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Thursday, January 26, 2017


THE YAPPY BUNCH were in Lucena for the All Soul's long weekend and besides meeting up with the Chinese Dimpol's family, we were all eating up a storm! This is, of course, my husband's hometown and comfort food haven that our tummies are living the life. But even if we already have our usual favorites in Lucena, in comes a new restaurant that made the Chinese Dimpol craving and finding. He heard about this as the new thing in the area and was impressed that it has already been featured in news channels and articles.

So after doing our "Undas" duties that morning by visiting Yub's relatives in various cemeteries, we consoled our tired selves with the thought of the sizzling and saucy rave in town....


And where to get that? 


PANSILOG is a small eatery with only about 6 tables in their airconditioned restaurant. The Chinese Dimpols told me they were also very popular when it comes to catering in special events.


The Chinese Dimpol, bunsoy Andrei, and his new Lamborghini courtesy of Ninong Syoti! He he he he he he!

My royal fatness, and master Mati!


Ordering up!

PANSILOG menu 1...

PANSILOG menu 2...

PANSILOG menu 3!!!

Very affordable prices right? Yup! That's what we love here in Lucena. Food is so delicious at pocket friendly prices!

I love my food spicy so I immediately ordered some chopped chilis to mix with my chami.

Little did I know that I won't be needing this!

Our CHAMSIG arrives!

And just in case you're wondering, CHAMSIG means Chami with Sisig!!!

Ingenious huh???

The CHAMSIG is awesomely served on a sizzling plate that would immediately captivate your hungry selves with the mouth-watering aroma of the saucy chami and savory sisig!

Think this is just for merienda? No way. In PANSILOG, they'll serve this ala-value meal (P80.00) with rice and drink. 

I'm sure it's not hard to imagine piling your steaming hot rice with forkfuls of these saucy noodles with chopped flavorful meat right?

Yup! I'm imagining and drooling!

Master Mati, being the usual seafood boy that he is, got the PANSILOG Sizzling Pusit Sisig (P68.00)!

Chopped squid fried up with butter, onions, and bell peppers! Woah! It's almost a fiesta at every bite!

Since this is PANSILOG, this sizzling goodness is served with a fried egg!

Add a full cup of garlic rice and this meal will make you a happy lad the whole day!

I asked the bunsoy Andrei what he wanted and he meekly said "pansit".

With that, we ordered him the PANSILOG Miki Bihon (P38.00 - solo).

The Miki Bihon was fine and it was fresh off the frying pan. However, they did not advise that it is quite spicy with the addition of chopped chilis.

This may be delicious but a little boy can't eat it.

The Chinese Dimpol tried picking out the chilis but the hotness was already mixed into the whole dish. 

Having chilis in sisig may be normal but I've never encountered a spicy miki-bihon. However, if that's how PANSILOG plans to serve up this noodle favorite, they should've indicated in the menu that it was hot. It would have helped too if the server gave us a heads up of the spiciness of the dish because she knew it was for little Andrei. They should be considerate that not everyone has a high tolerance for spice.

With that, we just ordered an additional one without chilis and, as Andrei requested, no veggies. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Now let's EAT!

Yummm... The saucy chami!

Like I mentioned above, the CHAMSIG was already spicy with the addition of chopped chilis in the sisig. This is just fine with me but the Chinese Dimpol was sweating and sniffing so hard! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Almost done... 

(Because Andrei had a new serving of Miki Bihon!)

Our PANSILOG bill!

We all enjoyed our meal at PANSILOG and will surely go back! Now even if it's loaded with chilis, the CHAMSIG is a game changer when it comes to feasting our favorite Lucena grub.




Dona Aurora Blvd. 
(Near PLDT office, across Petron Gasoline Station)
Lucena 4301


  1. HUHUHU pwede bang pumunta sa Lucena just for this??? Someone should bring this to Manila!

    On a side note Ms. Jaz, dami ko paring tawa sa FLAMES :))

    1. Hiya dear Yanna!!! Oo nga ha ha ha ha ha!!!! The idea is so simple pero pwedeng pwede para sa ating carb-lovers!! He he he he he he he!!!

      Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!!! Winner bigla si FLAMES right??? In fairness medyo kinilig ako at the thought na I'm doing FLAMES to somebody who's now my hub. Although dedma siya as usual. Che! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I'll try the MASH. I know I did that before pero that was like mga decades ago pa. Tee hee! Will post the results. MMmmwaaaaah !Thanks pretty Yanna!!! Have a happy weekend!!! :)

    2. We worship carbs in all forms!! :) Yung itsura pa lang nung noodles 😍😍😍

      Hahaha antabayanan ko yan Ms. Jaz. Lakas maka-high school ;) Haha alam mo naman, men πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

    3. Oh I so agree dear Yanna!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha! And as they say, great minds think alike!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

      Naku pressure! Sana totoo din lumabas sa MASH ko and I do hope I play it right. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Mwah! Mwah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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