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Friday, December 2, 2011


I'm always on the search for good but cheap eats but I almost missed this one. My husband and I, when we do our grocery and shopping at Robinsons, we always passed and ignored this place because I thought that it would be another food stall offering crappy food.

One time, I was particularly tired and hungry that I just invited the husband to have a quick dinner here. When I saw the menu, everything was so cheap that I chose this, this, and this, OH and this too! Imagine my delight when the kani salad was served and it was this big plate of cucumber and japanese mayo goodness! After that I was hooked! I would now always invite Yub to eat here if we would like a quick and cheap japanese fix... Oh and did I mention it's REAAAAALLY good too???? :)

Okay let me say it again. It was REALLY delicious too!


Little Andrei joined us for a quickie dinner at ASIAN BITES. He promised to be good so that we will play at Tom's World afterwards.

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