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Monday, August 31, 2020


It's Yub's birthday once again and even if he's not too much on grand celebrations, we still want to honor him and thank his ugliness for all the love and hard work that he has given us (I'm a bully I know. Ha ha ha ha ha!)

Well, as much as we want to make out-of-this world gimiks for his birthday, we didn't because of the following reasons:

a) There was an incoming pandemic.
b) He wanted everything simple.
c) He didn't plan anything for my birthday naman e so why should I plan anything for him??? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

Ignore the last one. Matindi ang hugot ng senior moments ko non! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Anyway, whatever the actual and pure reason, we did what we can to thank the big Chinese panget on his birthday. And based on his big smiles and thank yous, he's happy.

Syempre that made us all happy na din!

(Belated) Happy Birthday Yub!!! We love youuuuuuuus panget!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2020


When I was younger, I thought that 45 is somebody very old, knowledgeable about life, ladylike, well-behaved, and goodness would just flow through her veins.

Looking at the mirror I'm thinking... NAAAAAH. He he he!

Anyone who's close to me would assure you that I'm nowhere those traits above: I am still figuring out this thing called "life," I am still wacky and kenkoy, my voice is still very loud and I laugh with a guffaw, I could still be very mean, AND, I look 30.

I'm sure the last one made you gag. Ha ha ha ha ha!

What I did discover about growing old is that I got more emotional and became a crybaby. Yeah! Not just by watching movies ah (oh I love crying at movies) but my stone heart has finally melted (to think I'm the girl who was dedma with all the palanca letters from school retreats). I finally got why my Lolos and Lolas would suddenly burst out laughing when we're together. At this age I finally understood how unimportant material things are and that what matters most are the people around you.

In fact, I didn't expect gifts! When friends asked me what I liked, I would always say "Just promise you'll always be there for me" is my usual reply. (Of course Yub and the family are not included since I rely on them to buy new clothes or techie stuff. I don't usually have the budget to do so. #kuripot. Ha ha ha ha ha!).

Sharing with you my birthday celebrations this year when I turned 45! I know I say this always but, yep, it's still the best one yet. You may find my celebrations boring but I'm the type who values what I have now rather than reminiscing the days before or aspiring for what I will get in the future. Of course, like I always say (again), my birthday celebrations would be ultimo perfecto if my Daddyowzers was with us, but I guess celebrating with our loved ones and receiving blessings (that he initiated) is the next best thing.

So yay! Here's to me!! I'm 45 and super alive!


OOPS.. Sorry! Typo! I'm only 35 pala. He he he he!

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