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Sunday, January 22, 2017


When I have work on a weekday, I usually skip breakfast because besides wanting to sleep longer, I feel this meal of the day cannot be rushed nor hurried up.

But when it's the weekend or I'm on vacation, now that's different. I just HAVE to have breakfast because the lure of having tapa, tocino, danggit, bacon, fluffy eggs, toast, jam, garlic rice, coffee, bangus, adobo, dinuguan, etc. etc. are just impossible to resist. So even if we slept late the previous night, we will definitely wake up uber early to have breakfast whether or not it's included in the room package. It IS after all, the important meal of the day.

That's why when we were in our stormy staycation in CANYON COVE, we got up bright and early to have our breakfast. The thought going straight to the beach/pool without anything hot and filling in our tummies was just inconceivable. So we all trooped on over to ISLAND'S CAFE to have our much needed sustenance. We could go out and fill up in the nearest fast food restaurant (Jollibee breakfasts ARE one of our favorites), but we needed to start our day pronto and our hunger waited for no one.

And in ISLAND'S CAFE, we surprisingly had a delicious "top o' the mornin' to ya" brekky to start our day right  


Even if it was early morning, we never go to breakfast dressed in jammies whether we're in a staycation, or even at home. I don't know. I just got into the practice that when we go downstairs (to face the people...tee he he he), we should look neat and presentable.

Like my ALDUB shirt? He he he he he he he he!

The Chinese Dimpol and Master Mati!

"Annette Benning" and Little lord Andrei!

Somebody said I look like her bakit ba???

Ha ha ha ha ha!

ISLAND CAFE Breakfast menu.

They had a mini-buffet set up but we didn't feel like having it. So we just ordered the Tapsilog and Dangsilog to share!

Ordering up!

Hungry and waiting for our grub!!!!

First on the table was our order of ISLAND CAFE Beef Tapa (P250.00)!

This was actually so good!!! The beef was tender and it had that garlic and soy sauce taste that we love in our tapa! He he he he he he! This certainly warranted an extra rice from us!!!

One of my favorite breakfast these days is the Crispy Danggit (P300.00). For me it's like Pinoy Bacon (yup even if it's not pork). I took a big bite into it and the fish was crunchy and salty! So perfect with more mouthfuls of garlic rice. 

Of course, for an extra bite of flavor, I gave it a long dip in the vinegar with garlic. Soooooo yum I can't get over it!

We just shared the 2 dishes and ordered extra rice for us. So sulit pa din!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords at ISLAND'S CAFE in CANYON COVE!

Nom... nom....


Our bill!!!!!!!

Team Navarro arrived as we were finishing and they seemed to love their breakfast as well! 

After hearing so many negative reviews about the food at CANYON COVE, I'm glad that they did it right with our orders for breakfast. Now we're stuffed, energized, AND happy to continue our fun in this family staycation!!!!

Piloto, Nasugbu - Ternate Hwy, 
Nasugbu, Batangas
(02) 908 1111

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