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Monday, December 16, 2019


The Yub and I have been long familiar with GILIGAN'S RESTAURANT way before pa because they catered our wedding (meh) when they was just starting up. From what I remember, the food was okay and it was more on the casual side. During that time their menu was limited and I had no choice but to pick from what was offered because it was requested by the future in-laws (they're friends with the owner and prices were very reasonable).

Fast forward to the present and GILIGAN'S RESTAURANT now have MANY branches across the metro and in the provinces. You could never fail with their extensive menu of Filipino specialties that are very affordable. That's why click na click!!!!

We have dined many times already at GILIGAN's but the last time we did so as a family left such a bad taste in our kiddies' mouth because well, maybe the branch was having a syesta. The Yub and I also had another experience in it on one date night that we said it would be a loooooooooooooooong time before we go back there.

But "back there" we always did. Maybe because of sentimental reasons. Good thing that in our latest meals there, service and their food improved that we would now become happy regular customers.

Syempre, when you're always eating out it's a steal to find restaurants that service delicious yet cheap food!


This is our second time in their Greenhills branch and we really hoped that their food has improved. The last time we ate here, the sisig was so dry and so sorry looking. 

I guess seeing the crowd tonight made me very hopeful!


We were not really planning on eating in GILIGANS so soon but when I saw this Youtube video of a mukbanger eating here, e di syempre nainggit ang beauty ko. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

Complimentary soup of Nilagang Baka.

The Yub slurped his soup like there was no tomorrow because he was so hungry. He sipped on his iced tea while waiting for his order.

Yayyy! Food is here!

The Yub ordered a plate of GILIGAN'S Pork Barbecue. This was served with rice.

I also got two orders of Chicken Barbecue for more fun!

This was good naman. I liked the Pork Barbecue better.

The Yub got an order of GILIGAN'S Grilled Squid!

The Squid was thick but still tender. Yun lang I don't know if it's just me but there's something artificial about it.

What I came here for is their Sizzling Tofu because according to the Mukbanger I shamefully follow (he he he he) it's very good daw.

And it was!!! Their sizzling tofu tasted so much like what they have in Max's but it's cheaper!



The Tofu was good but since I'm the only one who ate it, I wasn't able to finish it.

Le bill!!!

SO CHEP right????

Service was awesome too!

One grocery night, the Yub and I tried out GILIGAN'S in SM Hypermarket.

We ate here because again, my favorite mukbanger had some Kare Kare and Bagnet!

In our case, instead of Bagnet we had GILIGAN'S crunchy sisig!!!!

I actually loved GILIGAN'S sisig if it was cooked right.

We had one experience kasi where the sisig was super dry and just pathetic. This one was what I loved!


We paired this with GILIGAN'S Vegetable Kare kare!!!!

Honestly, what I really like in Kare kare is the sauce and veggies. I prefer having it with something crunchy (hence the sisig).

Oh this was soooo good!

The Yub was not sure if he'll like GILIGAN'S Kare Kare and ordered their 1 pc chicken.

Again, this was straight off the fryer!!! So unlike the super stringy and cold one we had in Resort's World!

My very messy plate!!!!

He he he he he! I put talaga a LOT of sauce, veggies, and bagoong on my rice then eat it with the crunchy sisig and sili.


This may look gross but trust me SOBRANG SARAP!

I'm craving it now tuloy AS IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Welcome "back" GILIGAN'S!!! We'll surely see you again and again!!!!!!!!!!


(Now I'm craving for their kare kare and sisig again... Huhuhu...)


Ground Floor, Connecticut Carpark Arcade, 
Greenhills Shopping Center, Greenhills, San Juan City
+63 9425861801



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