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Monday, January 16, 2017


My peyborit cousins' departure back to Las Vegas is looming and besides being in denial at how our days with them are "numbered", we also wanted to treat them to our our favorite restaurants in the Metro.

And one of them is NANBANTEI OF TOKYO!!!

The Chinese Dimpol and I love NANBANTEI because it's where we get our meaty yakitori fix that's juicy, nummy, and very sulit.  The great thing about NANBANTEI too is that they offer more than just the usual skewered meats -- they also have our favorite Japanese comfort dishes that you could enjoy along with your yakitori.

We got a chair near the griller to see all of the action!

Don't worry! Even if the griller was near us, our spot was still cold and smoke-free!

My peyborit cousin, Ate Sheila, and a very sad Mati!

Peyborit Cousin Kuya Nap attended a mini-College reunion and took along Mikee with them because they were going to have another boys drinking session. So we had dear Ate Sheila all to ourselves and took her out to dinner. 


Still watching AMERICAN HORROR STORY and even if his character was gruesome, Zachary Quinto was such a cutie there!

We started off with an order of Miso Soup (P85.00)!

Like Ate Sheila, I always have to have veggies in my system so I ordered my usual NANBANTEI Kani Salad (P195.00)!

This is not the best Kani Salad that I've had because I personally find the crabstick salad mixture too cloying. However, Ate Sheila loved it and ate the salad happily with her food, so YEY!

Master Mati, the ever sushi boy, ordered a Tekka Maki (P95.00)!

If I was not worried about getting too full for the Yakitori later, I would've ordered one more plate of this.

Dinner is going off on a great start!!!!

We had the Yakitori Special Platter (P895.00) where we will have a total of 21 pieces of skewered meats.

It's great that NANBANTEI agreed to upgrade some of the selection for an additional price. It's really not something their restaurant does but that just goes on to show that my very sweet smile and loving words could do wonders. 

He he he he he he!

The NANBANTEI Yakitori special mostly had chicken skewers and it's okay because we just loooooove everything about the bird!

We had juicy Negima (Chicken Meat and Leeks)... 

Plus Hatsu (Chicken Heart) and Bonjiri (Chicken Tail)!

I like chicken pwit but I loved the Bonjiri of NANBANTEI because they seasoned and grilled it perfectly that the skin was slightly salty and crunchy. So addicting!!!!

Ate Sheila geared towards the Tsukene (Chicken Meat Balls) and cleaned off her stick!

The rest of our Yakitori Special came with the Tebasaki (Chicken Wings), and Kawa (Chicken Skin)!

The order also came with Leba (Chicken Liver) but we had it upgraded with Bacon Wrapping -- my ultimo favorite!!!!!!!

If you're going to order Chicken Yakitori ala carte, THESE are the guys to get!!!!

Besides the Yakitori Special, we also ordered the NANBANTEI Shishamo (P125.00)!

The Salmon Balls (P110.00)!

As for Mati, he requested the Ika (Squid) skewers (P125.00). 

I promised myself that I was not going to have any carbs tonight but all the delicious and tasty meat skewers just warranted bowls of their fried rice!!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with Master Mati and dear Ate Sheila in NANBANTEI of TOKYO!

Our table filled with food!!!!

When you eat at NANBANTEI, don't forget to put your used sticks in the cups at each side of the table.

Almost done!

Egad! We were already SO FULL!

I remembered the last time I ate in NANBANTEI OF TOKYO, I was scraping the bottom of my dessert cup because their Avocado Ice Cream (P100.00) was crazy good!

Ate Sheila tried out also the NANBANTEI Green Tea Ice Cream (P100.00) for her dessert!!!!



Afterwards, we went to SERENITEA for our usual post dinner drinks! He he he he he he he!

Mati is still pouting because he really didn't want my peyborit cousins to go! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

AWWWWW! I love you Ate Sheila!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bonifacio High Street Central, 
7th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, 
Taguig City
02 2469069 ext:273

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