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Tuesday, January 31, 2017


For so long now, I have been asking my master Mati for a date. We used to have it regularly before when he was obsessed with me. Now that he's older, he would only go with us if we're eating at a restaurant that he liked, or if we're watching his kind of movie.

Oh how time really flew by so fast! It was just like yesterday when my baby Mati cried while hugging me tight and begging me not to go to work. Now, the sad reality is they WANT me to go to the office because they knew if I stayed home, I would get in the way of their TV watching or gadget playing.

Grrrrr... Oh well! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

So FINALLY, my first born son agreed to go out on a Fridate because the Chinese Dimpol was out of town. I was so happy and asked where he wanted to go because the sky was the limit!  I'm willing to splurge and eat as much as he wants! He was a foodie like me so I was really excited with his choice. In the end however, he chose BONCHON!

BONCHON??? WHY BONCHON??? I mean, we could eat anywhere that's more classy and with special food!!!

My Master Mati answered thoughtfully "I like BONCHON na Mommy because I want to try their Bibimbap and I don't want you to spend a lot of money on our date. Let's save muna okay?"

Awwwww....  :(

I know that I always dread the thought of the boys growing up and leaving their Mommy. But moments like these make me so proud at the kind of gentleman my Master Mati is turning out to be.

Okay. So BONCHON it is, my little Padawan.

Sniff! Sniff!!!!

Master Mati picked me up at work!

Everytime he drops by the office, my friends would always remark on how tall he is already!

In no time, we're at BONCHON!

Lining up at BONCHON!

Master Mati has been wanting to try this for the longest time!

After ordering we settled by a table by the window.

BONCHON provided a cheat sheet on how to enjoy their Bibimbap! This may be a reference but we don't really need it! He he he he he!

My pogi but naughty date tonight!

First on the table was a bowl of BONCHON Japchae (P79.00)!

Noodles were firm and flavored with soy sauce and sesame oil. 

At first Mati wondered why I needed to order this but later on he was glad I did. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

He almost ate the whole thing!

Since I'm a fan of Korean food, I never missed a chance to order Kimchi but in BONCHON they had it Coleslaw style (P59.00).

Mati's order of Fiery Spice Bibimbap arrives (P155.00 with soup and drink).

My boy could handle very spicy food so the sight of the red bright sauce just excited him.

I also wanted to order Bibimbap but I thought of having something different for the blog so I went for the Chicken Curry (P99.00)

This look great! I wondered what's the small green speckles were.

Master Mati and Mommy at BONCHON!

If you've met my son, you'd know that he talks quite a lot. As in HE NEVER STOPS. Ha ha ha ha ha! But when food arrives, you'll get your temporary fortress of solitude.

Tee hee! It's okay! I love our talks Mati!

Mati attacked his Bibimbap as if he was opening a gift on Christmas eve. Yup! He's been waiting for this for sooo long!

Our BONCHON table!

I was trying to lessen my rice intake so I just got most of the chicken, toppings, and sauce with a small amount of rice.

Did I like it? The flavors were okay and I think for P99.00, it's bang for your buck. However, I didn't like the green thingies that I mistakenly mixed into my rice. I thought it was like chopped green onions. But it was more like mint candy! Seriously! I didn't know why it was there!!!! If I have it next time, I'll take it out in a jiffy.

And we're done!

Our BONCHON bill!

I asked Master Mati if he wanted to play at Tom's World but he opted to check out his games in Data Blitz.

Okay... huhu!!!

Afterwards, he asked if we could go home already. I objected and told him that a date should always have coffee and dessert in the end.

So we had Gelato!

My dearest had the Mango Gelato!

While I went for the coffee!

Dear Mati finished his gelato like a hurricane and asked if he could go somewhere while I finish my cup.

Why you little....?!!!!

He wanted to desert me!!!

Grrr! My son was pointing to Toy's R' Us!

My dear boy. If you're taking out a girl you liked on a date and you left her for Toys R' Us, you'll be friendzoned in an instant! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

So just stay with Mommy and LEARN!

Of course, after I finished my Gelato, we did pass by Toys R' Us!

He just glanced at the toys. When he was younger, he could spend the whole day here!

While walking, I saw my schoolmate Carol with her little lady! It was great seeing you batchmate!!!!

And then it was time to go home!

I know you guys might have heard this so many times but time really flies by so fast when you're having fun. And I'm not just talking about tonight's date. It's more like me enjoying my whole journey of motherhood with this guy who was just my super behaved roly poly baby yesterday. 

