to be too unsentimental!). So yeah, I'll try my best to keep this as light-hearted and fun as I could (because that's the way he is).

And also like how my Dad would always prefer, his Anniversary will involve prayers and GLORIOUS FOOD!!!!!!

We started off the day with a mass offered for him....

Andrei cam!

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