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Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Every year, THE YAPPY BUNCH never fail to watch the Christmas On Display (or COD) show in Greenhills shopping centre. I'm happy that my little family is now experiencing it because I used to watch the same show as a kid when my Dad would take us all to Quezon City. It's great that they have transferred the show in Greenhills and it has already become part of the Christmas season for THE YAPPY BUNCH for many years now.

Among the two though, it's my little Andrei who's still very enchanted with the COD show. I'm glad that my bunsoy has such an innocent and simple taste (aka mababaw ang kaligayahan) that even if there are more magical Christmas shows out there, he could still appreciate the rustic magic of the COD. He loves it so much that he often includes it in his birthday wishes for December.

And since the Chinese Dimpol and I are not only just happy to oblige but we are also very sentimental, we vowed to ALWAYS take the little lords to watch the COD, no matter what.


The Greenhills' CHRISTMAS ON DISPLAY show!!!!!

It was Andrei's birthday week and we treated him for a Friday dinner at his favorite KIMPURA. We invited my sister and her husband Anthony to join us as well.

Afterwards, it's off to the COD show we go!

Saying that the place was packed is an understatement. It was super packed! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Good thing that as the later hours flew by, the crowd thinned out and we were able to park ourselves on one of the benches.

There was an array of food kiosks offering dishes from popular restaurants. We would love to try it out but there's just no place to eat from the show area.

Good thing the people at the back did not object to my largeness in front. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Ay nakakainis mukha ko dito. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

And it's starting!

Yihiii1 My boy is so excited!

The story this year was similar to Cinderella!

They changed the story a bit and had the little ragged girl be friends with the Prince. 

To be honest, I got confused with the story a bit because they used different animatronic robots per scene even if it was the same character.

My little bunsoy didn't mind and was still so enchanted with the show.

I love how he is so engrossed with it and not be so finicky with the story or the simple effects. He is just very appreciative and innocent like that!


In another scene, they have different kids dancing and playing instruments in a gazebo.

Later on, the Prince introduced his rugged Cinderella friend to his friends.

Then a unicorn appeared!!!!

The unicorn was drawing the carriage of the King and Queen!

Even if the ragged girl wants to be friends with the Prince, she was sent home and forbidden to play with him again.

At midnight, her fairy godmother appeared!

Her fairy godmother helped her to attend the ball that the King and Queen was throwing for the Prince!

Now here's the confusing part. The fairy godmother already helped the ragged girl but she attended the ball still in dirty clothes.


Then everybody just danced with the King and Queen.

I also noticed how the Prince and ragged girl were

My favorite part of the COD show was during the dancing because they played "THE CHRISTMAS WALTZ" which was also popularized by Frank Sinatra.


Memories of my childhood when my Dad would always play Sinatra suddenly came flooding in my puny mind!

With that, I gave my bunsoy a tight hug because I can't describe how happy I was to share this now with him.

Of course, I'm also excited to be here with the Chinese D (Dimpol) and Master Mati.

But my husband would always fall asleep. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I don't blame him though because he got up so early this morning (6:00am) and this WAS our third show for the night.

When the King and Queen saw how happy their Prince was, they allowed him to be friends with the Ragged girl.

There was also "snow" in the COD that my bunsoy tried his best to get some.

Just look at how concentrated he is!


Everybody's happy again!

After the 3rd show, it was time to go home. The COD show runs every 30 minutes from 6:00pm to 11:30pm and we stayed till the last run!

Master Mati initially didn't want to go but he became a good sport and agreed to join us always for the first night of watching. He knows that with Andrei, we will be going back again and again so he'll only join us on our first day. He he he he!


We had a jampacked schedule after Christmas but we squeezed in another night to watch the COD show for Andrei. Imagine, the Chinese Dimpol was from BGC then he fetched me in Quezon City, afterwards it was time to go back to Mandaluyong to pick up Andrei.


When we got to Greenhills, we ate in Kenny Rogers so that even before watching the actual show, Andrei would be able to see it while eating.

And afterwards, we're back at the COD for our first show of the night!

After 30 minutes, we're on for the second show!

We may be tired from work but for Andrei and Christmas tradition, we say... BRING IT ON!

The crowd may not be as jampacked as before but getting seats could still be challenging.

This is all of course for dear Andrei who still watched the show with the same enthusiasm as the first day.

Afterwards, we're still staying for our 3rd show for the night!

Somebody was getting tired (this was already at 11:30pm) and agreed that this would be the last one for us that Friday.

Andrei may be getting tired but the Chinese D and I were still up and going. Nothing energizes us more than family time!

And finally, after the 3rd show, Andrei agreed to go home!

Some would criticize how the COD show is nothing compared to what they have in Disney or Universal Studios. But personally, we love it the way it is. The show may not be as high tech but it is the same raw and simple animatronic presentation that brings out the true essence of a Filipino Christmas. Yes, we don't need the expensive and over the top technology to enjoy something. As long as we are with family pigging out Filipino treats and maintaining traditions (such as the COD), then we are all in for an awesome time.

And that's what THE YAPPY BUNCH feels... Every. Single. Year.



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