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Friday, January 13, 2017


My peyborit cousins are here from Las Vegas and we are loving every minute that they are with us. And of course, part of anyone's vacation is shopping. That's why the Chinese Dimpol took them to SM Megamall!

When it was time to eat, I asked them what they're in the mood for. My Ate Sheila was okay with anything. As for little Mikee, he was suddenly craving for some Italian food. And with that, "Ding! Ding! Ding!", I instantly thought of our new favorite, LINGUINE FINI!

Usually, the Chinese Dimpol and I are so used to going to IPPUDO whenever we're at SM Mega Fashion Hall. However, one restaurant broke our "foodie spell" the first time we sunk our teeth into their cheesy goodness. And naturally, we would love to have our peyborit cousins to have a taste of it too!!!

Because that's what loving relatives/foodies do, SHARING THE GOODNESS! He he he he!

Either THAT, or the Yub and I want to have some of it into our system as well. He he he he he he he!

And so LINGUINI FINI it is!!!!


Now, what should we get????

Oh my poor diet!

One thing I could say about LINGUINI FINI is that it's SPACIOUS! It seems like a highway tunnel that's spruced up with red tables and chairs. I loved this about them because it never feels cramped even if all the tables are occupied. 

And we're here!!!!

We're missing the fraternal head of my "peyborit cousins" group because he went out with his friends. Kuya Nap is Ate Sheila's husband and he's the one who lived with my family while growing up. We met him afterwards at home all drunk and happy. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Dear Ate Sheila and little Mikee!!!

I would always call dear Mike "Little Mikee" because I saw him grow up from a cute little button to this happy fun-loving rocker. My sons just adore him and he is always so kind and playful with them too!


Yep! I'm currently re-watching AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN!!!!

For starters, LINGUINI FINI served their complimentary toasted bread with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

My husband however, smeared a lot of butter on one piece and was a happy man that night. He he he he he he!

For our first dish, we had the LINGUINI FINI Caesar's Salad (P230.00)!

Chilled, crisp, creamy, and yum!

I always love having salad in mah belleh!!!

It ain't an Italian night if we don't order no pizza!

Tee hee!

And in LINGUINI FINI, my husband just ADORES their Cheese Pizza (P295.00)!

It may look dry but believe me it's not. The crust is oven toasted and the sauce has the right amount of sweetness into it.

This pizza is actually very cheesy but without that cloying gooeyness to it. We could chomp and chomp on this for so long and not get tired of its simplicity!

I was not really planning on having carbs but I want Ate Sheila to try to delicious pastas in LINGUINI FINI. I was certainly blown away with the homemade pasta noodles that they have in the restaurant.

I ordered the LINGUINI FINI Calamari Lite (P225.00) with linguini noodles in squid ink in garlic and olive oil.

This was good but it the lemon juice somehow overpowered the garlic and oil taste that I love in my pasta. My cousin enjoyed it because she likes having olive oil (and calamansi) on most of her noodle dishes. So yey for that!

Dear Mikee suddenly craved for some meat and had the LINGUINI FINI Bistecca (P595.00)!

He specified it to be cooked medium rare. I told him though that based on my experience here in the Philippines, even if you say rare or medium rare, the cook would most likely grill it to medium well (I don't know maybe it's for safety and they're concerned?).

When the Bistecca was served, I was right. Medium well! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Mikee still enjoyed it though and savored his flavorful beef. He chomped on his steak while chugging some ice cold beer on the side. Yup! Life is STILL good!!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with my peyborit cousins (minus Kuya Nap) in LINGUINI FINI!

Our table with food!!!!

And we're done!


Afterwards it was dessert at our favorite SERENITEA!

When my peyborit cousins were here, SERENITEA somehow became our official dessert place. Dear Mikee loved the Okinawa with 0% sugar and extra boba (pearl)!

I'm glad my peyborit cousins loved the food in LINGUINI FINI as much as we did. Though I shouldn't really be surprised because we are all kindred spirits, it's just nice to add more to the list of why they're my ultimo peyborits!

Bldg. D SM Megamall, 
EDSA Cor Julia Vargas Avenue, 
Mandaluyong, 1530 Metro Manila
(02) 531 3302


  1. Reading your blog feels very immersive. :)

    1. Yeyyy! Thanks dear Gio! Hopefully we could have another food trip soon! Miss you na! Mosdef will talk to you about Conan Clueless Gamer and Scraps! He he he he he he he hee!


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