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Sunday, March 30, 2014


For the past week, my husband and I have been meeting up with Mareng Gail and Pareng Jun that I am almost nauseated at the thought of seeing them again. Imagine, in the span of 7 days, we saw each other almost every other day, talking about the same thing, looking at the same faces. Tsk... tsk... tsk....

Not really to exaggerate or anything but I think I almost had nightmares of her! Ngiiii!!!!

I was ready to send her a PM in FACEBOOK to ask for "a break" ("It's not you... It's me...) but then she offered this special discount deal she got for BURGOO where you'll pay only P599.00 to get P1,000.00 worth of food.

AMAZING right?

And so just like that, we're meeting up with THE CAMPOS again. Tee hee!

I told you, with ERICJAZ FOODIES, it's ALWAYS about the food.

Tee hee!

Duh. I love my Mareng Gail!!!! That's how deep our "sisterhood" is!!!!  Obviously, I'm joking!
Or am I? He he he he he!


Saturday, March 29, 2014


It was, what others may call the "HUMP" day, and though it was only the middle of the week, my husband and I were excited like it was already a Friday. The reason behind all that heart thumping action was that we will be joining our foodie family KTG in BULGOGI BROTHERS later on to try their new 7 Korean Classics! And besides seeing Benedict Cumberbatch (for me) and Jin Loves to Eat (for Yub) in person, the premise of biting into thick, juicy, steaks is so mind blowing for us. 

Yes, food will ALWAYS be the highlight of our EVERYTHING. So stop pitying us too much! He he he he!


Thursday, March 27, 2014


After stuffing ourselves silly when we treated friends BGP Marian and Manong Fred with delicious Thai food from TAMARIND (see HERE), we were looking for something sweet to eat. Dear Marian was craving for some ice cream so I suggested BONO ARTISANAL GELATO, since it seemed to be in my fave bloggers' hitlists when it came to dessert.

And yes, I finally understood what all the rave was all about! :)


Wednesday, March 26, 2014


It was my husband's birthday week and it wouldn't be complete without a dinner with the usual suspects, my BGP Marian and Manong Fred. For some odd reason, my husband was always craving for Thai Food (we already had it 3 times for the past few days!) that when we asked where he wanted to eat in SM OWRA (yup that's how I pronounce it :P), he wished for our dinner to be TAMARIND. 


Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Last weekend, we went out for Sunday lunch to celebrate Yub's birthday. While there were a lot of restaurants sprouting out and about in the Greenhills shopping area, we decided to celebrate my husband's special day where we have been enjoying Chinese food for the past 30 years.... 


MR. SUNMOON used to be SUN MOON GARDEN and it was located for many years in Shoppesville area. 

Presently it is located near Club Filipino and became more casual for its hungry diners. 

Monday, March 24, 2014


We knew it was going to be another great weekend when we received an invite to be with our favorite foodie family, the KTG. The venue was going to be YANAGI restaurant in Midas Hotel (which was formerly Hyatt Regency Manila) and I felt it was a perfect jump start to my Saturday because I L-O-V-E Japanese cuisine!

KTG and a Japanese buffet.... now what could be more glorious than that?

Having it with Benedict Cumberbatch? Kidding! THAT is another story. Tee hee! 


YANAGI is at the second floor of Midas Hotel and we were welcomed by cheerful smiles of their maitre d'!

Saturday, March 22, 2014


There was a time that I was doing absolutely nothing so I decided to just go on Facebook and stalk at my usual suspects. One FB account I always check on is by Spanky Enriquez (DAILY SPANKS) and for that day, he posted THIS on his wall...

I don't know if he did it on purpose but I'm sure that he made a lot of noodle lovers suffer that day. Just watching the sexy Anthony Bourdain almost making love to his Vietnamese pho noodles was excruciating --- it made me drool even if I was in the company of other people. 

A funny sight I was, I'm sure. 

After that, I was obsessed. I just HAVE to have Pho Noodles and slurp the way Mr. Bourdain did. I was so lucky that when my Chinese Adonis picked me up from work that night he asked my most favorite question -- "Where do you want to have dinner?"

Only 1 answer came to mind -- "DEFINITELY, Pho Hoa!"



Friday, March 21, 2014


My husband may not be a romantic (NOT by a long shot believe me) but I could say that he would do what he can to make me happy. During his birthday weekend, even if the celebrant was supposed to get his way in EVERYTHING, he heard that I was craving for mashed potatoes and insisted that we eat somewhere that served it. 

Awwww... considering that he did not touch the stuff, isn't my guy the best? 

I did not tell him though that my mashed potatoes should have a side of steak... Ha ha ha ha ha!

And THAT was why we ended up at CHILI'S!

