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Wednesday, January 11, 2017


My superkaduper ultrapamatay favorite cousins from Las Vegas are FINALLY back in the Philippines for a vacation, and we are all stoked! The last time we saw them was during our Yappy Bunch vacation in the US (2014), and we have been missing them so much eversince! Of course, there may be Facebook and text messaging, but social media is not enough. We all needed to be together! Yup! That's how we love our Kuya Nap and Ate Sheila!!!!!

Andrei made a sign!!!!

We all love my PEYBORIT cousin because my siblings and I practically grew up with Kuya Nap's "kalokohan". My Dad took care of him and his sister when his Mom left for the US and loved him like his own. As for us, he looked over me and my sibs and guarded us like a big brother. When we were naughty, he would scare us by fake-pulling his belt ("Dyaske kayong mga bata kayo!!!"). When it was time for nap, he would really make sure to put us to bed because he wanted to go out and meet his friends.

He he he he he he!

He's our much older first cousin (sorry Kuya Nap... he he he he) who told us to look closely at this wedge of calamansi to "see something weird" and then he would squeeze it hard to hurt our eyes with the juices.

Once he inserted his finger inside a matchbox and painted it with ketchup. Then he terrified my brothers and sister by showing us what he claimed to be this "severed finger" that he saw outside the house. 

He could sing and play the piano so well that he told us he's the original singer of "Color My World". We only discovered it to be false when my sibs and I older.

I just realized that he was EVIL! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

If my Dad influenced us with classical movies and Frank Sinatra, it was Kuya Nap who gave us the Beatles' and psychedelic 70's vibe.  Yup! We learned a lot of cool stuff from him.

If we all idolized Kuya Nap, we loved him MORE when he married Ate Sheila. My sibs and I were smitten instantly because not only was she so kind, warm, gentle, but she was sooooo beautiful. (We can't believe nagkagusto siya kay Kuya Nap. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! But that's just proof how he's very good with the ladies. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!).

Kuya Nap and Ate Sheila instantly became the "power couple" for us. They were always fun to be with and they would do what they can to make sure we are having a good time. Even the little lords worship them! When they are here, everything just feels so complete.

And hooray! Hooray! They are finally HOME!!!! 

Little Andrei made a sign to welcome his Tito Nap, Tita Sheila, and Kuya Mike!

Kuya Nap and Ate Sheila caught a late flight and arrived in Manila at about midnight. Mati was still awake because he really waited up for them!

Even if it was a weekday and we had work tomorrow, we stayed up till the week hours to chat with our peyborit cousins!!!! We're so happy that they're here!!!

The next day, our welcome dinner for my PEYBORIT cousins was in HEALTHY SHABU SHABU!


Kuya Nap and Ate Sheila!

Anthony, Ate Jit, and a photobomber!

Androse and his Daddy!

Mommy and Daddy with he little lords and Kuya Jon!

Yohoo! I made it!!!! I hope Master Mati left me some food!

Kuya Nap celebrated his birthday about 2 weeks ago. But Ate Jit thought of giving him a cake and we all sang a happy birthday to him!

Now we have dessert!

Uuuuy! Kuya Nap is making chancing!

Kuya Nap and Ate Sheila actually traveled with their youngest son, Mikee. However, he ate something in Taiwan and had a very bad case of stomach ache.

The boys were so raring to see him and were antsy to go home. They tried to pass their impatience by making short videos in my Snapchat. He he he he he he he!

Kuya Nap and my Dad!!!!

My cousin was like my Father's "junior" and did almost everything together. They are actually very alike in so many ways from being the life of the party, their talent in making bola, to being heart throbs (THAT'S how good they are with their bolas! Ha ha ha ha!).

If you find the last comment hard to believe, don't worry I agree with you. HA HA HA HA HA HA! But it's their friends who swear by it and they said their past girls are very good looking pa! I'm sure you'd agree with me by looking at my Mom and Ate Sheila!!! Di ba they're so pretty??? 

WOHOO! Welcome HOME Kuya Nap and Ate Sheila!!!!

