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Friday, October 18, 2019


One night, my kumareng Gail was in dire need of the Jazzle Dazzle that when she asked if we could meet, I said yes (you know me, I would always like to help out even if it's not obvious... he he he).

Meet up was in Estancia mall because it's also where her gym is. When deciding on a place, my only condition was that it shouldn't be expensive (hellooo.... hindi naman niya ako ililibre and I'm on tipid mode these days... ha ha ha ha ha).

So we decided once more to go for our trusty BANANA LEAF CURRY -- the food was always good and very affordable.  Sulit na sulit for our kuripot selves.

In the end, it was another fulfilling night: I was able to accomplish my duties as a kumare by being there for a good friend, AND I was able to enjoy  the always satisfying grub from BANANA LEAF CURRY!!!!

It was a great night that I didn't miss the Yub at all!!!

BELAT. He he he he...

Magkumares in BANANA LEAF CURRY!

Uuuuy si mare bagong ligo... Fresh! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

YOHOO! Food is here!

BANANA LEAF CURRY Roti Canai (P88.00) with Curry Sauce (P30.00)!

The curry sauce was rich and so flavorful! It went so well with the warm and crusty bread.

BANANA LEAF CURRY Pad Thai (P238.00)!

This was so saucy and full of ingredients but I liked my order more.

BANANA LEAF CURRY Mee Goreng (P238.00)!

I always crave for the savory and soy flavors with that stir fried taste! Sarap!

BANANA LEAF CURRY Pandan Chicken (P238.00)!

Honestly, it's just so so for me. But the yub loves it (and he's on his way) so I got an order.

BANANA LEAF CURRY Half Hainanese Rice (P338.00)!

Wohoo! Let's eat!

It's chika time too!! Go lang mare!

The Yub arrives! Yayyy!!! May magbabayad na ng food ko. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Our bill!

I may be a bit supladita but I only have a few close friends (who are already like family) that I choose to hang out with. And they all know that whenever they need me (as in WHENEVER), I will always be there. 

Love you mareng Gail!! Di mo man ako nilibre, ang sarap pa din ng foods.... BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! Great seeing you as always!!!



Basement 1, Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons, 
Oranbo, Pasig City
02 6713333



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