CHILI'S! One of our favorite restaurants because it is where we first met on a blind date!


Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Ever since I've known my friend Albert, I never stopped bugging him about getting a taste of his very special SUSHI CAKE:

If it's the holidays, "Merry Christmas! Where's my sushi cake?"

If he's celebrating a special event "Wow that is so cool! Now where's my sushi cake??"

If he's on Facebook and we were chatting about world peace, I would probably get the words SUSHI plus CAKE in the conversation. Not necessarily in that order. He he he he he!

So finally AFTER 4 FRIGGIN YEARS, my perseverance paid off when he told me that his birthday gift when  I turn 29 (ahem) is a Japanese dinner. And the piece de resistance? THE SUSHI CAKE.

Finally. I have reached my holy grail. 

And it was more heavenly than I imagined it would be!

Hail to the CHEF!

My birthday was actually at the end of February but due to some families going out of the country, out of town, or out of  load ( he he he he) we had my birthday dinner in the 2nd week of March!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


For last Saturday, we had a lot of things going on for TEAM YAP. First off, it was the birthday weekend of the other half of this silly little foodie blog so that meant a celebration was in order. Next, it was the last day of Mati's exams (Andrei had it the day before) and THAT was something the whole family was more ecstatic about (sorry Yub ha ha ha ha!). And last, well it was the WEEKEND and if you think that THAT was not a valid reason to celebrate then I'll be blocking you off in FB or Friendster instantly (ha! Take that!).

No more classes! No more books! No more teacher's dirty looks!!!
Yohooo! It's time to PARTEEEY!

We were supposed to celebrate lunch with family but something came up that it did not push through. So I just thought of treating Yub to his chosen restaurant for the day. My Chinese Adonis, who does not abuse MY generosity (ahem ahem) and values in fact the more simpler things in life (AHEM) chose a nearby restaurant for us to pig out in.... 


Saturday, March 15, 2014


Since it is the birthday week of the other half of this silly little foodie blog, let me share one of the celebrations that we did for master Mati's 2-week birthday bash (yep that's how we do it in our zone... he he he he).

On that particular weekend, we decided to celebrate in BALDUCCI RISTORANTE because not only do we want to use up our GC's from our last visit (see HERE) but we also wanted the kids to taste delicious Italian Food. It was a good thing too that little birthday boy Mati was in the mood for a big platter of pasta!


The GC's we have from BALDUCCI RISTORANTE were for 2 stubs of their Executive Lunch!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Last weekend, Yub, Mati, and I went to BGP Marian's house in Paranaque to just CHILL. You could say that pun was really intended on that one because not only will be staying in, but we will also indulge ourselves in ice cream and milkshakes till we explode. 

Yes. There will be no dinner or dessert out in Greenbelt for us (our usual date), we are just going to stay at their cozy home and be ruled by THIS:

Their ice cream making machine!!

We ordered Japanese take out and just finished eating. With that, it was time to whip out some creamy dessert!

GO Manong Fred! 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Last Saturday I was supposed to meet my KTG foodie family in Greenhills but then I was reminded that Mati and I were due for our ENT check up -- me for my massive head ache due to sinus while the little lord for his adenoids. We cannot go the next weekend because it was my son's 4th quarter exams (yup on a Saturday!) then the week after, we're scheduled to go to Timbuktu.  So I sent my regrets and hoped to meet my beloved KTG next time.

As much as I hated going to the hospital for ANY kind of check up (unless it's for boob implants... he he he he he he kidding...) I looked forward to having another lunch date with my first born. I was ready to spoil him of his cravings for the day so I gave Mati the "sky's the limit" choice. Instead though, he wished that we eat in his favorite of the month... PIZZA HUT!

Yup... sometimes the most uncomplicated choice is the best. I'm glad my son, who I have treated to a lot of restaurants, finds joy in the simplest of grub. I hope he feels that, like me, spending it with the people you love makes the meal overall special!

WHICH of course is the battle cry of this silly little foodie blog!



Monday, March 10, 2014


When I was single, oh how I LOATHED weddings!

I hated that at every turn, I will be cornered by somebody who will ask "When is YOUR turn to get married young lady??" (like  THAT is the only topic they could think of for small talk).

I also hated that my sister was always chosen over me to be part of the entourage. And when I DO get picked to be a flower girl or a secondary sponsor, I will be wearing such a hideous marshmallow chiffon dress in dreadful colors!

Then, there's also that omigad throwing of bouquet for single ladies. I mean, I'm sure it's fun but I was already oh so comfy  on my chair and enjoying the food. Now why do I want to break that?