After HEALTHY SHABU SHABU, the "party" continued at home!

My Mom joined in the insta-drinking session. H aha ha ha ha ha ha!

And as expected, we were all in stitches with Kuya Nap's stories and jokes. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Next day, after they shopped in Powerplant Mall, we treated my peyborit cousins to some dimsum in MONGKOK!

On another day, my Dad took them out to one of our favorite seafood eats...


My peyborit cousins loved the live shrimp!

Steamed Live Lapu Lapu!

Sinigang sa Miso!

And Yang Chow Fried rice!!!!


The next day, TEAM OCAMPO went to Quezon Province to stay with Ate Sheila's family! Here they are at KAMAY NI HESUS!

 When they got back, we immediately scheduled a meet-up at our favorite...

Yey! Glad that dear Mikee is well na!

Ate Jojit and Anthony already ate but they still wanted to join us in LE CHING!

Besides wanting to see TEAM OCAMPO it's because they want to get a load of THIS!

Check out our delicious dinner there by clicking HERE!!!

After LE CHING, we got some Razon's Halo Halo for them to try!

They loved it!!!!

You'd think it's time for us to go home? NOOOOH! We still went to Starbucks for MORE chika!

The next day, Kuya Nap and Ate Sheila flew to Japan with some friends!

I'm sure they also made new ones in Japan! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

They left dear Mikee with us (or deserted him rather? Ha ha ha ha ha ha!), and since his parents are going crazy in Japan, we thought of treating him at our sushi favorite...

You guessed that right... GENKI SUSHI!



Mikee loved it!!!! 

Mikee's Japanese food adventures didn't stop with GENKI SUSHI because the next day, we're at our favorite KIMPURA for some Teppanyaki!

Yey! This time the whole family is complete!

We're celebrating Kuya Jon's birthday!

And the reason why we keep on coming back for more KIMPURA birthdays is because of THIS.

Mati and Mikee chatted up the whole night while stuffing themselves with Teppanyaki!

He'll be staying at my Kuya Jay's in Antipolo for the rest of the week!


Happy Birthday Kuya Jon!

Too bad our peyborit cousins missed this!

When my peyborit cousin returned from Japan and Mikee is now here from Antipolo, they met with Ate Jojit and friend to visit the churches in Quiapo!

Come night time, we took Ate Sheila and Mikee for some pasalubong shopping!

Mikee said he was in the mood for some Italian grub so we took him to our favorite LINGUINE FINI!!!

Kuya Nap went out with his friends so it's just us this time!

Besides pizza and pasta, Mikee had some Bistecca!


Check out our dinner there by clicking THIS LINK!!!

TEAM OCAMPO went to Quezon Province again to stay with Ate Sheila's family. Afterwards, they went to Antipolo to Kuya Jay's for weekend. When they got back, we scheduled a fast dinner with Ate Sheila!

Yup! Kuya Nap and Mikee went out with some of their guy friends so we had a date with our peyborit Ate Sheila!


After NANBANTEI OF TOKYO, we went to our favorite for some Okinawa tea!!!!

Awww... Mati is sad because they only have a few days left before they go back to the US.... :(

Awwww! Love you so much Ate Sheila!!!!

We only have 2 more days till TEAM OCAMPO's flight back to the US and we're spending every moment that we can with them!

And for tonight, we're going to slurp on some hot soup while we're at it!

Master Mati and his favorite Kuya Mikee, who, loves faking sleep in his pictures.

Ha ha ha ha ha!

AWWWWWW! Don't go yet!

Check out our blogpost on PHO HOA!!!

The Pho in PHO HOA is awesome!

Ate Jojit and Anthony came too!

And for their last night, we went back to where the fun officially started with my peyborit cousins....

In between feeling sad for their departure, everybody was raring to feast on some Shabu Shabu!



Check out our blogpost on SHABU SHABU!!!!!!!!!!!!

As usual, I was late from work. But good thing I was able to eat something. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Afterwards, Kuya Nap wanted to check out Resort's World to compare it to what they have in Las Vegas.


