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Wednesday, January 18, 2017


My peyborit cousins only have 2 days to go till their flight back to Las Vegas and even though our hearts are breaking, we know that life must go on. That's why even on another busy work night, we took them out for some dinner after a day of shopping. We just gotta spend more time with them!!!!  And when I asked Kuya Nap, Ate Sheila, and dear Mikee what they were craving for, their answer was Vietnamese.

So without further adieu, we went to our favorite PHO HOA!


PHO HOA is an ERICJAZ FOODIES favorite for so many years now! It never fails to make us all happy whenever we're craving for Vietnamese comfort food.

Kuya Nap and Ate Sheila also has Vietnamese food on the top of their list. So they're also excited to try the food.

And the gang's all here!

(Mikee is doing his "fake sleeping" pose in pictures.)

My peyborit cousins, Kuya Nap and Ate Sheila!

Their son Mikee (fake sleeping again) and a very happy Mati!

He just adored his Kuya Mikee! And they talked endlessly!

Just in case you're wondering about little Andrei, he went with his lolo!

Daryl and Carol...

THE WALKING DEAD PREMIERES TONIGHT!!! Oh please Maggie don't be Lucille's victim!!!!

(Now WHY did Glenn have to go??? Stupid Darryl. Yes I hate him now. -- Jaz present)


We ordered a PHO HOA Fried Spring Roll (P155.00) to munch on while waiting for our orders. My peyborit cousins loved this that I immediately ordered another one.

We also ordered another type of Spring Roll (P230.00) that's to be wrapped in lettuce leaves along with rice noodles.

Of course, when you're at PHO HOA, don't miss their pho! My cousins loved the PHOA all meat (large P315.00)!

I wanted to eat noodles but I was also watching my carb intake during weekdays. So I just shared with Master Mati a big bowl of PHO HOA Spicy Stew Pho (P320.00)! This really hit the spot!!

When you have pho, they serve you also with the fresh condiments to add to your soup.

And since I want mine extra spicy....

My Kuya Nap also shared with the noodles and ordered some Sauteed Kang Kong (P250.00) as he was feeling a little bit healthy that night. Like me, he added chopped chilis on his plate of veggies to make it more exciting!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with master Mati and my peyborit cousins!!!!!


Master Mati loved his spicy noodles!!!

Can't talk. Eating!

Later on, my Ate Jojit and her husband Anthony came. They already had dinner but they too want to see our peyborit cousins!


The bill!

This time Kuya Nap treated us! Wohoo! Thanks!!! It was a delicious dinner talaga!

PHO HOA never fails to give hungry diners, craving for vietnamese food, the best of times!!!!!

Pho Hoa Vietnamese Noodle House
San Juan
204 C Wilson St
Addition Hills, San Juan
(02) 726-4066

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