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Friday, October 25, 2019


THE YAPPY BUNCH went to Tagaytay recently and while planning our itinerary, the Yub insisted that we try this restaurant...


I agreed quietly with him and aired my concerns about how the restaurant was ALWAYS full. In truth, I was SO eager to try BALAY DAKO but I didn't want to give him the satisfaction of being the one who made the right choice.

Teee Hee! Yes I'm evil I know.

BALAY DAKO was located beside other popular restaurants.

Inside there was a LOT of people and this was only about 11:00am ah!!!

The kind receptionist said that we'll be seated in about 30 to 45 minutes. Since we just ate breakfast and we're not in a hurry, we agreed to wait.

The little guys didn't mind waiting too as long as they have their phones. He he he he!

Kunin ko kaya yan lahat???

Then lo and behold, after only about 15 minutes, we were called!


I confirmed with her that we preferred the window table (with the view), the lady made another systems check and said they had one for us. 

WOAH!! How lucky could we get???

Thanks to the beautiful BALAY DAKO couple in the picture! He he he he he he!!!!

While going to our table we saw a crowd flocking at this station. We discovered later on that it's freshly cooked Piaya!

BALAY DAKO may be so full that day but the restaurant still had that relaxing and comfortable vibe to it.

I'm glad that tables had ample space that we still felt the breath of fresh air in this supposedly fully occupied restaurant!

Yayyy! Our table with a view! Thanks so muchos BALAY DAKO! I didn't think we could be this lucky.

Siguro nacute-an sakin. Tee hee!


The Yub and Master Mati!

(Kadiri smile mo Yub ah)

Me and my bunsoy Andrei!

Infer... I look so fresh here.

(Ang laki din ng padding super ng bra ko... ha ha ha ha ha!)

As we were seated, I was wondering what this ashtray was doing at our table.

I was about to verify that we are in a no-smoking area when...



Oo nga naman!!!!!

Ordering up!

As we were waiting for our food, Andrei saw how the plates had the letter "A" on them.

I said that maybe it's for ANDREI.

He he he he!

He knew it's not true but he laughed anyway.

YOHOO! Food is here!

One of their specialties was the BALAY DAKO Sisig Pusit (P410.00)!

We all loved Sisig but since we're going to have Pork with our Bulalo tonight, we tried out this Squid variety.

Master Mati and I liked this because of the fresh squid and the cream sauce. The veggies did not suit the Yub and bunsoy though. He he he he!

BALAY DAKO Kare Kare (P720.00)!

Master Mati requested for Kare Kare because it's fast becoming one of his favorite Filipino dishes. 

Yay! We loved Kare Kare too!

The Yub really enjoyed the BALAY DAKO kare kare because, as he exclaimed, "Sauce pa lang ulam na!" Even if he wouldn't normally order one dish that's priced at P720.00, he felt that this was sulit!


For carbs, Master Mati and I got Garlic Rice while the Yub and bunsoy chose plain rice. He he he he he!

Let the eating commence!!!!!

We were supposed to order Chicharon but they ran out of it!! Grrrr!

Oh well... These 2 ulams were more than enough for us.

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little guys in BALAY DAKO!

(You might notice that I refer to my boys as "Little Guys" now instead of "Little Lords". WELL, thanks to the worst series-ender ever created for Game of Thrones, I totally forgot about my love for the series after its "betrayal." 

NEVER will I watch that series again.... NE-VERRRRRRRRRR!

Unless you pay me of course because House Lannister, aka CASH, always wins. He he he he!)


My plate! My beautiful BALAY DAKO plate!!!!

The Yub bugging Mati about something. 

Ha ha ha ha!

Sige... You'll grow old and have teenagers soon Mati.



For dessert, we had some ice cream!

I wasn't able to take a picture of Andrei's yellow ice cream (not sure if it's Mango or Cheese).

The BALAY DAKO bill!!!

The bunsoy Androse got so engrossed with the view that he was totally oblivious to us.

With that, we did our usual prank of hiding from him.


He only noticed that we were gone after 5 minutes.... Ha ha ha!

Yep! That's why always request for the window side table in BALAY DAKO! :) 

The view is just mesmerizing!

As we were leaving, more people came piling in! But we didn't miss having a picture by the grand chandelier and staircase. He he he he!

Outside, we checked out once more the Taal Volcano at BALAY DAKO'S viewing deck.

Awwwww we're all smiles!