Woah... Beer for everyone???

Kuya Nap said we're not leaving until the beer is finished. Now THAT'S good news for me!!!! Don't want to end this night YET.

It was a crazy night!

I'm not much of a drinker but I loved the Margaritas at Bar 360 in RESORTS WORLD!

We just discovered that the pizza there was very good too!

Huhuhu! I'm seriously going to miss you Kuya Nap!

You too Mike!!!!!

Mikee was so adorable when he was little. Now he's a rocker and plays in a band in Vegas. Hence, the look!

Looks may be deceiving! He may have long hair and a weird looking mustache but dear Mikee is still as nice and kind like before. The little lords worship him and he's also very patient with the kulits Mati and Andrei!

And because he has a very kind heart, he did not go unrewarded. At his first try, dear Mikee won cash at RESORT'S WORLD! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

This was a reallly fun night!

We may have work later on...
They may be flying in a few hours...
But we are still saying BAR 360 to cherish our time with dear Kuya Nap and Ate Sheila!

But alas, all good things must come to an end.

Later in the morning, I didn't want to say goodbye. But I don't have a choice since the little lords have school.

Master Mati and Little Andrei were surely going to miss their Kuya Mikee!

Same goes for my Mom and Dad. If we were already close, I'm sure they were much closer to Kuya Nap and Ate Sheila!

As for me, I don't want to think that it may take months or years again before we see each other. The thought just makes me tear up. 

So I'll just be cool, give a light hug to everyone, and say a quick farewell.

I'm sure the wonderful memories for the past month will be enough until they return.


You know what? 



He he he he he he he he!

This blogpost may not make sense but I just want to document my peyborit cousin's stay with us. He he he he he he!

We're all missing you already dear Kuya Nap, Ate Sheila, and Mikee! Please! Hurry back HOME again!!!




  1. The love you have for your family is so warm and real.

    I always enjoy reading your posts!

    Kat from USA

    1. Yeyyy! Thank you sooo much Kat! I'm so happy that you like reading something that I really love doing. As in I put my heart into it because it's my online diary. You made me so giddy tonight!

      My love for my family was really inspired by my parents, my Dad especially because he taught us about togetherness, making the effort to treat each one of us special (esp during birthdays), having traditions, and just always looking for bonding moments. I admit I could be such a witch (I'm the bunso, ergo, bratty, ha ha ha ha) but I super love my family and they always come first. I hope my own YAPPY BUNCH would do the same too with their kids. he he he he he!

      Thanks again for dropping by. Mmmmwaaaaaaaaaaah! Yihaaa! :)

  2. Awwww, parang ako rin ayoko na rin sila umalis when I reached the end of the post :) It's always so hard when the relatives go back to the US after weeks of staying here. Saka I noticed most of them are tuwang tuwa kumain sa labas kasi mas mura dito ng di hamak :p

    On a side note Ms. Jaz, LE CHING IS LOVE!!! <3 <3 <3 Can't wait for that blog post!!

    1. Hullo Yanna!!!

      I KNOW huhuhu!!! Everytime we have to say goodbye to each other, we'll be crying talaga. We grew up with them kasi and they're our favorite people in the world (besides my fam!).

      Oo the great thing pa about my cousins are they're not snooty! They're cowboy like us! Kasi they could eat at many hotel buffets naman in Vegas pero what they really look for here are the true blue Pinoy and comfort food that they missed when they were still here. Good din for me kasi ako nagtreat. Bwa ha ha ha ha ah ah ah ha ha! Kidding!

      OMG we love LE CHING din super (great minds thing alike talaga!) I've had many blog posts about it in the past pero hindi ako makakatiis na hindi uli gumawa. Ha ha ha h aha h! Will post that very soon!

      MWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH Thanks again dear Yanna!

  3. I love and I miss that close family ties in the Philippines. I'm from the US and got affordable vacation packages.I've been missing my friends there. Well, Pho Hoa was awesome!


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