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Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Have you seen those ads in Facebook by SUPERCHAMPZ where free seminars are conducted to help your child become more passionate about studying? I did, and I thought, what the heck, we should try it! The little lords loved playing more than doing their homework (as any child would) so it would really be a big help if I get more tips on how to get them to be more serious about school.

The seminar was free and it was only for about 2 hours. I'm sure there's a catch in the end (because nothing is really free these days) but I figured that if it is something that my little lords could learn from, then it's worth our time.

So off we went to SUPERCHAMPZ for our family Sundate!!!!  

Little lords Andrei and Mati with SUPERCHAMPZ Coach Dave!

I registered the boys via their website and chose the date that was right for us.

Like I said, registration was free and the seminar was held in Shangrila Hotel in the Fort!

I wonder what they're going to sell us in the end?

In the lobby, I saw many testimonials from satisfied customers.

Let's go for it!

We settled ourselves in one of the function rooms and we're surrounded by parents with their equally eager kiddies.

After only about a few minutes, the place was packed!

This was a unique Sundate for us!

And then it starts!

SUPERCHAMPZ started with a vtr showing the brief history of their organization.

It then showed many testimonials from their past students and how they are continuing their dedication in helping the students of today.

After the short VTR, the head of SUPERCHAMPZ appears, Coach Dave!

Coach Dave was lively and really went for everybody's participation.

He was so eager and fun that the boys were very attentive.

He gave everyone a small test by memorizing these 30 words on the screen.

Nobody was able to complete all the words even if ample time was already given. 

With that, he promised that with SUPERCHAMPZ teaching techniques, he will get our kids memorizing these words fast!!!

All kiddies were then asked to go to the next function room for their own special session.


With that, Coach Dave proceeded to show how SUPERCHAMPZ could help even the laziest of kids to be passionate about studying and excel in school. 

Their program has packages that would not only benefit and educate the child but also the parents as well.

He was very good in the details and pointing out their program's strengths. It really helped too that he Coach Dave showed many videos of their "success stories".

And now here's the "catch" I'm expecting.

For their special 4 day seminar, it's P96,000.00.
For their additional learning techniques, it's P19,600.00
For the 90 day plan with educational DVDs and learning package, it's P22,500.00
For the parents 1-day seminar on how to properly motivate their children it's P11,860.00 per couple.

If the cost shocked you, don't worry. As time went on, the prices went further down that the whole package reduced to about P60,000.00 per child. 

Would you believe that even for the high price, many parents were so "sold" to the idea? Yup! I was beginning to consider it too!

But what really sealed the deal for some of the parents was when the children returned.

They were all made to stay in front.

Coach Dave showed the 30 words again and asked the children who would like to recite everything

For only a short time, the kiddies were able to recite all of the words and were even able to say all the words in reverse order!


Now THAT was cool!

Honestly, the price of about P60,000.00 per child may be too much for us. But for those who feel that their children really needs the help and have extra funds for this, I'd say go ahead. The program seems to be really worth it. But it's just something that's not for us right now.

However, I'm glad that the boys were able to learn a technique for their memorization. I guess even for that alone, I'm happy that we went to SUPERCHAMPZ. When you see it on your Facebook feed, I suggest you give it a go too. It's a great learning tool for the kids and the program might be something you would like to try out. 

What a great and different way to celebrate Sunday with MY champs!!!!!


And of course, what we were so raring to do after the seminar... EAT!!!

Since we had a great dinner last time in IHOP to try out their new dishes, we thought of letting the little lords have a taste of it too!

IHOP Grilled Liempo!

IHOP Specialty Fried Chicken (P345.00)!

Extra order of veggies... He he he he he he!

IHOP Tocilog (P295.00)!

My IHOP Strawberry Banana Pancake (P195.00)!

It was my dessert that day and I paired it with coffee! HA!

As for the boys, they shared a goblet of IHOP Childhood memories (P195.00)!

LET'S EAT!!!!!!!!

(I think I have something in my mouth....)

Another perfect Sunday for THE YAPPY BUNCH!



Ground Floor, W Global Center, 
9th Avenue Corner 30th Street, 
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
02 2469069 ext:421


  1. Curious ako on technique para madali magmemorize? Hahaha! -Erika

    1. Ha ha ha ha! Hiya Erika! Parang they make it into a song. That's what I got from the kids. He he he he he he!

  2. thanks for this. i've been looking for information on fees on superchampz. super surprised about the cost but just got informed 😁
    super thank you for sharing 🤗

    1. Hiya Madel!!! I always see the Super Champz ads on FB that's why we also got super curious ha ha ha ha ha! It's a great activity din and coach Dave is a very enthusiastic (plus convincing) teacher.

  3. I just hit the enroll button now and searched for any blog in the internet for the catch in end. Your info is very helpful. But id like to know if its okay to say no or is it mandatory? Thanks!

    1. Hullo!!! Anything for our kiddies right? He he he he hee! With regards to the enrollment for the actual class, don't worry, you could say no. We didn't enroll too because with two kids, it was something that we cannot include in our budget right now. But they ARE very convincing. ha ha ha ha ha! They were very good at that! If you're curious, you and your kid could still check out the free seminar because at least your child will learn a memory technique. Afterwards if you feel their classes are not right for you, you could always say, "No, thanks!" he he he he he he!

  4. Thanks for sharing! I got curious too, so I reserved a seat. I wonder if we can attend this one though, I need to convince my husband first that it's not a waste of time.

    1. Huloooo EINz!!! You're so welcome! Me too I've been curious for so long if they're the real deal. For me naman we just live near the venue and my kids were able to learn something that they are able to use when memorizing. Try it out when you've got nothing to do and you're nearby. Enjoy!!!! :)

  5. Love your blog and your fam... the message is so clear😊 Thank you for the info coz im very much eager to attend the superchampz... but have you tried attending the LiveSmart? Its somehow similar to the superchampz but they use differemt technique in the activity youve memtioned. But its the same activity wherein there are various words given and he would teach the kids jow to recite them all. Anyways, i still wanna try to see their differenxe... and if my hubby agrees, we will attend in one of their seminat😊

    1. Hullo Littlemisseiffel!!! I love your name!!!! Thanks! I'm glad it was informative to you. Kasi ako din talaga I was sooo curious with how they're doing it in Superchampz that i thought, if it's going to help the kids, why not? E we only sleep lang naman on Sundays. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I haven't tried our LiveSmart yet but sige, when our sked clears up, we'll try it too. Maybe we'll get tips for the boys. Thanks dear Littlemisseiffel!!! Hope to you hear from you soon!!!! If you're able to try Livesmart, tell me if it's worth a visit also. Mmmwaaaaah!!! God bless you :)

  6. Hi. I am just curious why there are reviews that says it is a scam. I think their branch in Singapore. Have you rewd those?

    1. Hullo there! I seriously don't know. Maybe they refer to it as a scam because at the end of the mini-seminar, they will offer something outrageously expensive? I haven't seen any review for their branch in Singapore. Sorry! But if you have bad feelings about it, you should listen to your instincts. :)

  7. My son studying in 10th grade, a week left for his board exam, is it helpful if we attend now

    1. Helloooo! No na. It's so expensive and it's a package that's supposed to be practiced for many days and months. Baka it won't be worth it.

      It's nice though that the boys got an extra tactic to help memorizing things. So if you see a free lesson, try it out.

  8. Are boys still using this technique?

    1. Hulooooooooo! I don't think so. They hate memorizing ha ha ha ha ha! One of the techniques I remember is associating a tune with the thing to be memorized. Simple things like that.


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