I told the kiddies we were going to Taal Vista Lodge for more dessert and pictures with the volcano.

When it started to rain, they howled with happiness -- they didn't want to have their pictures taken na!


Good thing we had a good view of the Volcano and some dessert that the rain didn't cause us too much damage.

He he he he he he!


Even the traffic agreed with us. 

We were certainly a lucky (and happy) bunch that rainy Saturday!


It may be pricey for Filipino food but even the usually kuriput Yub admitted that it was SO worth it!

Hope to go back with my Mom soon!!!!!!!!



Aguinaldo Highway, 
Silang Crossing West, Tagaytay City
+63 9171166710 / +63 9338577946




  1. Hi Jas! Shocks nagutom ako sa post mo! I miss Balay Dako!

    Tried their buffet breakfast (but you have to be there early) ok din sya. Bakit ko love? Unli palitaw at mangga eh! But serious ok sya masarap! Masikip lang kasi don sa area nila sa taas pero solb na ko sa palitaw.

    Sayang we didn't see no? Next time sana!

    1. Hullooooooooooooooooo!!!!

      Do you remember how much is their buffet breakfast? Is it worth it? Hala naeenganyo mo ako. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I want to try it too and if it's breakfast food, PATAY. I'm sure I'll eat a lot. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

      OMG palitaw! Saraaaaaaaaaap!

      Oo nga! Hope to meet you soon!! Pakilala ka naman!

    2. Ay bakit anon lumabas? Haha Erika here!

      If I remember 799 ata? Basta hindi naman sya 1k. Be there mga 6 or 7 palang kasi haba talaga ng pila. Weekends lang pala sya available.

      Pag uwi ko gusto ko itry Breakfast buffet sa Bag of Beans naman :)

    3. Sabi na nga ba! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

      I thought it was you na but I considered na baka hindi nakakahiya naman. He he he he he!

      Ahhhh... P799.... parang pwede na!! Pero ngeh 6 or 7am nandon? Ah eh... Sarap na sarap pa hilik ko nun ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      I'll check out the Bag of Beans din. Masarap their food also!

      Mwah mwah Erika!

  2. Ms. Jaz, lahat ata ng restaurants ng Antonio's, blockbuster :)

    Ganyan din kami sa Breakfast at Antonio's, tagal before we were seated. Pero sulit naman the wait.

    Also, I agree with the freshness look!!!<3 <3

    1. Wow! Sosy Yanna!

      I haven't tried Antonio's... Parang it's so expensive! Is it worth it? Hmmmm.... Siguro sa birthday ko pwede masubukan. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

      Di ba??? Pero I don't mind the wait din especially if masarap yung food afterwards.

      YIHIIIIIIII! Thanks! E yung laki ng bra padding ko???

    2. Hahaha may nagtreat lang kaya nakakain sa Breakfast at Antonio's, Ms. Jaz :D Expensive, pero not as expensive as the actual Antonio's.

      Worth it sa Antonio's, pero mas sobrang worth it kung libre hahahaha :D

      Okay lang yan Ms. Jaz, basta ang importante hindi nila halatang padding --- secret na natin yun ;)

    3. Huloooooooooooooooo Yanna!!!!

      Sana may magtreat din sakin. Hindi ko kaya si Yub at makokonsensya ako. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Sana magtreat sakin kapatid ko or friend. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

      Pero yeah, I'd like to try it. Siguro when I turn 25 next year. BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!

      Halatang halata talaga kaya di ko napigilan. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

  3. Hello Bestfriend!

    I just finished reading ur almost 2 months worth of posts.

    Vacation Leave ko kasi tomorrow Monday kasi I worked for 7 days straight including Sunday.

    I thought what a better way to start my day of freedom (may work na ng Tuesday) than to read my favorite blogs including yours haha.

    Nagpunta ka pla sa Hyun Hee Korean sa Mandaluyong I was there last month lang. Food was good but the company was better was laughing all night.

    I love Tagaytay & Batangas my quick getaway if I want to de-stress & clear my mind if I feel overwhelmed or on the brink of burnout from all income producing activities. The scenery, climate, fresh air, & the beach keeps me coming back for more.

    Love Spiderman Far from Home! Watched it twice which is rare for me. Since I have a very limited time one time viewing is more than enough for me unless its a fantastic film. Syempre hindi kasama yung Avengers 1, 2, 3, & Endgame.

