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Saturday, January 21, 2017


It may not be obvious, but we are a wrestling loving family. Yup! The WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.) to be exact!

Our devotion to WWE started with the Chinese Dimpol who would tell me about his favorite wrestlers while we were just BF/GF (yuck). Back then, I immediately got curious and watched so that we have something more to do together (besides actually wrestling ourselves.... bwa ha ha ha ha... EW?). It did not take long before I became a fanatic marking The Rock, Stephanie Mcmahon, and Steve Mcmahon as my favorites (they're just crazy) and tune in to their show every week. The Yub and I were such fans of WWE that we would also play their videogames when we're not watching. On one date, he even surprised me with a THE ROCK shirt (which I still have up to now). So yes, the WWE is very significant to us and has even given special memories to our relationship.

And we're happy that it's something we're sharing right now with the little lords!

Yu-uh! The boys are the new generation of WWE fanatics in the family. They're wild about wrestling and know all of the new characters! Even if they slept late the previous night, the two would insist on waking up early to catch their special live shows. The house would suddenly become noisier when it's WWE time.

So imagine our excitement when we heard that WWE will have a show in the Philippines, and their new favorites, ROMAN REIGNS and JOHN CENA, are coming? We were all ecstatic!!! As soon as ticket centers were open, we immediately booked our seats and counted the days till the show.

Then finally, WWE arrives!!!

And THE YAPPY BUNCH will all be there to see where OUR kind of magic, HAPPENS!!!!

WWE!!!! WOHOOO!!!!

It was a rainy afternoon so we made sure to leave early so that we'll not be stuck in traffic.

Our WWE LIVE tickets!!!!

We settled into the covered parking in front of SM ARENA since it was raining.

Yohoo! So excited!

When I glanced at the lines below, I thought it's for General Admission. I got disappointed that it's already for the VIP! NGEKS!

Pano na lang kami????

Going through the walkway!

SM ARENA what gives? For the General Admission and Upper Box tickets, you made us go a very LOOOOOOOOOOOONG way around the sidewalks and into the arena. To think, there was already a drizzle! I wonder if you'll still do the same if it was raining hard.

Since there was a slight rain, why didn't you just have the VIP wait in front then us "lowly" tickets stay on that side. It was just very inconsiderate and unorganized. 

Tsk tsk tsk!

Check out the Chinese Dimpol's irritated face. He he he he he he!

Yep! Marunong din siya mainis!


Going up!

They were not yet letting anyone inside so I thought while the Chinese Dimpol was buying snacks, I would line up for the merchandise!

At first, the long lines were discouraging. But since we had an hour before the show, we waited.

And waited!

Yep! The lines were sooooooo long. But it just went longer and longer! Good thing we lined up earlier than the others!

And finally!

The boys knew what they were going to get.


For the longest time, Mati has been raring for a WWE belt. He saw the collector's item online but the prices were outrageous. My guy finally settled for the Roman Reign's belt (even if it was just a toy) because at least we bought it during a real WWE show.

He paid half of this while I treated the other half provided that he give us good grades and behavior. :) 

So yes! He earned it!

The same goes for my little Andrei.

Don't worry. He's really happy with his John Cena hat. He just doesn't like smiling for the camera. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

As for me, remember what I told you about my favorite THE ROCK shirt? Yep! I'm wearing it! It's about 17 years old already. Ha ha ha ha! It's actually my night shirt now but I'm wearing it out for this special occasion.

And finally! We're in!

We have a good view of the ring!

My happy boys!

While waiting for the show to start, we feasted on some hotdogs and popcorn. 

Yup! That's WRESTLING food!

Mati held up the sign he made for the show.

Same goes for Andrei.

The two however, forgot about their signs when the show started. He he he he he!




Wow yub, ang laki ng kamay mo. You covered the kids!!!

Oooh.... Big hands!! Tee hee!

The first fight was with Sheamus!

He lost no time in pinning down his opponent... Cesaro!

And then he wins!!!!!!!!!


Before the second fight, I went out to buy some Starbucks and popcorn for snacks.

When I got back, there was a pandemonium with THE NEW DAY, Anderson and Gallows!!!!!!!!

THE NEW DAY won and the trio drew more laughs from the crowd with their antics.

Next up was with the Big Show!

I know him from THE ROCK era and we were all eagerly waiting who his opponent was.


(Sorry for my blurred pics)

The boys were so happy! We thought he was a no-show against the Big Show!

I don't know why but the crowds were taunting him with the "John Cena sucks" song.

It was so catchy that even I sang it. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

The people were all going wild!

The fight was intense!

How could John Cena put The Big Show down?

I'm actually a bit torn because I have a lot of respect for The Big Show but my boys loved John Cena. So I cannot really cheer THAT loud. He he he he he he!

At one point, The Big Show went up the ring and then BWA HA HA HA HA! The rope broke!!!

Was it staged???

He was on his back for about 3 minutes!

John Cena saw this as an opportunity and carried the Big Show for some major pinning!

JOHN CENA won!!!!

Yey!!! Andrei was so happy!

Half time!!!

WWE took a break to fix the ropes. He he he he he!

That's okay. I'm fine to finish my coffee and gooey cookies anyway.

After the short break, Charlotte and Sasha Banks went out.

Their fight was good but I'm not really a fan of women's wrestling. Sorry!

Up next was MY highlight!

Upon seeing Chris Jericho, my boys let out a big BOO!

As for me, I swooned at the sight of my new favorite...


He's soooo hot! He's like the Khal Drogo of Wrestling!

Hey! We can't see!

Some people could be so inconsiderate. I've already asked politely about 3 people that we cannot see at the back. Haaaay!

In this case, the Arena attendant should have reminded her that she should stay in her section. :(

Good thing that the fight of Chris Jericho and Roman Reigns was awesome and SO funny!

Chris Jericho joked about his scarf but Roman Reign wouldn't have any of it. The kids laughed so hard when he used the scarf to wipe the sweat on his armpits. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

In the end, there's only one supreme!!!


We were all for Team Reigns but Jericho was so funny!

He limped (I guess it's fake) while doing his walk of shame.

As for Roman Reigns, he took his time greeting his fans.

Sorry for the blurry pic again.

And the last fight is on!

It was the triple death match for Seth Rollins, Zammy Zane, and Kevin Owens!


Kevin Owens won!!!!!

And the fight is OVER!

Our first WWE LIVE experience was AWESOME!!! My boys were almost hoarse from screaming and we were all so happy with the winners!!! 

Truly a sulit night for THE YAPPY BUNCH!!!!

My Master Mati was feeling more of a champion with our WWE night!

He was so happy that he even agreed to Andrei playing with his belt. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

We waited out side the Arena gates in hopes to see the wrestlers board their buses. But too bad they snuck into their bus via another gate. 

It's okay. All of us still had a grand time anyway!

For our ultra late dinner, we went to our favorite BEST FRIEND'S PARES!!!

Sorry kids. Tipid muna. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


And saucy pansit! YUMMM!

The next day, our little lords still can't move on from their WWE night. I knew for sure because I saw Andrei wear his John Cena hat to sleep and while doing chores.


I'm glad and thankful that WWE decided to stop by the Philippines so their Filipino fans could watch them. We may have to save up for the tickets, but for me and the Yub, everything was worth it especially that we all had a grand time and the little lords saw their favorites LIVE.

I could just imagine the excitement and awesomeness that the boys experienced that night. So everything was worth every penny. 

This is, after all, OUR magical night!!!!

Please come back very soon WWE!!!!!!!!!!

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