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Thursday, January 19, 2017


For seven years now, THE YAPPY BUNCH attended Repertory Philippine's kiddie theater organized by Don Bosco Elementary School. Attendance is required but even if we could just buy tickets for our boys, the Chinese Dimpol and I choose to make it a family event that  we look forward to yearly.

And for last year's 2016, it was HANSEL AND GRETEL!

It was free seating and the lines were already very long even if we arrived an hour before the show.

I told the Chinese Dimpol that they could eat at Jollibee for breakfast first while I stay in line.

Don't pity me too much. I stayed with my HS friend Virginia whose son also studies in Don Bosco!

When the Chinese Dimpol was done eating, we switched!

Waiting for HANSEL AND GRETEL to come!

Our tickets!

And finally we're inside!

THE YAPPY BUNCH in Repertory Philippines!

Watching musical theatre is something that I will always recommend to do for the whole family. It's always great to put in a little culture in the boys besides the usual malling or gadget-playing!

Yub, the play hasn't even started yet and inaantok ka na agad!!!!!

Even if he keeps on whining how he didn't hated theatre, it's great that Mati gamely joined us for Andrei. My bunsoy however, LOVED musical plays and really appreciated it.

He takes that after ME!!! He he he he he he he he!

The red carpet rises!

Repertory Philippines slightly changed the story of HANSEL AND GRETEL to make it more kid-friendly. I told Mati and Andrei that in the original story, the Daddy took the kids to the forest because he can't feed them anymore.

Really! I just realized that some fairy tales before could cause nightmares. He he he he he he he he!

The boys really watched and participated in some parts.


As always, the boys took pictures with the cast.

Here's Andrei with Hansel!

And the boys with Gretel!

Another fun show with the little lords!

They were giving away free Hansel biscuits outside. He he he he he he he!

HANSEL AND GRETEL was the one we liked least among the Rep plays that we saw but it was still something fun to do with the boys during the weekend. 

Up to now, my favorite part in the story is when they started gobbling up the house! He he he he he he he!

They should do a mukbang of that.


As always after the school organized play, we would have lunch with the boys. The choice for that Saturday was in MUSEUM CAFE!

It was already a late lunch and we were excited (not to mention hungry) to eat here again with the boys.

As the name suggested, MUSEUM CAFE has different artworks and paintings that would wow any diner or art lover!


Little lords Andrei and Mati!

The Chinese Dimpol and MEEEE!

In fairness, I look so "di makabasag pinggan" here. 

First on the table was an order of MUSEUM CAFE Agedashi Skewers (P195.00).

We didn't expected this to be a big hit with the boys but it was! They loved the crispy on the outside but creamy soft on the inside tofu with the light teriyaki sauce, and topped with Edamame seeds.

Andrei's order was his something he always gets when he sees it on the menu, the 4-cheese pizza (P450.00)!

In MUSEUM CAFE, we got a flatbread pizza that was loaded with mozzarella, goat cheese, cheddar, and parmesan!

The Chinese Dimpol was a little put off with the taste of wine in the tomato sauce but Andrei was still fine with it.

My cutie was still able to finish several slices of the pizza with the tofu!!!!

My growing guy Mati ordered HIS own restaurant staple, MUSEUM CAFE Fried Calamari (P295.00) with brown garlic rice (P100.00)!

I had a taste of the Calamari and it was wonderful. The breading was light but appetizing especially with the barbecue powder. The squid meat was tender and worked so well with a squeeze of the lime juice.

It may be great for an appetizer, lunch, or with cocktails! Yum!

And like what I would always say, so perfect with garlic rice!

To wash this down, Master Mati ordered MUSEUM CAFE's Bottomless Iced Tea (P165.00). He said the drink tasted "special" and not the usual nestea that he'd get in order restaurant. I got a taste, and yep! It seems to be specially brewed tea from the restaurant!

My happy little handsome foodie!

As for me, I was craving for something creamy and rich that late afternoon so I got the MUSEUM CAFE Speck and Peas Linguine (P350.00)! 

The sauce was ultra creamy and was very flavorful!

I loved the additional flavor and texture of the crispy bacon bits and the green peas. Instead of garlic bread, I used the toasted flatbread to mop up the extra sauce with. 

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords in MUSEUM CAFE!!!!

Our table filled with food!

Almost done!!!!!

My baby got some of my pasta and loved it. Besides pizza, he would always go for Carbonara when he sees it in the menu.


THE YAPPY BUNCH had another fun family Saturday. Looking forward again to next year's kiddie theatre by Repertory Philippines!

Of course, we're also looking forward to eating right after.


Level 1, Greenbelt 4,
Ayala Museum, Ayala Center
Makati City
02 7573000 / 02 7576000

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