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Wednesday, October 23, 2019


Summer was about to end and I thought that it's high time for THE YAPPY BUNCH to have our own family getaway.

Don't get me wrong, going on trips with our family and close friends are fun, but it's a different kind of bonding when it's just the 4 of us. The Yub and I agreed that with our very busy times these days, it's something that we should really do with the kids on a regular basis.

Now where to go????

The Yub and I have been hearing rave reviews about ANYA RESORT in Tagaytay from my sister and a friend. I checked it out and yep, it really did look nice. However, everytime I looked at their weekend rates, inangkupush... P14,000.00 for one night? I'm all for indulging once in a while but I somehow can't stomach P14,000.000 (ha ha ha especially that I'll be paying for the hotel while the Yub will take care of the restos). Sorry, I'm just being honest. Ha ha ha ha ha! Ang dami ko nang magagawa for P14,000.00 (like get hair implants on my big noo).

Then one night, lo and behold I saw that for one weekend, the rate for their Junior Suite Twin was only about P9,000.00! Yipeee! How meant to be for us! We immediately booked and made our plans on where to go to Tagaytay.

And how was our weekend?

It was SUPER fun. I think it's our best weekend for the summer!!!! Of course, all getaways with the family are the best, but for that trip, ANYA RESORT made a very big contribution!


We're going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship.....


Uy ang fresh ko pa!

And we're here at ANYA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check in was at 2:00pm but we wanted to get to TAGAYTAY early and avoid the afternoon traffic. We planned to just drop off our bags and head out for lunch.

The guard at ANYA RESORT was VERY cheerful. He checked for my husband's name in his little book (since he's the one who booked it online).

The long stretch of road adorned with trees going to ANYA!
I saw a lot of people take their family pictures at this lane. I don't blame them because it was indeed beeeeeyoootiful.


It looked like a Balinese inspired exclusive clubhouse.


When we arrived an attendant hit the gong. Ha ha ha ha ha! Now THAT's what you call, arriving with a bang!

We were also given hot towels by their Lifestyle Assistants. 

Dear Charri was SUPER accommodating. She took note of our requests and attended to us like we were her longtime friends.

The lobby!!!

Wifi here was so strong that the kiddies were happy.

CHE! No gadgets!

We were also immediately served with our ice cold refreshing welcome drinks.

Ah eh... We're not yet checking in and they're already fussing over us so much. He he he he he!

Check-in was supposed to be here.

Dear Charri said we shouldn't hassle ourselves and to just stay where we were. I told her we're just dropping our bags but she said we could sign all documents so that once our room is available we could stay here asap.


I asked if there was an available Junior Twin suite since what was only available online was a Junior King Bed. If it's okay lang. She said she'll check and get back with me. 

Thanks Charri!!!!!!

Now let's go out for our early lunch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Parking lot!

For lunch, we decided to try out the very popular BALAY DAKO.


Hala it's raining!

We were supposed to have dessert pa in Taal Vista Lodge when I received a text. 


I wonder who "Feom" is? 

TEE to the HEE!!!!

And we're back!

We were given our keycards plus a guide on the activities in ANYA!

Hmmmm.... What should we do first?

There was quite a walk going to our room so we hitched a ride from their golf cart.


This guy was so cool too!

Our villa!!!!

We stayed in Room 302.

Our home for the weekend! Not too shabby...

Yayyy! They gave us the twin beds!!!!!

Thanks ANYA!

The boys started to do "bato bato picks" on who will sleep at the sofa.

Funny lang because Andrei was fighting to sleep on the sofa, and I was like "Uh... Andrei are you sure??"

When he realized what I meant, it was too late and he won na. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

His consolation was the internet was much stronger there (to Master Mati's frustration).

Let me give you a short tour of our room....

ANYA twin beds....

The Junior Suite Twin was HUGE and had a lot of space!

ANYA couch!

I brought an extra bed cover, pillow, and blanket for whoever will sleep here. 

ANYA cabinet!

ANYA couch and coffee table.

We also got a Welcome cake!

I think this was a Matcha cake. Even if I'm not too fond of Matcha, this was still good.

ANYA bathtub.

ANYA shower...

Cool! They don't use plastics for their toiletries. Instead, they have reusable ceramic dispensers.

Yun lang we can't take it home. Ha ha ha ha ha!

ANYA had good quality body wash and hair products because when I used it, my mane got extra bouncy and smelled minty!

ANYA double sinks!

ANYA toilet!

ANYA toiletries that I COULD take home. He he he!

My usual bathroom selfie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our ANYA RESORT getaway officially starts NOW!

After putting away our things, we dressed up to swim!

The pool area was not as far as we thought it would be especially that there was a secret walkway going to it. He he he he he!

ANYA pool!!!!!

There is actually another pool below but we thought of occupying this one first.

The ANYA RESORT pool was heated so it was perfect in this Tagaytay weather!

Now let's SWIM!!!!

Haaaaayyyy... I'm really the most wacky in the family no?

The pool was nearly empty but the little guys loved the mini-solitude they got from this corner. 

Later on, we all transferred na to the bigger area.

We really enjoyed the heated pool because the water was warm. It's like we're in a mild hot tub while in a very cold place!

I think we could stay here the whoooooole day.

And as per our usual poolside tradition, we ordered some fries and a glass of Mango Shake!

The weather may be cold but nothing spells "poolside relaxation" for me than a glass of Mango Shake!!!!

Let's eaty!!!!!!

Swimming always gets us hungry for fries with loads of mayo and ketchup. I think we ordered another one after this!

The kind pool attendant later informed us that there was going to be a Pizza Making session in the restaurant for kiddies 12 years and below. 


I didn't need to tell Andrei twice about it because he immediately dressed up and secured a spot for the pizza lessons. 

ANYA's resident Italian chef checked up on the kiddies and gave helpful tips. He was impressed that Andrei could do simple pizza tossing. 

Thanks chef for being extra nice to Andrei!

We let the other younger kids to get their dough and pizza toppings first. Chef was the one who took out more for us. 

Go Andrei!

Chef's assistant later got our pizzas to be cooked in the oven. 

Andrei's simple pizza creation!

There were other pizza toppings available but Andrei just chose to go for the Ham and Cheese!

Good job Androse!

The pizza gets cooked in the oven!

While waiting, we made new friends!


The chef let Andrei take home his pizza. It was extra yummy because it was Andrei's creation!

The pizza went so well with our 3rd batch of fries! He he he he he!

Master Mati went back to the room na.

The 3 of us opted to do some more swimming because we liked how warm the water was!

When we got back to the room, we got some turndown snacks!!!

The bunsoy loved the chocolate chip cookies! This was all wiped in no time. 

(Yep. Even if it was supposed to be a turndown snack before going to bed. He he he).

This wasn't supposed to be a "two-parter" pero wala, we maximized or "kodak" capacities. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! 

I'm sure you won't blame us once you've been to ANYA!

PART TWO coming soonssssssssssssss!



Buenavista Hills Road, Barangay Tolentino West, 
Tagaytay, 4120 Cavite
(02) 657 1640



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