Wednesday, February 1, 2017


It's the Chinese New Year and THE YAPPY BUNCH went on our usual trip to Binondo to officially welcome the YEAR OF THE ROOSTER. This is already the family's 5th year of doing this tradition and even if we went to the same route, we still found something different to make the day memorable.

The great thing too was that since the little lords were older, I didn't hear ANY peep of whining from them.

HAPPY DAY!! YEHEY! He he he he he he he!

I think this has been our quickest day trip for the CHINESE NEW YEAR probably because we've doing the same thing for 5 years already. Yep! I feel that we are now considered as "pros" (ha ha ha ha ha!).  But kidding aside though, I believe it also had something to do with how time flies when you are having fun. And that we did, plus a lot more.


It's the YEAR OF THE ROOSTER and THE YAPPY BUNCH will be joining the party in Chinatown Binondo!

We stayed up the night before but we woke up earlier than our usual time so that we won't get stuck in traffic.

Before, we used to park in Manila Cathedral then just ride a tricycle or kalesa going to Binondo. But since they prohibited parking there, we just looked for a new spot.

Sorry. I won't tell you where. BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

Then, we'll just do a lot of walking!

And now we're in Jones Bridge!!!!

Surprisingly, nobody minded nor complained about the walk. I personally liked it because we were able to see the beauty of Binondo during this holiday!

PLUS, I love bridges! I find a lot of romance being atop still waters and seeing the cargo boats. 

Syempre I forgot to take a picture of the view. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Sorry! Tanders na!

And now we're here at Filipino Chinese Friendship Arch!

The Filipino Chinese Friendship Arch is the largest Chinatown arch in the world and was inaugurated last June 23 of 2015.

The beautiful arc celebrates the diplomatic ties between the Philippines and China.

We passed by the arc and walked along the alley ways of Binondo. When you pass by here, always look down because you might accidentally step on poo.

We know that we are already near our destination because we saw a branch of ENG BEE TIN!!!

Wow... I was surprised that there were no lines! We found out later that there's a new branch in Chinatown and that's where the mile-long lines formed!

Binondo Church!!!!

Binondo Church was consecrated in the year 1596 and was founded by the Dominican priests.

Masses are held in Filipino, English, Mandarin, and Hokien.

We will not be able to wait for the start of the mass but we did offer a prayer. 

While I was going to my seat though, I was stopped by a lady who spoke to me in Chinese. When I told her that I speak tagalog, she said she thought I was a Chinese tourist. 


She kindly asked me to remove my hat inside church premises. Okay.... So this will be the only time you'll see my awful hair under the hat.

Outside BINONDO CHURCH, there were a lot of vendors selling Filipino snacks...

Fried Squid and Hotdogs!


And ice cold drinks! YUM!!!!

The Chinese Dimpol however said it's best to feast on these fried babies when we already have something in our tummies.

And now it's officially time to start our Binondo walk!!!

Hmmm... Now how are we going to do that????

Even if it was so crowded, we still had an enjoyable walk. We also saw many interesting things along the way.

Little kiddies in their make-shift dragon costume!

Just look at what a cardboard box, colored cloth, and imagination could do!

Of course it's still more fun to see the actual thing.

I could never believe that there is a real human inside!

Potted veggies and flowers!

Grilled suman!

Since it was the YEAR OF THE ROOSTER, we saw a lot of its figurines.

Figurines galore!

It was at this point I saw a sign that said "MAY BAYAD PO ANG PICTURE TAKING". Nge! Of course since there are a lot of people featuring THE CHINESE NEW YEAR for their blogs, it's no wonder some opportunists would charge on what they could think of.

Beaded rosaries!

Various pets!!!

(Inangku I hope Andrei doesn't see this!)

Lucky Charms!

(I said that with a Scottish accent).

Rolex or Patek Philippe anyone?

Dried mushrooms!!!!!!!!!

Now THIS has got to be our favorite of all. The Chinese Dimpol said he was going to buy one but forgot.


After our first "wave", we saw the road ahead of us that seemed like a sea of people!

OH NOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously though, it's no sweat. The crowd, the mess, and the noise are all part of the Binondo charm!


To think that we were in Binondo at an early time. I wonder how crazy it could get later.

I'm impressed with my boys. They were such troopers today!!! Not once did I hear the usual "When are we going home" question.


Whenever we're at Binondo for the CHINESE NEW YEAR, I always take a picture of the boys here. I remember about 5 years ago when there things got wild in the streets with firecrackers and party people. The ladies of the store called the little lords and told them to stay there until the ruckus died down.

Awwww! Such unforgettable act of kindness!!!! 

We then caught sight of the Ongpin North Bridge!

The arch had a message for the people "To Support New Society". I'm sure this was for the diverse people of Binondo to be more united amidst their differences.  

Our new tradition is to always pass by the house of our good friends every Chinese New Year!

Hi Mare (aka wife of THE FOOD ALPHABET)!!!!

She and her mom sold siomai in the streets of Ongpin. They had a very busy morning that day because a lot of New Year party goers seem to be in the mood for dimsum!!!!

Yehey!!! Later on, THE FOOD ALPHABET arrives!!!!

I'm glad I was able to see my inaanak Sky before I go. Isn't he so adorable with his Chinese get-up?

Great seeing THE FOOD ALPHABET family!!!! See you next next week for our Binondo food walk!