    However, my all time favorites are the first trilogy of Lord of da Rings & Star Wars as nothing beats the classics. Lost count as to how many times Ive watch it in the past.

    Will be taking a one monthvacation this December as a reward to myself for being so disciplined with work & finances so maybe we can meet up? Dito na lang sa home turf natin sa Mandaluying hahaha. Crossing my fingers it will push thru as I have loads of responsibilities.

    Im now waiting for ur Christmas n New Year posts so gandahan mo Ms. Jaz no pressure ah LOL.

    Regards to ur family & always be safe.

    Thanks Bestfriend!


    1. Huloooooooooooooooo best friend Kyle!!!!!

      How are you? Milyones na ba??? Magpafed-ex ka naman niyan!!! Or ipa-grab ko if you want. Tee heee!

      Inangko! Don't mind the wrong grammar ha??? bwa ha ha ha ha ha!

      Nakash naman! Favorite blog! Mas binabasa mo pa ata blog ko kesa sa asawa at mga kaibigan ko e! Ha ha ha ha h ah! That's why you're best friend Kyle! Yayyyy!

      Yeah! Food is okay lang in Hyun Hee. It's cheap and pwede na to answer slight cravings. The Kimchee is too sour for my taste though. Pero the soup and spicy pork pwede na.

      Oh I could just imagine. Siguro nga ang gulo nyo ng mga friends mo ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      Diba??? I love going to Tagaytay too kaso my gulay the traffic! My favorite recently also is Baguio. The ride is smooth usually.

      Baw ha haha syempre Avengers is the best talaga!

      I LOOOOVE also Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. As for Star Wars though, I will forget that 7 and 8 ever existed. It's the most crap of all. I never thought that I will like 1, 2, and 3 over anything but I DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      wOW SARAP NAMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where do you live in Manda?? Oo nga we should kahit na over coffee. Palibre tayo kay Yub. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha h aha!

      HALA. Panget na nga papangetin mo pa lalo. Kidding!!!

      Regards to you, your fam, and your friends as well!

      God bless you always dear best friend! mwah mwah!

  4. Hey Bestfriend!

    Matagal na me may milyones #notbragging I have multiple businesses for years now. They are all different may product based & serviced based businesses me which caters to most if not all classes of people. Ako na lang mag treat kahit buong barangay nyo pa ng Plainview no problem LOL.

    I actually live near Hyun Kee as in 5-10 minutes walking distance lang. Love that street sobra dami ng banks around 9 (2 BPI, Metrobank, ChinaBank, 2 BDO, EastWest, Robinsons Bank, Security Bank) so very convenient for me sa mga transactions ko tapos sa restaurants sagana din hindi ka mgugutom khit wee hours of da morning. Katulad ngaun kaka uwi ko lang so nag take out me haha.

    Actually ikaw lang blogger na Filipino that I read the rests are international bloggers. Topics ranges from enterpreneurship, finance, & lifestyle.

    Imagine working for a month with only 2 rest days kya when I go out with friends I go all da way sobrang magulo ako & in return mas nagiging magulo sila haha.

    I agree ma traffic sa Tagaytay & Batangas which is why when I go there I spend at least overnyt & make it a point to do it on weekdays pra less volume of cars. Siguro sa vacation ko sa December will be spending a week or 2 there mag hotel hopping.

    Super excited na me I pray that my businesses will survive without me actively participating. The most time I was away was kasi before was for a week na kinaya naman ng 25 employees ko. Pag birthday ko I refuse to work for 7 days as in no one can make me haha. Sinusulit ko talaga I do everything & anything under da sun so fun!

    Gusto ko lang sa Star Wars is da original trilogy that's it da rest yung prequel & latest films okay lang but not wowed by it. Hindi rin kasi ako sanay ng nakaupo I get restless kya dapat visually & intellectually stimulating yung pina panood ko pra 2 hours nka fix mga mata ko sa screen haha.

    Kain muna me Ms. Jaz tapos read a couple of documents then tulog na. Have 2 wake up pa by 6am.

    Thanks Bestfriend!


    1. Hiya Kyleeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

      Grabe best friend, nabagyo ako. Ha ha ha ha ha! As in I was typing then biglang a big gush of strong winds na knock down ako... Muntik nang matanggal ang wig ko. Ha ha ha ha ha ah ah ah ha!!!!!

      Kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Huy ingat ka maholdap ka.

