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Tuesday, January 10, 2017


When I was a kid, my Dad would always take us out hotel-hopping on December 31 before our Media Noche. Why hotel hopping you may ask? Usually on the last day of the year, hotels are decked with special decorations and oozing with that party vibe that we would always troop there and join the fun. We would often have snacks, drinks, and lots of laughs that it was really something memorable for me. I always had a lot of fun during our "hotel hops" that I promised that I would do it with my kids when I have my own family.

Fast forward to 2016 and yes we are STILL doing it!!! Too bad though that most hotels are doing countdown parties that it's difficult for us to get tables (we just relied on our cuteness before he he he he he). So now, we do our "hopping" days before New Year's eve. Though we still encountered certain drawbacks this year, my little family had an awesome again time that we lasted until morning. I could tell that it was a fun night for the little lords because not once did they ask to go home to play with their gadgets!!!

I'm really thankful that my Dad came up with these family traditions that I am now doing with my little lords. Though these days, he would rather stay at home to watch his movies, or go to his favorite mall come night time. Even if he wasn't able to join us, I could tell that he is also grateful upon seeing his apos excited faces when we are about to go. I'm sure he appreciates that we are continuing something that he started up AND having a helluva great time with it!

Yup! Our annual Hotel Hopping is a family tradition that we will ALWAYS be doing. As long as there are hotels, count on THE YAPPY BUNCH to do our usual hoppin' in saying adieu to the old year.

Yoo to the HOO!!!!! 

It's time to say good bye to 2-OH-Sixteen with some HOTEL HOPPING!!!!

Our first stop was at ASCOTT MAKATI!!!!

ASCOTT MAKATI is connected to Glorietta  so we just parked in the mall basement and walked ourselves going there.

Now, where should we go????

It's actually our first time to be in the ASCOTT lobby and it was noiiiiice! We already ate (foodcourt for the win!!!!) and will just be having light snacks. Too bad their only cafe was in Myrons.

The little lords immediately settled in at the homey hotel.



ASCOTT HOTEL lobby may not be as grand as other hotels but it was cozy and nice.

This may just be right for THE YAPPY BUNCH!

The Christmas tree is still something too!

A kind gentleman guest offered to take our picture in front of the tree. Awww! Thanks!

We stayed for a while in ASCOTT HOTEL to chat and look around. Later on, it was time for us to go.

The little lords liked this Christmas set up by the elevators and asked for a picture. Could you tell that Andrei was trying to do something naughty???

Up next for us is THE HOLIDAY INN!!!

HOLIDAY INN is also connected to the Glorietta Mall complex so it was just a walk to the other side. 

It's so cute. The little lords asked where's the Grinn's Village! He he he he he he!

Let's go to the HOLIDAY INN lobby!

Mati's obsessed with dabbing these days while Andrei is...

Never mind.

HOLIDAY INN had a Christmas set up that's will make Santa Claus fans happy!

My little lords, who I proudly declare still believed in Santa Claus, expressed their appreciation again by dabbing!

Somebody wants to check out the chimney!

We then settled in the HOLIDAY INN cafe for some drinks and a snack!

While waiting for our orders, somebody suddenly decided to do his "Cute-cute" pose!

AWWWW! He hasn't done this in 5 years!!!!!!

He also shot selfies and videos of himself. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

We just needed a small amount of munchies so we got their French Fries that was served in a Pastry helmet.

If it's not a pastry helmet, it's something to cover the lower half of your face. 

I swear it is!

That's my tongue by the way!

The boys had their usual iced tea and soft drinks!

As for me and the Yub? Water! Para tipid! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

My pogi first born!

I have to say though that the pastry helmet was mighty tasty!!! He he he he he he!

After our quick snack, we went around HOLIDAY INN to do some explorin's!

The HOLIDAY INN lounge!


All that walking and snacking got us tired.

Ha ha ha ha! Mati's still doing the dab!

Up next for us is a hotel that's ALWAYS in our itinerary!


Even if we want to try out other hotels in Ortigas or BGC, we always end up in Makati because of MAKATI SHANGRI-LA. Their lobby during the Christmas season is something to really check out.


What gives???

Where is everything???

We learned later on that MAKATI SHANGRI-LA hotel took down their Christmas display last December 27.


Even if there are no Christmas designs, THE YAPPY BUNCH will STILL have a great time!!!!

We went to the lobby cafe for some music and drinks.


ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords at MAKATI SHANGRI-LA!!!

