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Tuesday, January 17, 2017


We're staying in on another Sunday night and instead of gluing ourselves to the telly, little Andrei thought of something else to do with ME!


I actually planned a night of blogging to catch up on the entries I was not able to do during the week, but my bunsoy was making lambing that I help him!

Awwwww! Okay! You know I cannot resist your cuteness!!!!!

We checked out the box of the KRACIE EDIBLE JAPANESE TOY for reference. Though they have step by step instructions with color coding and pictures, we need further help!

Youtube to the rescue!!!!

We were getting no help from the other boys who were busy with CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR!

And let's do this!

Besides the powder sachets, we got the tray for mixing and molding!

Plus a scooper and a plastic toothpick!

To start off Andrei's Sunday edible project, he cut the tray to separate the taiyaki mold from the other one.

(I told him he should do the whole KRACIE EDIBLE TOY himself while I will just guard and stare. He he he he he he!)

Little Andrei decided to start off with the Strawberry Daifuku candy and proceeded to cut the plate sheets from the container bag.

Little Andrei got some mineral water and used the scooper to determine the precise measurement of the liquid.

When doing KRACIE EDIBLE TOYS always remember that their measurements and instructions are so precise that you have to follow it to a T! Before, I thought it looked dry and added a small droplet of water, only to get mushy results afterwards. Oh well! Everyday is a learning process!

For the strawberry jelly, we got the pink packet.

We emptied the whole sachet into the small mold and added a scoop of water. 

KRACIE provided a mixer for the jelly!

The jelly hardens up fast.

For the rice cake and mitarashi dango, we will use the bigger tub! Andrei put water up to the line indicated in the tray.

The blue sachet will do the job for this!

Like I mentioned above, we only put the specified amount of water for the whole packet. It seemed so dry at first.

We mixed and pressed and kneaded the whole thing!

When we finally got to the perfect consistency, Andrei cut the big ball into two. 

He flatted the first ball onto the small plate sheet to get the accurate size.

For the other ball, he divided it into 3 and made small mitarashi dangos!

While the jellies were setting, Andrei proceeded to do the Taiyaki by putting 4 scoops of water!

For this one, we'll use the gold KRACIE packet!

We put the whole packet again in the same deep tub!

After getting a brown creamy mush, we scooped it onto the Taiyaki mold.

The Taiyaki needed to get zapped in the microwave on high!

Most definitely, this needs adult supervision! He he he he he he he!

When it was done, the smell of toasted cereal/wafer filled our kitchen. 

I hope we did the right doneness!

Next up, the chocolate syrup! 

Little Andrei put water (2 scoops) on the tub again!

Mmmm... The brown powder smelled like cocoa!

Little Andrei was controlling himself from licking the spoon!

When he was able to get the chocolate glaze, he spread some of the mixture on the Daifuku!

Using the toothpick, he picked out the strawberry jelly from the mold.


The tricky part with the strawberry Daifuku is squishing the 2 ends together to cover the jelly and chocolate cream.

Aaagh! It went out!

Afterwards, Andrei proceeded to take out the Taiyaki!

Oops! One Taiyaki cracked! He he he he he he!

It's okay. It still looked nice after a generous spread of the chocolate sauce.

The same toothpick was used for the Mitarashi Dango!

For the soy glaze, we were instructed to just use one of the Taiyaki molds with 2 scoops of the water.

You'll be needing the purple packet for this.

When you have fully mixed the sauce, dip the Dango!!!

Almost done!!!

For the last step, we got the bright blue packet!

And the small tumbler provided by KRACIE!

Andrei cut the label from the plastic cover.

And taped it over the tumbler!


For the blue soda, we filled the cup 3/4s full of water.

The liquid gave out a lovely fizz when we added the powder!

The finished product!

Andrei admitted that it didn't look as nice in the picture but he was still proud of his candy project!

The joy of course is in the making!!!

He first tackled the blue soda since the fizz made him so curious!

He offered some of the KRACIE EDIBLE snacks to the boys doing the civil war and returned with an empty plate (almost).

I learned from my husband later on that Andrei only offered half heartedly because he was already chomping on the candy while going around.

Andrei said it tasted GOOD!!!!!

My bunsoy was happy so this was a KRACIE success!!!!!

This was another fun and learning activity for Andrei! We'll do more KRACIE EDIBLE TOYS soon!

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