To change everything, I got married myself (yup that's the REAL reason he he he). And EVERYTHING was different from then on. I now ENJOYED weddings! I loved the celebration... the food... the mingling and jingling. Now when they call out the single ladies for the game, I would feign disappointment and show my wedding ring while mouthing "Sorry".

So when we received an invitation to attend the wedding of Yub's cousin from his father's side of the family, gone were my usual trivial rantings and I was actually excited to attend. If I was immaturely focused on avoiding the cliches for single ladies before, now I was there to celebrate the bride and groom's love proudly with my significant other.

This time though, there's no worry of ripping my secondary sponsor gown if I enjoy the food TOO much (actually happened). I will eat to my heart's content with my guy who wouldn't have it any other way.


We were in the Grand Ballroom of MANDARIN ORIENTAL for the reception. 


Saturday, March 8, 2014


Sometime last year, I introduced my dearest kumare, Gail Campo to my new found foodie friend Albert Santillana with their significant others. It was actually like a blind date where you're hoping that the two people you hooked up would get along and not roll their eyes at each other. Except that for this one, I was meeting up 4 people! As I expected, yes, the Santillanas and Campos acted like old friends and we had a great night full of laughs.

You might ask why I am just posting this tonight when we had such a pig out and gab fest at SUMO SAM "sometime last year". Well maybe this is a reminder that it IS time for the Santillanas and the Campos to volt in again very soon...

... and YES, Japanese should still be in the menu. Right Albert? Ha ha ha!

Is that subtle enough for you? :)


Friday, March 7, 2014


I am not really overly fond of Kris Aquino. In fact she is one of those celebrities who irritates me to the highest heavens with just the sound of her voice. Lately though, I have to admit, that she has taken the foodie scene by storm that when she features a certain restaurant, it would be jam packed with thousands, or even millions of people the next day. 

Yes I'm exaggerating but that is what it felt like when we were at the end of the line.

I'm talking about 8 CUTS BURGER BLENDS which recently opened in SM Megamall's Mega Fashion Hall. 

My very good friend, Mareng Gail invited me and the Chinese Monster.... este... Adonis to try out this restaurant which Kris Aquino described something as "the best burger ever". Mareng Gail and her hubby Jun arrived before us and they were surprised at the number of people still waiting in line even if it was somewhat late. 

Ngiii! And this was somewhat near closing time!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


I recently treated my family for my BOITHDAY in POWER PLANT MALL and their request was to eat at the second wing of Sandy Daza's popular Filipino restaurant first introduced in Quezon City!


Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong City is fast becoming a "must go to" avenue because specialty restaurants are sprouting left and right... well literally. On the left side you got there Ramen Daisho, Bon Chon, House of Minis, etc, etc, while on the right, stands mighty proud is the newest pizza hub that is getting a lot of raves and rants among the foodie community.  


Monday, March 3, 2014


Somebody made a comment to me today that I have been posting a lot of Ramen restaurants in this silly little foodie blog.

Really??? I didn't notice!!!

That is why, yet again, I dragged my little family to my new favorite RAMEN NAGI since I feel that I SHOULD feature this Japanese favorite in my blog more. I mean, my few readers might sense that I am ignoring the humble Ramen even if it has already been making strong waves within the hungry Filipino community.

And yes, with this dedication to be more "fair" and "unbiased" in this silly little foodie blog, we had lunch AGAIN in RAMEN NAGI, even if only a week has passed since our last meal.

What could I say? I will set aside all my personal desires just to be impartial with my posts for the good of mankind!

Yes. That is my excuse and I am sticking to it.

Tee to the Hee!


Saturday, March 1, 2014


I know I recently had a great birthday but let me be bitter again once more. 

I SO consider it unfair (or how about an abomination) that somebody was created to be AS HOT, AS FUNNY, AS SMART and AS HOT (again) as Chef Cecille Chang.

Oh myyyy....

REALLY! Like I said the first time I met her in RASTRO (SEE HERE), when goddess Aphrodite showered the earth with sexiness, this lady definitely BATHED the whole day in it (as for me, I was canoodling with Benedict Cumberbatch... bwa ha ha ha!). How is it even possible that all of those jaw dropping traits are jam packed into this lone hottie whose face could launch a thousand Ferraris? TELL ME.

What's more, you will not hate her. Once you meet dear Chef Cecille, you will immediately be under her spell because she's just so nice, fun, candid, and even childlike! And if she is not already perfect enough, yes, this lady CAN cook. Now THAT is what we deliciously discovered in her new restaurant SILK ROAD THAI BISTRO which served awesome Thai cuisine.

And suddenly, I was not so bitter anymore. She can be a HOT GODDESS all she wants, as long as she's there to head the helm of SILK ROAD and serve all those wonderful Thai food.

Then my birthday week became "happy" once again.

Tee heee......


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