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Monday, January 9, 2017


It's already 2017 and THE YAPPY BUNCH had a very HAPPY WAY to welcome the New Year!

YEHEESSSS!!!  Eet ees olredi 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oops! I promised nga pala not to be too "jejemon" anymore. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

It's already 2017!!!!!!!!!


We usually spend our New Years in Lucena City (because we are already in Manila for Christmas). But this year I realized that with my newly married sister (blech) spending it with her hub's family, and my Kuya will be in Paranaque celebrating the birthday of his sister-in-law, it will only be my parents and Kuya Jon looking at each other come New Year's Eve!


We cannot have that!

THEY NEED THE HAPPY YAPPY BUNCH to make their 2016 good bye party a BLAST!!!

And so with that, we celebrated Christmas Day in Lucena, then stayed put in our house to wait for 2017!!!

For lunch at the last day of the year, my eldest brother Kuya Jay invited us to try out something different in BGC.

How is it different you may ask?

He said there will be no air-conditioned restaurant, tables, and chairs. We will just eat our take-out in the BGC park, sorta like how they really do it with food trucks in New York.

And you know what? Even if it was hot, we all had a lot of fun!!!

Thanks Kuya Jay and Karen for the treat!

Check out our blog post there HERE!!!

Afterwards, we had a quest in looking for fire crackers!

Yes! We're looking for them!

This is something totally new for us because the little lords were so scared of firecrackers before. Now they're all grown up, they kept bugging us when we're going to buy. It was just a challenge to purchase firecrackers this year because President Duterte has banned it. Good thing that Dragon Fireworks had a stall in Wilson St., and their products are safe for use.


My boys is so happy!

We mostly got flares, fountains, and sparklers! Yohoo! The safe stuff!

Come night time, we went to Powerplant Mall again to hear the holiday mass.

Like what they did during Christmas Eve, Powerplant Mall set up chairs in the middle section of their food court.

Me and the Yubhub!

Master Mati, little Andrei and his big nostrils, and Mommy!

Somebody wants to make a tornado using just his nose!


And the priest arrives.

Somebody's excited  when we were asked to sing "Auld Lang Syne"!

The mass occupied the whole length of the food court. Powerplant Mall provided many projection screens so that people who are not in front would still be able to see the priest.

One section of the mass asked practitioners to raise the calendar of the celphones!

Andrei can't find it! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

This was the priest's idea to have a creative way of blessing our 2017 and give a reminder to include God in it. 

And then the mass was done!!!!

As soon as the mass finished it's time to go home and do a family picture!!!

Yeah missing Kuya Jay and fam (a bit), and Ate Jojit and hub (a bit too)!!!!!!!!!!


While I was cooking, the little lords and Chinese Dimpol proceeded to light up some sparklers!

The Chinese D put a candle for the kids to light up their silver sticks.

Sparklers are always so magical!

It makes you feel like a wizard!

Little Andrei lost no time in lighting up sparklers one after the other. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

In between firecrackers, master Mati helped me in the kitchen.

I tasked him to do the creamy mashed potatoes!

When I was finished with pasta, I went outside to join in on the fun!


Most of the tenants in the building in front of us were on vacation too!

The Chinese D was the one who lit up the mini-rockets!


Our baby fountain!

The Dragon Fireworks sparklers just took a long time to light up!


I always sing the fairy godmother's song in Cinderella whenever I have a sparkler!

"Salagadoola mechicka boola bibbidi-bobbidi-boo
Put 'em together and what have you got

My bunsoy was not scared anymore of fireworks!

He was even the one who egged on his dad to light up more!


Later on, our table is ready!

Me and my lovely Mom got everything ready for Media Noche!

Missing Ate Jojit!!

A bit.

Tee Hee!

And our Media Noche is now ready!!!


Roasted Chicken with Home-made gravy!

We also had Morcon placed beside the chicken. Too bad I wasn't able to take a solo pic of it.

The star of the night -- the Plaza Ham!


The tender and succulent Plaza Ham was perfect for not just Christmas but for every occasion!!!

My Gamberetti Pasta!

My Mom loves this and would always request it for special occasions!

Our very creamy and cheesy mashed potatoes!

This one was made by Master Mati!

Spiced Corn!

To abide by our New Year "rules" we had the following...

Sinukmani -- So that our family will always stick together!
Chocolate Velvet Cupcakes -- So that our family will always be sweet with each other!

And ube!

Just because my family loves it. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

After praying and sharing what we were thankful for this year, we had a toast for 2017!!!

After our prayers, it was TIME TO EAT!


My first plate!!!

Lola and Andrei!

(My Mom joined Dad later on in the room)

Mati and Kuya Jon!

Me and the Hub!

My "refueled" plate!!!

To 2017!!!!!!!!!

Somebody really loved the sparkling wine! He he he he he he!

My handsome little lords!


After the delicious late dinner, it's now time for MORE firecrackers galore!


Baby fountains!!! Each one sparked beautiful and magical colors!!!

And just like that....

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We then lit up our major fountain to greet the New Year!

Personally, New Year celebrations are more complete with Fountains! 


Even our dependable angels joined in the fireworks!

Hello 2017!!!!!!!!!!!

Ay ang landi ng pose ko nakakainis!!!!! 

We were all panting and laughing like crazy when we're finally done with our loot of fireworks!!!!  And it was A LOT because my Kuya Jon thought we were not able to buy and also bought our family's supply from Dragon Fireworks. Nagkadoble doble!!


Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

And another year has passed!

I'm so glad that we were able to spend New Year's eve with my family. In our little way, we added some crazy and happy noise for my Kuya Jon, Mom, and Dad. 

HAPPY 20125.... ESTE 2017 EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Happy New Year! Mukhang gusto kong itry yung pasta mo Ms. Jaz, pashare naman ng recipe hehehe pleaseeee...

