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Wednesday, October 16, 2019


One of Master Mati's close friends, Johans, is sleeping over for the weekend and we told them that they could do anything EXCEPT play PS3!

HUWAAAAAAAAT??? Suddenly they wanted to cancel. Ha ha ha ha!

Kidding! They know that I cannot resist them and their cuteness.

Truth be told, they really didn't mind TOO much that they were not allowed to play PS3 because they bought new Gundam sets which they agreed to assemble at our house.

After about 2 or 3 hours of working, look what they finished! Yay!

That night, we decided to go out and treat the boys for a movie night. When we asked what they wanted to eat, they all went for BONCHON!!!

We tried out SM LIGHT in Mandaluyong because it was strongly recommended by friends. The mall was not as big as its other Ortigas counterparts but we liked that there was not much people there.


The Panget Yub and bunso Andrei...


Best buddies, Mati and Johans!

Me, photobomber girl, and the Yub again!

YOWHOO food is here!

Master Mati got the BONCHON Bibimbap!

He ate this with their Tom Yum Noodle soup. 

Of course we didn't expect the quality to be like from authentic Korean restaurants but this gave us good slurps as well. I also ordered for meeeh!

The Yub and Johans each got the BONCHON chicken in soy garlic flavor.

I like BONCHON chicken on the smaller side because the big pieces tend to have no flavoring inside the meats. 

The wings are the way to go!

BONCHON Korean Dog!

This used to have Kimchi inside but they changed it.

The Androse got the BONCHON Poppers with extra order of spicy mayo and rice.

Everyone LOVED this that we had to order one more. Ha ha ha ha ha!

YOHOOOO! Let's EAT!!!!


Sorry I wasn't able to put the price on the food selection above because I didn't know which is which!!!!

As we were waiting for Andrei to finish, I made a bet with the boys that if Johans could finish the Rubix cube in less than 2 minutes, they could play PS3 when we get home.



Huhuhu! OH FINE.



Now we're really done!

We went around SM LIGHT and we were amused at how they had glass flooring.

Hala!!! If I was wearing a dress pala (or a kilt!!!!) I couldn't go here.


Andrei and I could go on the first floor and hope maka-jackpot kami sa boso.... BWA HA HA HA HA HA!


Buying our snacks for the movie.

We're going to watch SPIDERMAN FAR FROM HOME!!!

The Yub was able to get good seats for us.

We all loved the movie! Sabagay, Marvel NEVER fails.

That is, before SONY entered. He he he he he!

When we got home, my brother surprised the boys with some fireworks!

My Kuya just got home from Japan and he was able to take home some. 

The reason why Japan had fireworks was because they would always celebrate summer holidays in July (and August) with it. 

Cool! My bunsoy is so happy because he loved firecrackers.

Thanks Kuya Jon!

And as promised, the boys went inside after all that popping to play Minecraft in the PS3. He he he he he!

Awesome night out (with matching fireworks surprise) with the boys that Saturday!!! Would love to do this again!



Ground Floor, SM Light Mall, EDSA Corner Madison Street, 
Buayang Bato, Mandaluyong City
+63 9985946480 / 02 6331818




  1. Galing! Ako kaya ko din under 2 minutes pero baka 1 side lang...hahaha!

    1. Ha ha ha ha! Ako nga isang pirasong square lang e! Kidding!


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