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Saturday, January 28, 2017


When we stayed in Lucena for the Undas long weekend, the Chinese Dimpol already plotted the restaurants that we'll eat in for lunch and dinner: PALAISDAAN, CAFE ANTIGUA, BUBBLES, HACIENDA INN, PANSILOG, etc etc. However, when his Mom recommended that we try out the restaurant that's flocked by hungry Lucena diners, it piqued the curiosity of the Chinese D. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but my husband's favorite food in the whole world is Crispy Pata. And when Mama said the new restaurant had superkaduper delicious fried pork knuckles it made him forget that there was ever a list.

So the other candidates that night didn't stand a chance -- the Crispy Pata was the ultimo deciding factor.  And the new winner for our Monday dinner was.... 


SLASH'S RESTAURANT is a new favorite in Lucena and Mama said it was always full every night. Good thing that after they closed shop, she passed by to make an early reservation.

SLASH'S RESTAURANT is a casual restaurant with a set up like a 50's diner.

I noticed that they have a lot of space but not so many tables. Hopefully in the future, they'll be able to maximize the place in order to cater to more diners. 

Here we are at the corner!


Yub's youngest sister, Maan, Aaren, and her guy!

Little Andrei and Mama!

The Chinese Dimpol, me and my baby bangs, and Master Mati!

Ordering up!

Sorry I wasn't able to get a copy of the menu so I don't have an idea of the prices. Will do so the next time we're in Lucena.

While waiting for the food, little Andrei wowed us with his yoyo skills!


I was expecting a lot of meat that night so I ordered the SLASH'S RESTAURANT Kani Salad!

They used a different kind of Japanese cream dressing that complemented the fresh greens, sweet mangoes, and strip of faux crabmeat. I wiped this out in no time!

That is, with the help of my sinful favorite, Chicharon Bulaklak!!!

SOOOOO crunchy and flavorful!!! 

Sizzling Tanigue in Olive Oil and Garlic!

Fish was moist and fresh! Yummers.

My favorite for the night, SLASH'S Crispy Tadyang!

It may not look like it but the fried meat was tender and had that simot sarap seasoning. I ravaged it until there were no meat left on the bones. He he he he he he he!

Master Mati had the SLASH'S RESTAURANT Gambas!

Buttery, Garlicky, and so perfect with rice!

Even with the evidence of the chopped chilis, it just had the right kick to make each spoonful more addicting with rice!

Andrei didn't feel like eating rice that night and just ordered a solo bowl of SLASH'S RESTAURANT Carbonara. Though I was expecting spaghetti instead of penne pasta, the creamy sauce was so cheesy that it's a sure winner for the kiddies. Even little Aaren wanted some more. 

Perhaps the dish I liked the least in SLASH'S RESTAURANT was the Crab Foo Yong!

The egg was fluffy and the sauce was good. But they packed so much veggies that I felt it was a vegetable lumpia using egg to cover it all up!

And of course, the piece de resistance...


The fried pork knuckles was served whole and piping hot!

As promised, the skin was seriously crunchy and the meat was soft and tender. Even if it was fried pork, the dish was not greasy at all!!!!

Yummers!!! This is a delicious substitute just in case Yub's other Crispy Pata hub is not available!!!

Master Mati washed down all that delicious food with a mug of iced cold sweet tea!

As for little Andrei, he had the ripe mango shake! Our favorite!!!!!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords and Yub's family in SLASH'S RESTAURANT!


My plate!!! My SLASH'S RESTAURANT delicious plate!

Was burping and smiling in SLASH'S RESTAURANT all the way!!! Great to have another restaurant in our long list of restaurant cravings in Yub's hometown!!!!

And because of a great meal, we were so energized for our private bowling tournament later on!!!

M.L Tagarao St. Brgy. 5
Lucena 4302
(042) 322 0287

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