    I used to buy aerial fireworks din but nadala ako nung yung isang aerial firework hindi sya kwitis mas mataba sa kwitis hindi nabalanse ng brother ko kaya ayun pumunta sa ilalim ng van maygerd! Natakot talaga ako hahaha... simula nun ayoko na hahaha... Napansin ko konti lang din ang nagfireworks display nung new year maybe because of the news that the President would ban it pero sa amin may whistle bomb pa silang pinapaputok at sa harap ng bahay namin kaya ayun nasira ang mga bagong kabit naming mga pinlights huhuhu bagong taon bagong sira bagong pagawa ulit hahaha...

    Happy New Year Yuppy Bunch!

    1. Hiya Christine!!!!!! Thanks! Happy New Year to you and your family too!

      Hmmmmm.... Sige na nga! Ha ha ha ha ha! Normally I don't share my recipes pero since love kita, here it is....

      - Cook pasta and save 1 cup of boiling water.
      - Fry Shrimp (flavored with salt and pepper) in garlic and butter, set aside!
      - Heat olive oil with star margarine, then fry garlic... LOADS OF IT!!!! Sometimes I mince 2 heads pa! Not cloves ha... HEADS! hA HA HA HA!
      - Mix in juice of Shrimp Head (crush shrimp head in mortar and pestle then drain juices with hot water). You could also add 1 cup of seafood stock for extra flavor. Don't forget the starchy water from the pasta. This is so that the sauce will stick to the noodles!
      - Simmer until reduced!
      - Add pasta and mix with the cooked shrimp.
      - Add sliced peppers. I normally use sili pansigang (since I love it spicy) but bell peppers are fine for color.
      - Salt and pepper to taste. You could also add some toyo for extra flavor and color!!!
      - SERVE! OMIGAD that's soooo yum! It's one of my favorites!!!! I love mine spicy!!! I hope you like this too!

      Me too we're very careful with fireworks kasi my sister naputukan ng roman candle. To think it's not bawang or 5 star, it's a friggin roman candle! Ha ha ha ha ha! So for the boys talagang sparklers muna sila. Pero they had fun pa din watching Yub light up the fountain and the other kwitis. He he he he he he!

      Thanks soooo much! Tell me how the pasta turns out. Oh noes kahiya if you don't like it! :)


  2. Belated happy holidays Ms. Jaz and the fambam! I was about to ask for the recipe of the pasta also, thank you for sharing!! <3 Ang festive ng celebrations niyo at home :)

    Also, happy birthday to Master Mati!! Haha sorry Ms. Jaz, stalker :)

    Also, last na... congratumalations sa iPhone 6! Bonggels forever talaga ang pa-Christmas Party ng TAPE. Pasabog talaga the prizes :)

    1. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha! Awww thanks dear Yanna you're so sweet!!!! I am such a stalker also kaya don't worry, we have something in common. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!

      To be honest, I don't like sharing my recipes pero wala! Ha ha ha ha! Malakas kayo sakin. Hindi ako makakahindi! HA HA HA HA HA HA! Do try it. It's one of my favorite pasta recipes. I based it on the Gamberetti Pasta from CUCINA VICTORIA and I was so happy that medyo magkalasa sila. Ang sarap niya lalo especially if you make it with siling pansigang (that's what the restaurant used) para mas spicy! Yummm! Tell me how it turns out for you.

      Yeyyyy thank you!!! Would you believe up to now cinecelebrate pa namin bday niya? Yup! 2 weeks kasi. Ha ha ha ha ha! Ang oa na ba? Wala lang I really want them to have unforgettable birthday celebrations like how my parents did e.

      Yey thanks!!!!! It's actually going to be my first time to own an Iphone that's not a hand me down. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Kaya yey I'm so happy with what I won. I'm glad you were able to read it. Ang saya no? That's why EB parties are something we always look forward to every year.

      Thanks again dear Yanna! Belated Happy Holidays also to you and your family! Hope to hear from you more this year! Mmmwaaaaaaaaah! :)

    2. Ako rin Ms. Jaz, ayoko rin sana nagsshare ng recipes --- suplada like that lang :p Pero yun nga. Hahaha. I hope to return the favor someday if ever. I shall try it soon, and I shall tag in you in Instagram pag na-execute siya ng maayos. Hahaha!

      Bongga talaga magcelebrate :) Pwede pa-ampon Ms. Jaz? Hahaha. Binata na, choosy na sa ibang lakad. Haha

      I'm glad they treat everyone as family. Happy happy talaga everyone :)

      Looking forward to more of your posts, Ms. Jaz! More more stalking also (within reason naman, di naman creepy haha) Sana matuloy this 2017 ang fans day / meet and greet ng EricJazFoodies :))))

    3. Ha ha ha ha! Naku I really hope you'll like my recipe. Please tell me how it goes ha para hindi naman diyahe with you he he he he!

      Ngiks! For our New Year dinner? Hindi naman bongga pero since mahilig kami kumain, kailangan may pagkain! Ha ha ha ha ha! Dapat busog na busog! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! When we were younger kasi we had such big appetites and ang lalakas talaga namin kumain. Ubos lagi ang handa. Yun lang now that we are older, di na kami makalahati kaya ulam namin ang leftovers for many days. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Go!!! Mas marami mas masaya!!! Pero wawarningnan kita, weird family kami. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

      Yeyyy thanks so much!! Yes walang iwanan ha? Mas nakakagana ang nobelang blog posts when I know some people appreciate it. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! BWA HA HA HA HA! Sige mag meet up tayong 3!!!! He he he he he! God bless you always Yanna! You made me laugh after a looong busy day. He he he he eh!!!!


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