I apologize if I'l be more clingy to you now Master Mati because I would never want to let you go. You'll still be my little baby boy even if you don't want me to be. I've always maintained that Mommies of boys are destined to have their hearts broken when their little innocent sons grow up and leave them for another lady. Hopefully that is not very soon for us.

Kaya for now, please go on dates with your emotional Mommy. I don't care where or how just promise that you'll always have time for me.

And yes. I don't care even if it's everyday at BONCHON!


Lower Ground Floor, 
Robinsons Magnolia, 
New Manila, Quezon City
02 6331818


  1. Awww... Naiisip ko na si Nathan ko, He will be 4 in March, oo nga time flies soooo fast talaga. There was a time nga tinitignan ko lang si Nathan habang natutulog and I told him dati dati kalong kalong lang kita ngayon nananakbo ka na, dati dati we were asked to bring you to a developmental pedia kasi ayaw mo pa magsalita ngayon naman amaze na amaze kami sa sinasabi mo. Ayan kaseee... emotional na din ako hahaha...

    Kaya kaming mag asawa Ms. Jaz kahit medyo hindi kalakihaan ang salary we make it a point na magspend ng time together and pag ipunan ang bonding naming pamilya kasi sabi nga sa isang blog na nabasa ko minsan lang sila magiging bata, minsan lang din sila magiging clingy sa atin. Wahhhh! Anyway, apir! lol.

    Makikita mo po si Nathan sa Fb ko Ms. Jaz. ^o^

    1. Hiya dear Christine!!!!!

      Hay naku! Namnamin mo talaga the "babiness" of Nathan! As in take pictures, videos, always sleep beside him, kiss him, hug him. Haaaay! Now that I am thinking of it, parang kulang pa ginawa ko. I should've done more. My Mati doesn't want to sleep with us na. Pero now with Andrei, he suddenly wants to share in our bed. At first, we told him, no go to your room na. But later on, my husband and I thought that there'll come a time that he'll be like Mati na he wouldn't want to sleep with us anymore.

      That's great!!! It doesn't have to be expensive naman. Basta together kayo. Promise, it would really mean so much for the child. Kami my dad always took us out to foodtrips and gimiks that it gave us so many warm memories. Tuloy, I want to do it with my kids. I'm sure Nathan will feel the same.

      Awwwwwwww! Ang cuuuuuute niya!!! Woah!!!!! Pogi pogi!!! I'm sure love na love mo siya!!!

      Take care! Mmmwaaaah!

  2. Awwwww :( Boy din anak ko, kaya I can relate so much :((

    Tell Mati to get himself a girl na he doesn't have to leave somewhere just to go to Toys R Us; yung tipong yung girl dapat ang maghahatak sa kanya sa Toys R Us :)))

    He's taking after Sir Eric na, while Andrei looks like you Ms. Jaz :)

    Also, on the subject of BonChon, forever panalo talaga JapChae (tho medyo oily) and the spicy Bibimbap. Super sulit talaga. Also the fries with spicy mayo :)))

    1. Hiya Yanna!!!! Do you also have a girl? Pero parang iba kasi ang bond ng Mommy and baby boy e. Huhuhu! I love them so much talaga and I know when they grow up I'll remember our dates and I'll cry!!!!!!!!!!

      Ay pwedeng wag na muna siya mag girl? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Kidding aside, okay lang naman to go Toys R Us... Pero naman, patapusin muna niya ako sa ice cream ko at wag siya mangiwan! Egad! I remember dating a guy who said he'll go sandali to an arcade when I haven't finished my dessert yet. Basted tuloy siya!

      Yey! Thanks! People are saying that nga. He he he he he he he!

      Oooh I wasn't able to try the spicy mayo and fries. Sige next time! Ayan gusto ko tuloy mag Bon Chon ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      Mwah mwah!

    2. I wish I also have a girl, pero wait lang muna tayo sa pagdagdag. Hahaha :) Iba nga talaga dynamic, same with dads and their little girls.

      Hahaha wag muna talaga, dapat sana mag-graduate muna para hindi hihingi ng pangdate kay Mommy and Daddy :) Hahahaha. Baka kid at heart pa rin, naexcite masyado :)

      Nako Ms. Jaz, nakakaadik. Get the Poppers and Fries na large, tas get two servings ng spicy mayo kasi bitin ang isa lang :P

    3. I so agree with everything you said dear Yanna!!! Great minds think alike. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      Ayan tuloy gusto ko na ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ah!! Sige I'll try it soon and post it. He he he he eh eh! Thanks mmmwaaaaah!!!!!!


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