I told Mr FOOD ALPHABET that I wanted to try the Fried Siopao that he recommended in his blog. Too bad though because there was a looooooong line that morning already.

At THE FOOD ALPHABET'S recommendation, we had lunch at LING NAM!!! I know there's a branch in Greenhills but he insisted that their noodles in the Binondo branch taste different.

Check out our delicious lunch there by clicking HERE!

Afterwards, it was time to go home.

We promised Andrei that on the way home, we're going to buy his chicks.

Before you judge my animal lover of a boy, he owned a baby chick before that grew up to 4 years old. It died recently so he's looking for a new pet.

Yup!!! 4 years old! I think he's the only chicken to die of old age!!

Andrei saved his allowance and used his own P50.00 to buy 2 chicks!!!

He carried his 2 new friends going home.

Meet John (orange) and Ringo (red).

On our way back, we saw a lot of illegally parked cars being towed on the main road.

Tsk.. tsk... Poor guys.

Wait. Where did we park again???


Now we see the familiar bridge!!!!

If you're wondering who's taking our pictures, we would often ask passers-by to do it. For this one though, kinapalan ko na mukha ko and asked a police officer. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! He was very kind to do so naman and even took another snap of us!

The light drizzle took a break as we were walking on Jones' Bridge. With that, I hoisted my camera on top of one small pillar.

After this picture was taken, I immediately ran because the wind almost blew my phone out. H aha ha ha ha ha ha! Ain't I smart?????

We passed by Manila cathedral for a picture!

We used to park in Manila Cathedral and would always have pictures by this fountain. 

2012 baby!!!
Like so!!! 

But now, they don't allow vehicles to park here so we would just pass by for pictures.

And THE YAPPY BUNCH has finished our traditional celebration of THE CHINESE NEW YEAR! I told the boys that we'll be doing this every year until they're all grown up and they agreed. Yey!! I guess now they're finally enjoying our Binondo trips even for just a teensy bit. Personally, traditions are important because it helps shape the future. And in our case, me match our family traditions with bonding moments so that we could share more memorable times with the kiddies. Hopefully, it will be something they cherish so much that they would also do it with their own family.

I hope your celebration of the CHINESE NEW YEAR was as fun as ours. If not, you could always join us next year in Binondo! Just treat us siomai. He he he he he he!


Do you think John and Ringo would still be with us then? We'll see!!!!




  1. Ms. Jaz, before the Chinese New Year, nakita ni Nathan sa isang TV show yung Binondo tapos may mga kumakain ng noodles and all the Chinese stuffs, sabi nya punta daw kami dun, I told him next year na lang kasi medyo maliit pa sya hehehe... Okay daw lol.

    Hintayin ko po yung blog post mo about sa noodles. ^o^ Mukhang masarap.

    Happy New Year po sa inyo!

    1. Hiya Christine!!!! Although medyo magulo, it's fun to go to Binondo during the Chinese New Year! Ang daming interesting things to see. If you plan to go, dapat sa umaga otherwise magulo talaga for little Nathan. Winner talaga Lingnam! Yep will post it soon!!! And tama my friend, mas masarap nga sa Binondo. He he he he he he he!

      Thanks! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMWAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ms. Jaz! Been looking forward to this post since I saw your IG photo. Bakit hindi ka naki-red like the boys? #dilawan joke lang! I love your shining, shimmering, splendid cap :)

    Padami na ng padami ang tao every year huhu. Buti hindi nagreklamo yung boys sa haba ng lakad :p

    1. Hiya dear Yanna!!!! Yeyyy really? I posted it agad even if I have about 20 backblogs kasi it should be with the times.

      Ha ha ha ha ha! The colors kasi for the Year of The Rooster are Gold, yellow, and red. Syempre para maiba naman ang only lady of the family, I wore my yellow office blouse and my favorite gold hat (WHICH has been with me when I was still innocent and dalaga like mga 1998 pa... ha ha ha ha ha ha! That's how I am with things and friends... I never let go he he he he he!).

      I know! Huhuhu! Many are jumping in the band wagon. Pero masaya din naman. If you plan to go just start early. Good thing the boys didn't make reklamo na kasi they're bigger. But I'm sure given the choice, they'd rather stay at home. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  3. Ah, yun pala. Tama nga naman :) Wow, in fairness ah, it still looks new --- tipong something I can get from Forever 21 nowadays :)

    Sasama yan Ms. Jaz, basta may promise of seafood for Mati and colored chicks for Andrei :) Maliit pa kasi anak ko para ma-appreciate going around Binondo, siguro pag medyo malaki na siya, food trip kami together :)

    1. Di ba??? I love it. It's really my favorite hat. My aunt gave it to me from MGM Grand in Las Vegas. When I went there 2 years ago I was looking for the cap tapos wala na. he he he he he he! Sana nga meron sa Forever 21 para I'll have a new one. He he he he he eh eh eh!!!!

      Oh you are so right! Ha ha ha ah ah aha! You know us na!!! Galeng!!!!!!!! Oo and it could get really crazy in Binondo. Mahirap na matulak yung anak mo. And if he's afraid of firecrackers, magugulat siya. Pero saya yun food trip!!!!!!!!!! Yummmmmmmmmm!!! My friends and I will have Binondo Walk next week. Watch out for that. He he he he he he he!


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