The little lords may love modern sounds but they appreciated the lovely music from the piano.

Master Mati had a Cucumber Kiwi Mocktail... 

While Andrei got some Pepsi.

He was very amused with the glass flask for the extra soda from the can.

As for me, I got a Cappuccino!

Master Mati liked it!

Here's a toast to the coming New Year!

It was fun to sit down, enjoy the drinks, chatter non-stop, and just listen to the music.

Little Andrei is into BEATLES right now and requested many songs by the Fab Four.

We got all excited when the pianist played "Till There Was You" and even sang along. Though it's not a BEATLES original, he still loved it.


Later on, an annoying drunk girl kept on going to the pianist making personal requests and singing along. She was also standing in a way that we could almost see her skivvies (not that the boys are complaining).

Oh well. That's our signal to go!

We may be too late for their Christmas display but THE YAPPY BUNCH were still glad that we went to MAKATI SHANGRI-LA!

And like I said, we always find the fun in any situation. So even if there's no Christmas display, it just meant more play area for the little lords.

See Andrei roll.


I love stair cases!

Time to go!!!

Awwww Master Mati has his arm around Andrei!

Of course, we cannot leave without having a picture by the MAKATI SHANGRI-LA entrance. We always do so every year!

See? This is us 2010!!! He he he he he!

Yep! When the little lords were still babies, they would wear costumes during our Hotel Hops!!!

And here's our last stop for the night!

THE PENINSULA MANILA for some Ice Cream!

The little lords love this marble structure as always!

I normally take pictures of the hotel dogs and this is the first one I saw for the night.



NADAH AGAIN??????????????

We learned from one of their staffmembers that THE PENINSULA MANILA took down their decorations yesterday.

Oh no! You just made Andrei very angry!

He he he he!


It's okay! We've been having a great night that nothing could get us down!

We went here for the ice cream and chitchat anyway!

Yup! We're going to do so under the yellow sun!


We were supposed to get the popular PEN PALS but I realized later on it might be too much for us. I told the little lords we could get Banana Splits or Parfaits. Instead, they requested for ordinary scoops of ice cream. However, they did get 2 scoops of ice cream each!

The table decorations were nice and simple!

I don't need frills and ornaments on my table setting with these two around. He he he he he he he!

Me and the Chinese Dimpol!


Here's Master Mati's Doubl scoop of Chocolate Ice Cream! He hates whipped cream and asked for it to be removed.

Up next is Andrei's favorite -- Cookies and Cream!

He could have a whole tub of this!

As for me and the Chinese D, we'll share a boat of Banana Split!


Awww... The little lords shared their ice creams with each other.

My happy boys!

Little Andrei loved his Cookies and Cream and gobbled up his 2 scoops in no time!

After being energized with ice cream, we went around to do our usual explorin's!!!

When the Chinese D and Master Mati went to the restroom, Andrei and I clowned around for the camera!

Tee Hee! I set up my camera on top of the tables and we clicked away using the timer. One of the PENINSULA MANILA staff offered to take our picture but doing it ourselves was more fun.

After taking several silly selfies, THIS is my favorite!

Oh. And the first one. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

And it's time to go!

When we do hotel hoppings, we usually do valet parking. It's usually complimentary when you eat in their restaurants.


WOAH! Time really flies fast when you're having fun! To think that we started at about 8pm and there was no traffic! 

Even if there were no more Christmas decors in the last 2 hotels, I will have to say that we did really good tonight! Imagine, 3 official hops? WOHOOOOOOOOO!!!

We'll try to break this record next year. He he he he he he!

HELLO 2017!!!!!!!!

 1224 East St, Makati, Metro Manila
(02) 729 8888

 Glorietta Mall,, Palm Drive, 
Ayala Center, Makati, 1224 Metro Manila
(02) 909 0888

Ayala Avenue corner,Makati Avenue,
Makati City 1200,Metro Manila
(02) 813 8888

Corner Ayala Avenue and Makati Avenue, 
Makati City
(02) 887 2888



  1. this is so cute!!! and so much fun!!

    Have a blessed 2017 to your family.

    1. Hullooo Super Bratinella!!! I love your name! Ako din yun e!!! He he he he!

      Thank you soooo much! Yes we had so much fun. I saw how you are with your girls and I'm sure you'd agree na the best talaga ang gimiks with the family. Anything to make wonderful family memories right? He he he he he!

      You too!!! Have a blessed, loving, and super fun 2017 for your fambam as well! God bless you always! :)


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