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Monday, November 25, 2019


The Yub and I usually make it a date night for Saturdays but since every night became date night for us when he picks me up from work, we decided that weekends should also involve the little guys as well.


So for that particular Saturday, the Yub and I were in the mood to be good parents (tee hee) and asked the guys if they want to go out with us.

Mati gave us a firm "No way..." because he already made plans to go out with his lola and tito Jon. The traitor.

As for sweet, innocent, little Andrei, he gave us an eager yes. Oftentimes he loved going with me and the Yub without his Kuya because it made him feel special. At the same time, the night is assured to be "quarrel-free".

So the bunsoy is our date for the night and his "reward" for keeping 2 geezers like us for company is that he'll choose our restaurant for the night.

And my bunsoy's choice?


While walking around, the bunsoy saw the fountain in UPTOWN MALL. We know how much he loved this and something tells me that he will watch more of this later.

And we're here!!!!

We actually haven't eaten in MAMMA MIA yet. When we were driving up to Uptown Mall and deciding where to eat, the bunsoy pointed this out when he saw the poster at the parking lot. It's actually a good decision because we wanted to try out something new. 

MAMMA MIA interiors had that rustic Tuscany feel to it with a touch of romance. 

It was pretty crowded when we arrived but good thing we were still able to get a good table. 

Ordering up!!!!

Even if it appeared that Manong Waiter was not listening and writing anything down, he got all of our orders right. 


Egad in the many years that we've been going out and taking pictures, the Yub still doesn't know how to take selfies. GRRRRRRR!


There you go. May BELENS.

ROLL CALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me and my baby bunsoy!

Haaaaay my dearest... Please don't be too grown-up na that you won't join Mommy and Daddy anymore in night outs ha???? Diba you said before that we're best friends?

Won't show the Yub na at puro mukha naman niya yung kanina. BWA HA HA HA HA HA!


YEHEEEYYYY... Food is here!!!!

All our food was served at the same time. I noticed though that in other tables they had baskets of bread so I asked if it was something they give out complimentary. 

They said yes and instantly served us a basket.

And good thing I asked because it was yum!!!

I would have loved the bread to be more crusty though but still, it was so good with the stewed tomatoes and parmesan cheese. 

MAMMA MIA Mozzarella Bites (P350.00)!

This was the first time I had mozzarella bites cooked this way. I'm used to just having it fried then served with marinara sauce. 

With MAMMA MIA, the mozzarella balls were fried and had a cheesy melted center. Then, it was also doused with white sauce. My bunsoy baby loved it!

MAMMA MIA Calamares (P450.00)!

This was A LOT. I'm sure my Master Mati would love this.

MAMMA MIA Pizza Margherita (P385.00)!!!

My bunsoy loved plain pizzas that's why we would always get the simple yet comforting Margherita.

With MAMMA MIA though I didn't see any fresh basil leaves on top. But they gave a generous drizzle of the basil oil.

Mighty delicioso!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MAMMA MIA Spaghetti Vongole (P350.00)!

Spaghetti was al dente and the garlic oil really permeated into the pasta.

Don't let my bad picture fool you. The serving is actually enough for one cute person (like me). After I poked it with my fork it sprang up with a BOINNGGGG and HELLO, lotsa pasta. 

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the bunsoy Andrei in MAMMA MIA!!!!

Loving the MAMMA MIA sign on the ceiling.

Would rather have a mirror though...

AY!!!! Tee heee.....


Don't you just love the plate? Really!!!!!


We ordered more than we could finish! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! I guess we missed the panget Mati so much that we considered his appetite.

It's okay. He ate this all happily at home.

The bunsoy was so happy with our dinner that he wanted to do the crazy dance.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Le bill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After our dinner, we walked around and as expected, the Androse asked if he could watch more of the fountain show.

Go on my baby bunsoy!

Naku! He's been a fan of fountains for so long na that we'll always give him time to watch it after dinner.

I don't blame him. Fountains give out happy vibes for me too!

After the Androse got his fill of fountains, we walked around the mall.

As usual, he checked out the car display. He he he he!!! 

And played basketball!

Boy games!

He he he he! For Mommy games, we danced to DON'T STOP ME NOW in the arcade.

Syempre the Yub didn't take a picture of me. Tsk tsk tsk...

Even if we're missing one monster, it was a great night with my bunsoy baby!!!! Thanks for coming with us and planning it!!!



Who's Toni????

Ground Floor, Uptown Place Mall, 
36th Street Corner 9th Avenue, 
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
02 85418933




  1. This was in november. That was when the virus started someplace right? I miss those days where i went on shopping sprees in Taguig

    1. Hullooo dear Jolina!


      I so agree. Those were the days. :( Missing these simple life's pleasures too!!!!

      God bless you and hope you and your family are always safe!


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