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Monday, September 22, 2014


One Friday night, the Chinese Adonis and I met up with NFFAFF (New Found Fogi And Fretty Friends) Gem and Jojie to celebrate the latter's birthday. They were also treating our BP Group (won't tell what it means... ha ha ha ha!) on another weekend so I thought that as thanks, the Yub and I would have an earlier birthday treat to this generous couple.

The choice of Gem that night was TONG YANG SHABU SHABU AND BARBECUE RESTAURANT in Promenade, Greenhills and since I haven't tried their buffet yet, I happily agreed! The Chinese Adonis and I absolutely love Shabu Shabu and for the option to eat THAT all-we-can is enough to make us feel birthday celebrants as well!

Yup! Food does that to us! It's ALWAYS our ticket to cloud 9!

Besides the other thing of course. That is, if we have any!

Bwa ha ha ha!


It's in the new wing of Promenade in Greenhills!

The price list. 

Even if this popular restaurant has been operating for many years and has other branches, it is actually our first time to try the buffet. We usually have the set plates before for practical reasons. All changed now because the Chinese Adonis and I became buffet addicts and that we don't care about our figures anymore.

Hence, the zero sexy time action.

BWA HA HA HA! Kidding. 

Moving on...

Good thing I was able to get out of the office early so we were on time with the reservations I made.

Our NFFAFF friends Gem and Jojie!

If you forgot what it means, scroll up.

Me and The Chinese Adonis!

Yep! He's an Adidas Original! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Our TONG YANG server for that dinner was Eric! He was very quick and in to our plan of surprising Joji with a song.

Time to get our TONG YANG grub!

TONG YANG offered a humble selection of Japanese sushi and vegetable salad for appetizers.

TONG YANG Maki's... 

Another type of TONG YANG maki...

California Maki... 

I'm not really a fan of Japanese makis without the usual raw fish so I was relieved to find that there were Ebi and Salmon sushi in the selection. I helped myself to those! 

TONG YANG raw food buffet!!

The choices were too much for us and I think my big forehead got all confused and frightened. He he he he!

TONG YANG seafood!

Is that real shark meat? Boo!!! I just saw this now!

TONG YANG other seafood.... 

I see MORE seafood! I'm not sure if these are the same though. I'm already dizzy... Ha ha ha ha!

Some TONG YANG tripe and more seafood that doesn't want to come out of its shell. He he he he!

TONG YANG meats...

TONG YANG skewers for the grill....


Another TONG YANG buffet line!

My Shabu Shabu favorite! Balls and seafood cakes!

And there's MORE TONG YANG balls!

TONG YANG processed foods... 

TONG  YANG veggies for me...


I wonder how much I could pay Yub to eat some of these? He HATES vegetables! Ha ha ha ha!

There was also a TONG YANG buffet line for noodles!

Further down there was TONG YANG's cooked grub selection. 

My family are regular customers of Healthy Shabu Shabu and as much as I love their grub (my kids grew up to it), I find they have limited choices in dipping sauce.

In TONG YANG they have a LOT of marinades and sauces to choose from. Plus they have more condiments to add to it!

My big forehead got all confused again on what to whip up so I just grabbed and mixed whatever I got.

I know butter is not really a dipping sauce but it will make our grilled grub more sinful and tasty! He he he he!

What's great about TONG YANG is that beverages are already included in the buffet price.

Yup! Drink all you can sodas, and coffee! I'M NOT LEAVING THIS PLACE anymore! Ha ha ha ha!

After getting our raw ingredients from the buffet line, we sat down and got ready to do some serious eatin' and cooking.

Our kindly waiter asked what soup base we would like for our TONG YANG Shabu Shabu and we chose the Spicy Sate Soup and Vegetarian Broth. Other types available were the Chicken, Sinigang, Korean Kimchi, and Taiwan Soup. 

Now, while that was boiling I had some TONG YANG sushi and potato salad. 

My husband in the meantime loaded up on some TONG YANG balls and seafood for the grill!

The Chinese Adonis also got some pork skewers, squid, young corn, and HOT DOG (???).

Sorry. The nagger in me mentally took note of how many red hotdogs we have at home right now. He he he he he!

I got a lot of TONG YANG udon noodles too!

Jojie in the meantime stocked up on some TONG YANG Salmon, Squid, and Crabsticks!

And now let's GRILL!

Our happy guys! I never go between a man and his grill!

The same goes for ladies. Do NOT go between two gals who are chatting!

Kidding! He he he he!

Okay fine. Besides chatting, me and Gem also cooked the TONG YANG shabu shabu!

My first TONG YANG bowl of squid balls, noodles, and enoki mushrooms in the spicy sate broth.

The sate soup was flavorful and as hot as I wanted it to be but it was not too strong nor overpowering for me to enjoy the boiled seafood in my bowl.

Even if there was really a technique in properly cooking the TONG YANG barbecue, we just forgot about it and threw everything in the grill. Har de har!

I guess we did good in grilling because the salmon was still tender and juicy when I bit into it.

ERICJAZ FOODIES with Jojie and Gem!

TONG YANG also had a meat station where you could have fresh cuts of their choice meat.

Gem got some finely cut TONG YANG US angus beef!

Which immediately made friends with the TONG YANG salmon!

I asked our very nice waiter Eric for a wee birthday cake for Jojie and he enthusiastically agreed to it. Imagine our surprise when our TONG YANG waiter thought that the Chinese Adonis was the celebrant and sang to him out of nowhere.  Ha ha ha ha!

I guess that was my bad! I presumed he understood that the birthday boy was from the other couple. It's okay. We just did an over the top take 2!!!

Happy Birthday dear Jojie! I see a lot of dancing in your future! Yeeeey!

Just don't give a surprise birthday to the lovely Gem again... He he he he he! 

Sorry! Private joke!

Jojie's very nice and "unexpected" TONG YANG birthday cake. Ha ha ha ha!


My husband proceeded to get a lot of ice cream for him (and me!) for dessert!

TONG YANG had Big Scoop Ice Cream and it was ALL good!

May I have some more Yub?

The TONG YANG desserts made everyone so sweet and dandy. 


Our TONG YANG bill!

Happy Birthday Mr. Pogi!!!

We love our NFFAF friends Jojie and Gem! Not only do we have a fun time with them, but we also learn a lot from their experiences!

Hala! We're the only ones here???

We ate and talked so much that night that TONG YANG closed out on us!


Till next time NFFAF's!!!!


Promenade, Greenhills, San Juan City
02 4632625


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