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Monday, January 30, 2017


I know that whenever we're out of town, we should eat in restaurants that are exclusive to that province only. It's just "Que Horror" to do things otherwise and eat let's say, at Jollibee, when we're at Baguio.

Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against the bee. In fact, I love the bee. We love it so much we want to marry it. But I'm sure you know what I mean.

That "unwritten rule" though, doesn't apply whenever we're in Lucena City during the All Soul's weekend. Yup. Even if we have loads of favorites in the Chinese Dimpol's hometown, we are always drawn to "The House That Fried Chicken Built" come November 1. I don't know... Maybe because of its geographical convenience, the ambiance, the price,  and the familiarity of this restaurant that has been popular since 1945. But one thing's for sure, we don't mind "breaking the rules" when we are looking forward to some juicy fried chicken plus MORE from MAX'S restaurant.

Yup. Even in LUCENA City! 


Even if the place was packed, we were able to get a secluded area for our long table.



Master Mati with Ninong Syoti!

Bunsoy Andrei with his cutie pie cousins Isha and Hiley!

Pretty Hennie and cutie Hiley!

Another pretty sis Ivy and Yub's bro Allan!

Yub's Mama with Master Mati!

AND US!!!!

The Mananggal and Chinese Kapre!


Mama ordered the MAX'S Fresh Lumpiang Ubod (P71.50)!

Chopped ubod are wrapped with lettuce via a light crepe and doused with sweet sauce topped with peanuts.

A Max's favorite usually by the "younger" crowd. Tee hee!

Master Mati has a big appetite and would usually order his own dishes. He suddenly craved for some Lomi and was so happy with the one he got at MAX'S -- soup was thick and noodles chewy. The boiled veggies and seafood were a big plus to his maximum enjoyment!

MAX'S Lumpiang Shanghai (P159.50)!

MAX'S Pancit Canton (P148.50 -- small).

I was a bit disappointed with their pancit and I'm sure I don't need any explanation why. This looked pre-cooked and just reheated in the microwave. Such a sorry and pitiful looking pancit!

It's my first time to have the MAX'S Chicken Sisig and I'm LOVING IT (P218.90)!!!

Chopped Fried Chicken mixed with bell peppers and onions, then served sizzling with creamy mayonnaise and seasonings! Yowza!!!! So great with rice!!!!

Now this may just compete with my other favorite, the MAX'S Sizzling Tofu (P196.90)!!!

Chopped fried tofu also served with bell peppers and onions and mixed with their secret creamy sauce!

Oh so healthy (I think) and OH SO GOOD!

MAX'S Crabmeat Fried Rice (P159.50)!

We always order this whenever we're at MAX'S. However, this looked more like garlic rice because we could hardly see any crabmeat or vegetables in it (as opposed to how it was before). Still, we were able to finish this because we were all hungry!

Maybe the reason why we didn't mind the Crabmeat Fried Rice so much was because of the new MAX'S Adobo Rice! Yup! Served in a palayok, the white rice gets an ultimo upgrade as it's simmered in Adobo sauce and mixed with meat and boiled eggs. Sarap!!! This went well with everything!

And of course, the piece de resistance.... MAX'S FRIED CHICKEN (PP434.50 -- whole)!

We had two whole orders of their regular chicken and it was as juicy and flavorful as we remember! The crispy skin needed no sort of breading at all to satisfy  any hungry diner!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords and our YAP family!

Missing dear Maan and little Aaren!!!


Let's eat!

Go Master Mati!

My plate!!!

My weird but believe me it's all good plate!!!

Andrei ate a lot that day and was rewarded with a bottomless Sago and Gulaman!

BURP!!! Done!

Except for the pancit!!!! 


Mama's bill!

He he he he he!!!!

ALWAYS a great time with our YAP family in MAX'S Restaurant at Lucena City!!!

Till next time!!!


Tayabas, 4301 Quezon
 (042) 373 3735

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