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Thursday, December 13, 2018


SIDESHOW the musical recently had its run last September and I was able to treat my Mom and family to watch it in RCBC Plaza. The Chinese Panget was not that enthusiastic to go with us but sorry siya, we needed a bodyguard (ha ha ha ha ha ha!). I just consoled him that it would be an memorable musical to see onstage especially that the story was based on facts and that he'll see 2 pretty cute girls.


Aba! Aba! Aba!

Come look at the freaks!

Not us ah. The ones behind us!

We allotted a bit of time before the show so that we could have some snacks. 

Our tickets!!!!


The show had good songs and emotional scenes. As much as I would like to say that I enjoyed it, I felt sad for the conjoined twins, the Hilton sisters.

I told Andrei that it was a true story and the sisters had sham marriages. They also appeared in movies exploiting their uniqueness. 

What's sad was that they died in a hotel room and they had nobody else there but each other. One sister died like 3 days before the second one.

Oh well...

I'm so sad Yub... Huhuhu... Let's eat na... Huhuhu...

We were supposed to have our late dinner in NORTH PARK (our go-to place after watching theatre because it's open 24 hours) but it was sooo full that we ended up NEXT DOOR (PUN SO INTENDED).

Even if it was already 11:00pm, there were still many occupied tables.

Here we are!


Mommy and Ate Jit!

The Chinese Dimpol, Androse, and MEEEEEEEH!

The number one freak! Har de har har!

First on the table is our order of Beef Wanton Noodles. Mommy wanted some hot soup and this was the perfect bowl for us!

It was soo hot and fragrant when it arrived. We can't wait to dig in!

NEXT DOOR Pinsec Frito (P143.00)!

This is one of our favorites in the restaurant and we never fail to order it.

The Yub only wanted siopao for the night so he got the Asado Pao (P68.00)!

NEXT DOOR Lechon Macau (P273.00)!!!

Crunchy pig belly with egg fried rice!!! Haaaaaaay...... Sooo good!

Just in case the food was not enough for us, we got the NEXT DOOR Hainan Chicken (P173.00). 

It was just okay. But the condiments make it more appetizing.

NEXT DOOR Century Egg (P43.00)!

Yup! I always get this too!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with Mommy, Ate Jit, and the Androse in NEXT DOOR!!!

We just shared everything that we ordered and would you believe that we still had leftovers? Since we're older, we actually have light appetites now. And considering that it's near midnight, we didn't want to have a heavy meal. 

MY PLATE! My Next Door plate!

Yayyy! My bunsoy baby loved the flavorful noodles with his Pinsec Frito!


We had some leftover Hainan and Rice!! It's okay. We could take it home as doggie bag.

The NEXT DOOR bill!

Thanks Mommy for the treat!

I always enjoy theatre night outs with my Mom and family. I love too how we make the date complete with our traditional dinner afterwards.

More theatre dates please!!!

And eating too!




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