      Pero ang galing!! Teach me naman with regards to your business or give me extra raket. The problem with me is I dont know how to start. Mas sanay kasi ako sa God given talents ko ha ha ha ha (hosting, writing, etc etc)...

      I always pass that street in the morning going to work. I often see this Tan Tan Men stall. I wonder if masarap. Have you tried it? Yes, that street is soooo busy and lots of food stalls. Have you eaten na sa Galileo??

      Wowwwww I'm HOWNORED. Sabagay, fromt he intellectual blogs, you need some comic relief. Ha ha ha ha ah! Thank you mwah mwah!

      Me also. You'd know when I'm close to you na when I show my ultra weird side. As in sobrang weird. Ha ha ha ha ha! That's why I have few close friends (that you often see in the blog) kasi sila lang nakakatake ng weirdness and kulit ko. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! I'm sure you're so fun to be with din sa gimik. Yung tipong bangka? Ha ha ha ha ha!

      Grabe hotel hopping? Sarappp! Ang galeng that you have a job/business that enables you to take time out. Tama yan. Work hard but still don't forget to party harder. he he he he!

      Ang galeeeeng idol!!! Happy for you. Baka kailangan mo ng PR something something there. AHEM AHEM. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Same here! I actually want to forget the other Star Wars. Just the 4 5 6 for me.

      I wonder if I know you in real life. It's funny before there was this one regular commenter also tapos nahuli ko na he was somebody who used to be a friend when I was in college. ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ayan, dina tuloy siya nagcomment. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

      Well if not, would love to meet you soon! Papalibre ako sa SPIRAL, SOLAIRE, CIRCLES, AT SA LAHAT NG MAMAHALING BUFFET DIYAN! BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

      Kidding! Take care!!!!!

  5. Hey bestfriend naulanan ka ba at hinangin? Sorry naman I have dat effect on people sometimes which I call being frank/truthful with a dash of confidence LOL.

    I wear simple clothes white shirt & jeans are my go 2 outfit when I go 2 banks so hindi obvious. Magugulat na lang yung teller with the cash that I carry kc hindi halata bulto bulto haha.

    Sure when we meet you i seminar kita on Business/Finance/Investments 101. I started young when it comes to saving which led me to stocks/invesments which led to business. Now Im doing all 3 so more more more cashflow.

    Talented ka nman tlaga Ms. Jaz especially ur work-life-family balance juggling act as I dont have that. Good thing my family & selected close friends understands sadyang workaholic lang ako & easily gets bored.

    Padalhan kita ng PR kit tapos ang laman eh bundle of crisp 1000 bills haha. You need to feature me on you blog for a month LOL.

    I am 100 percent that sure we dont know each other. Purely accident lang on how I stumbled upon ur blog but Im glad I did. You're right about being a comedic relief nka ka good vibes pra sa akin.

    Not a problem gusto mo mag buffet tayo ng morning, lunch, & evening all in one day. You bring your huge/ giant like appetite & I'll bring my debit card haha. I dont own a credit card kasi as I dont believe in utang.

    Cge Ms. Jaz mag light muna me ng candles for my loved ones as we are here in the cemetery visiting my Lolo & Lola.

    Regards 2 family & be safe.

    Thanks Bestfriend!


    1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Hulooooo best friend Kyleeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

      Don't mind me. I LOVE IT!!! You know in the office, ang saya kasi payabangan sila. Ha ha ha ha ha! Aminado naman kasi one time tita Flory said "naiinitan kayo? sandali lang, maghahangin ako." ha ha ha ha ha ha! It's so funny! Ang saya lang na walang gusto patalo. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Kaya go ka lang no!!

      Bwa ha ha ha ha! O di ba? Ganon naman talaga e. The ones who are really rich do not flaunt it because they don't need to. Chaka yun nga, baka maholdap ka. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

      Grabe galing mo naman. Me I'm sort of hesitant to take risks kasi, hay baka mawla iniipon ko ha ha ha ha ha ha! Masyado akong takot!!! Yep! I need to take lessons on how to properly save/invest my savings.

      Bwa ha ha ha ha! Go! Padala ka ng picture ha para talagang puro ikaw ang ifeature ko. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

      Bwa ha ha ha ha! Sige when I turn 50, I'll take you up on your offer. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haa!!!!

      Take care dear Kyle! I hope you were able to have a good visit to your departed ones.

      You're so welcome and thanks muchos muchos too dear best friend!!!!


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