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Thursday, October 10, 2019


It's the second year since my Daddyowzers went to heaven, and even it was a very sad day for us, the family got together to honor a very great man and offer our prayers for him.

Hello Daddy! We miss you!!!!

It was raining hard that day and good thing that the GATDULA resting place was covered.

ROLL CALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tito George, and Mommy's sister, Ninang Saling! They were so close to my Dad as well. 

ME AND MY MOMMY!!!!!!! SI ATE JIT ANG AMPON! CHE! Ha ha ha ha ha!

My crazy boys!!!!

Kuya Jon!

Our pilot Mang Henry and our guy in Cavite, Romel!

And of course, the star for today (and forever), my Daddyowzerssssssssssssss!

Our food that lunch were family favorites (that were inspired also by Daddy when he planned picnics for us...

We got some Adobo, Fried Chicken, Shrimp, Pansit, Itlog na Maalat....

We also got some Mussels in soup, and menudo!


Normally we would also have Spam pressed onto the steamed rice but my Mommy said food was too much na.


Nobody loves me.


Ate Jit and hub Anthony also came. They were late because they bought the Fried Chicken and Pansit pa. He he he!

Sorry Daddy gutom na kami... Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

There may be metal utensils but it's more fun to eat with our hands!

Promise, it may not look a lot but we had a lot of leftovers pa din! The food was just so jampacked.

My plate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SOOO GOOD! I think I had a second helping of everything.

After eating, we then got ready to pray the rosary.

Andrei led the prayer and used Ate Jit's celphone as guide.


It may have only been 2 years since my Daddyowzers left us but we all know that even if it's already been 30 or 50 years, we would still continue on missing him.

Too bad my eldest brother cannot join us. But the family will ALWAYS be here for you Daddy (because you were always there for us).

We then visited the miraculous Lady of the Mediatrix in Tanza, Cavite.

Daddy was such a devotee of this miraculous image and would always go to visit her and pray.

After Cavite, we were supposed to go home and just go back to Powerplant Mall for the anticipated mass offered to Daddy.

PERO HAY, traffic was HORRENDOUS!!! We had no choice to just go straight! Sayang Tito George and Ninang Saling had to go na.

Ate Jit arranged for 3 masses to be offered to Daddy. Was able to catch his name flashed on the monitors. He he he he!

For dinner, the Yub and I treated the family to dinner at GANSO SHABUWAY!

The restaurant was packed but we were able to reserve a long table for us.

There they are!

ROLL CALL!!!!!!!!!!!

The oldies table... (HA HA HA HA!)

Anthony and Kuya Jon!

Mommy and Ate Jojit!

The kiddie table (tee hee)!

The bunsoy baby and the Ugly Yub!

Master Mati and MEEEEH!


YOHOO! Food is here!


Our table and my sister both got the Spicy Miso and Seaweed Broth!

My Mommers had the Chicken Ginseng and Seaweed Broth!

Dipping sauces! My favorite is the sesame paste.

I just got 1 set for my family because I'm sure the other table will have loads of leftovers (mahina lang sila kumain... he he he he).

The beef at the other table!

Each set came with unlimited rice and a serving of GANSO SHABUWAY's dumplings, noodles, and veggies!

NOM... NOM... NOM....

Everything's soooo good!


I was right: the other table had loads of extra meat for us. He he he!


The hot soup in GANSO SHABUWAY was super comforting after a looooong day of traffic. But of course, everything is still worth it since we did this for our favorite Daddyowzers.


P1, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Drive, Makati, 
1210 Metro Manila
 (02) 822 4864



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