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Thursday, January 12, 2017


My favorite cousins from Las Vegas are here for a vacation. And besides sight seeing, church-going, and shopping, they are also SO raring to do some serious.... FOOD TRIPPING!

Yup! And that's why we get along soooo well! He he he he he he he!

When I say FOOD-TRIPPING, I don't mean going to some posh and swanky restaurant having expensive foie gras or caviar. They have a LOT of that already in Las Vegas!

What my cousins are looking for is the comfort food from hole in the wall restaurants that they cannot find in the US. Places where they went to while they were still in Manila. Eateries which would get them strolling down memory lane with their unforgettable dishes.

And with that, I thought of treating them everyone's favorite -- LE CHING!!!!!!

LE CHING has been in Greenhills Shopping Center for many, many years now!

The set up is like what you find in old Chinese eateries in Binondo!

Yup! Just our type of restaurant!!!!!


Anthony, Ate Jojit, and my PEYBORIT Ate Sheila!!!

My numero uno peyborit Kuya Nap and my rocker nephew, Mikee!

AND US!!!!

Lily Rabe and Zachary Quinto!

Yup! Re-watching AMERICAN HORROR STORY season 2 now!

LE CHING menu 1...

LE CHING menu 2!

When in a Chinese restaurant, we never fail to order Siomai (P115.00)!

It's not the best we had BUT the LE CHING siomai has that certain taste that strongly makes me remember when I was a scrawny kid eating here with my Mom and Dad.

Yup. I WAS scrawny once.

Mikee wanted to try something different and had the LE CHING Steamed Beef Tripe (P129.00)! He said it was good tender to chew.

Of course, whenever he's in a Chinese restaurant, he never fails to order his favorite Chicken Feet (P117.00). Something he tried the first time he was in Manila and loved it ever since!!!!

My cousin was craving for some hot soup to slurp and ordered the LE CHING Beef Wanton Noodle Soup (P178.00)!

My Ate Sheila went for some noodles and tried the Halo Halo which had a little of everything (P178.00)!

As for me and the Yub, we shared a bowl of Wanton Soup (P178.00) to match with our other grub.

Of course, when you're in LE CHING, never EVER miss ordering their ultimo best seller and our forever favorite...


Yup! It deserves to be written in all caps because it's THAT awesome!!!!!

Anthony already ate dinner but when we got to LE CHING, he ordered one and polished it off in less than 15 minutes! SARAP TALAGA!!!

We dipped our delicious food in the special LE CHING Chili Garlic Oil with Soy sauce and calamansi!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with Ate Jojit, Anthony, and MY FAVORITE COUSINS!!!!

Laughs and eating all around!

The Chinese Dimpol matched the Wonton soup with our Spare Rib rice!

In no time...


The LE CHING bill!

Since I paid in LE CHING, Ate Jojit treated my cousins to halo halo from Razons for dessert!!!!

Razon's was closing so we decided to just go to CHOWKING for some Halo Halo. Alas, they ran out of it but they kindly allowed us to have our Razon's in their restaurant, as long as we order something else!


Check out the Chinese Dimpol trying so hard to make his "beauty mark" appear.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

It may be late and it may be a work week, but there's no going home for us yet. We ARE with our PEYBORIT cousins after all so we moved our chika party to Starbucks for many more hours to come! He he he he he he he!

It was an awesome night and we had a deeeelicious dinner as usual at LE CHING! I'm glad we were able to bring our cousins here! Like I guessed, they savored and enjoyed every morsel of food because it tasted like HOME for them.

Come to think of it, nobody will get away from the delicious memories of LE CHING. He he he he he! 

That's why I will never attempt to. :)



Greenhills Shopping Center, Shoppesville, 
Ortigas Avenue, San Juan City, 1502, 
Metro Manila
Phone: (02) 726 3677


  1. HUHUHU Le Ching!!! Medyo wrong timing ata yung pagbasa ko, I'm reading this at past 5 in the morning... 10 or 11 AM pa ata bukas nila! :( As always Ms. Jaz, nakakatakam the pictures!

    I had so much childhood memories with Le Ching din. We used to go there for dinner after mag-grocery sa Unimart, in my grade school uniform pa! Forever order ko is Beef Congee with black mushroom with raw egg, tas super magiging brown na siya kasi I'd put a lot of toyo, kalamansi and chili garlic sauce in it.

    Le Ching talaga is an institution na :) Thank you for posting this agad Ms. Jaz. I'm also re-reading the last Le Ching post :)

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Hiya Yanna! Naku ako ayoko munang ientertain yung thought of eating at LE CHING din at napapa-extra rice akolagi. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

      Ang galing ng LE CHING kasi, like you said, it's already an institution na for us foodies. I haven't tried that!!! Pero your congee combo is parang masarap ah!!! Ako kasi sa buong buhay ko palagi Spare Rib Rice. Ha ha ha ha ha! I'll suggest that to Mati since mahilig siya sa congee. I remember din before my sister and i would always eat at LE CHING. We always order each spare rib rice, extra siomai, and extra rice! One time, P300 lang dala namin and I asked the server immediately, how much total? Sabi ng waitress "Mam hindi ka pa kumakain, total na agad?" ha ha ha ha!

      I remembered you nga while I was publishing this blog. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Thanks also for reading. MMMWAAAAAAAAAAAH!

    2. Hahaha! Ms. Jaz, try mo rin yung Beef Brisket Rice, with lots of toyo, calamansi and chili garlic sauce. Extra rice levels din siya :)

      Hahaha, siyempre important magtanong at mahirap na... baka mapahugas pa ng plato ng wala sa oras! Hahaha!

      Yihiiii! Always a pleasure Ms. Jaz! Everyday ako sumisilip kung may new post ba :)

    3. Hi Yanna!!! Yun yung favorite ko din dati before I discovered Spare Rib Rice! Sige. Mabalkan din uli!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      Exactly right?? Naisip ko din kasi nun, I don't want to think of that possibility while eating. Masisira lang concentration ko. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

      Yeyyyy thanks so much!!! I try my best Monday to Friday to publish posts. Sat and Sun ang pahinga because we always go out. Ha ha ha ha ha! Thanks again! Mwah!!! Happy Weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Le Ching has been around for decades now. It's also our go to place whenever my wife craves for chicken feet and spareribs. You're such a foodie expert Ms Ericjaz! I'm looking forward to trying new restos with you and the gang as I'm also a foodie myself! Kudos!

    1. Hiya Dave!!!! Yes! It's one of our favorites talaga ever since I was a kid (although 2000 baby ako... KIDDING!!!!) I have to admit that there are other more higher quality of spare ribs (Gloria Maris, Tim Ho Wan, Causeway), pero iba lasa ng sa LE CHING. For me it's the best FOREVERRRRRRRR!!!!

      Naku I'm far from a foodie expert! Ha ha ha ha! Pero I eat anything and mababaw lang kaligayahan namin. We try our best to find something to appreciate in a place. We'll eat even in a carinderia! Ha ha ha ha ha! Foodie? My kind of people! Ha ha ha ha ah! Yes! we should really schedule one! Looking forward to that! Wohooo!!!!!!!!! :)


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