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Sunday, January 8, 2017


It was my Mom's birthday and as usual my family will be celebrating with dinner. The choice for that night was in HEALTHY SHABU SHABU in Powerplant Mall, my family's new favorite, and I already made advance reservations two days before. Even if THE YAPPY BUNCH would eat regularly in HEALTHY SHABU SHABU, since it's our long time favorite too, we always look forward to having another meal there.  Of course, the anticipation is much more on my Mom's birthday because not only is it a special celebration, it's FREE as well!


Well, the foodie gods must have sensed my hungry plan that with some stroke of bad luck, my husband got so stuck in traffic going to my office. By the time he arrived TAPE INC, my family was already plucking out the vanquished food with toothpicks. Auuughhhhhh!!!!! I doubt if they could still wait for us if we're coming from Quezon City going to Makati!!!!! 


Dishearted that we were not able to make it to my Mom's birthday dinner and hungry from missing our favorite Shabu Shabu, we headed for home with heavy hearts. As we were maneuvering our way thru the Monday traffic, we saw what could be our foodie savior/substitute for the night...


I think this one is different from the GLORIA MARIS in Greenhills and is managed by another family.

This GLORIA MARIS I think focuses more on food take-out and was also like an eatery/market stall.

The set up of the restaurant may be drab and what you could find in an 80's wedding. 

Sorry for including the dirty dishes. Ha ha ha ha ha haa!

But of course, we were still so willing to try it because we're HANGRY with a capital EYTCH!!!

Poor us. All alone and left out on Mommy's birthday!

Buti na lang pogi kadate ko even if his haircut is HORRIBLE!

We planned to order THIS because we were not able to have our promised SHABU SHABU!

First on the table is a cup order of GLORIA MARIS Yang Chow Fried Rice (P95.00)!

I don't know if we're just hungry but this was quite good! Each rice grain was flavorful and the meat with veggies added to the deliciousness of it all.

Kanin pa lang... ULAM NA!

Whenever we're in a Chinese restaurant, I would always order a plate of Century Egg (P55.00). In GLORIA MARIS, I got so hungry that I ate THIS with the rice!!!

Of course, I enjoyed the Century Egg with Fried Rice combination more with my toyomansi chili dip!!! Yummers!

Uuuuuy! I became instantly happy!

We were about to finish our rice when the GLORIA MARIS Siomai arrived (P108.00)!

Loved this! Each siomai was moist, juicy, and packed with meat and shrimp! No extenders man!

The star of the night (for us that time) was the GLORIA MARIS solo Shabu Shabu Pot (P225.00)!

This was actually pre-cooked from their kitchens (unlike in HEALTHY SHABU SHABU where we do the cooking ourselves).

But for the P225.00 price, this was already a very good deal! I don't know about you, but this is definitely good for 2 hungry (and hot) people!

The broth was rich and had the taste of the simmered vegetables!


I miss my Mommy!

Now, let's EAT!

They did not provide the usual Sate paste or Miso Dip in their Shabu shabu, but it was still fine because each sip was already so good!

As much as I wanted to control my carb intake, but I was so hungry I'll be eating my noodles with rice!


Take THAT tape measure!

This may not be our favorite HEALTHY SHABU SHABU but it was still a delicious bowl of soup, noodles, and seafood!!!!

Our GLORIA MARIS bill!!!!

The price is cheap pa!!! 

And we're done!!!

Though I would have still preferred to eat at HEALTHY SHABU SHABU (just because my family was there that night), our dinner at GLORIA MARIS still became a special one because we discovered some place new that has good food at a low price. You might say, "para na kaming naka-jackpot". He he he he he he!

Would love to take my family here sometime to taste the food and hopefully they'll enjoy it as much as we did.

One thing's for sure, I'll make them pay that time


Oh I'm kidding. DUH!

OR AM I????

202 Wilson Street Corner J. Abad Santos, 
Little Baguio, San Juan City
02 7245011 / 02 7276201


  1. Uy ang mura ng bill nyo! jackpot talaga! hihi. BTW, kilig ako when you liked my post in FB last night hahahaha! (feeling ko super close na tayo) hihi Happy monday Jaz!

    1. Hiya Erika!!!

      Di baaaaaa? E kami pa kapag nakadiscover ng mura at masarap parang winner na winner kami sa gabi. Ha ha ha ha ha ha h aha h!!!

      Naku magsasawa ka sa kakalike ko ng posts mo I'm sure. Ha ha ha ha! Have a great week dear Erika!

  2. Happy New Year Ms. Eric Jaz! I will definitely try this secret gem somewhere in San Juan. A basic shabu shabu for 200++ is a steal! I'm looking forward to reading more of your foodie adventures! Thanks!

    1. Hi dear Dave!!!! Yes go!!! Try mo siya! It's not sosy like the Greenhills counterpart pero we loved it! Although mababaw lang talaga kaligayahan namin. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! We really enjoyed dinner and hoping to come back soon. Yeyyyy thanks so much!!!! Marami yan! I have 20 unpublished posts in store. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Baka sumakit mata mo. Kidding!!!

      Happy New Year to you and your family! MWAAAAAAAAAAAAH!


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