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Wednesday, November 20, 2019


My old friend from High School, Wendy, was in the country visiting from the US and we planned a getogether to catch up.

We asked her what she was craving for that night. And when she said she was in the mood for some Japanese food, we had the place just for her...


When I entered HARU, the first thing that caught my eye was this Cherry blossom tree. It may be fake but still, ADORABOLS!

Going to our table, I saw a sushi bar to my left...

Then a few tables on my right.

Our dining area!

There were also some tables on the side.

You may find HARU as a restaurant that's so "full" of things to look at, plus, their tables are in different corners or sides. But still, you won't find the restaurant cramped or stuffy. In fact, I find the "zigzag" interiors very interesting. 

Wendy arrives!!!

There, we also bumped into a schoolmate, Lala!

Lala had to go but it's great that she was able to sit with us for a while for some girly chika!

As she was about to leave, Hershey arrives!

Ayan. Time to take our seats.

The sharing of chika immediately starts! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Ordering up!

Yey!!!! Food is here!

First on the table is my favorite, HARU Tekka Maki (P198.00)!

Because really, Tekka Maki is so basic that if a restaurant got this wrong, you should leave pronto. He he he he he!

I'm glad that the Tekka Maki of HARU had fresh tuna which dominated eat bite.

I just hate it when you find more rice than Tuna. Ha ha ha ha!

Up next, HARU Kani Salad (P248.00)!

A bit disappointing at how the price doesn't compensate for the serving but this was a good veggie option nonetheless.

HARU Ebi Tempura (P378.00)!

Long prawns fried to a golden crisp. This was soooo good.

Syempre, we thought the shrimps might not be enough so we go an extra order of HARU Mix Tempura (P326.00)

Besides the shrimps, fried veggies and fish are also a great choice in tempura!

We're ladies with big appetites so we felt we wanted more.

Hershey ordered the HARU Seafood Teppanyaki (P580.00)!

The sauce was awesome and went so well with rice. 

Dear Wendy was in the mood for some steak and got the Australian Rib-Eye (P998.00)!

It even came with bone marrow. 


Of course, with all that food we have to have some fried rice (P120.00).

ERICJAZ FOODIES with HS buds Wendy and Hershey!!!!

Nom... Nom... Nom...


Almost finished it!!!!!

HARU gave us a free dessert because one of us recently celebrated a birthday. Yay!

And just when you thought that we're full from all that food...

He he he he he he...

Le bill!!!

Dear Hershey and I treated Wendy na because we missed her! He he he he he1

Super fun night with loads of chika. Hope to see you again Wendybird!!!!!!!!!!!



21 West Capitol Drive,
Kapitolyo, Pasig City
02 86310597




  1. I could finish that Kani Salad in one chomp! XD

    And thaaaaaat rib eye.. (*0*)

    Gutom na me. Tagal ng dinner xD

    Heyaaa mamzii~~

    1. Huloooooo baby!!!!!!!!!!

      I know, right???? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

      I hope you had a great dinner. mwah mwah!!! You take care little baby!!!! :)


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