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Thursday, October 24, 2019


THE YAPPY BUNCH is having a "family only" getaway in Tagaytay and the "unfortunate" hotel (he he he he) to experience our ruckus that weekend was ANYA RESORT.

ANYA went to infinity and beyond with regards to our expectations mostly because of the cool facilities, and the room (because it was larger than the usual De Luxe suite).

The hotel service too was NUMERO UNO -- it's like they cannot say no to any of our requests and our weirdness with the pictures. Come to think of it, I'm sure ANYA RESORT wouldn't mind so much if we'd be our usual crazy selves because everyone's just so nice and welcoming. We really felt like we were home (or VIP members of a clubhouse for that matter).

Yep. The reviews are real, and here's another rave to add to it. We really had an awesome weekend at ANYA RESORT and would love to return once budget permits. This would be another resort I wouldn't mind saving for again.

Sharing with you all part TWO of our ANYA RESORT TAGAYTAY weekend.


After a relaxing and blissful Saturday, we all set out for dinner.

How nice it was to be greeted with a mini-bonfire outside the resort lobby!

Good thing traffic was manageable that night. 

We decided to have dinner at the popular BULALO POINT. We got seated after about a 15 minute wait.

When we got back to ANYA, we wanted to have some dessert and coffee. Too bad that their cafe was already closed but the kind front service attendant said we could have our snacks by the faux fireplace.

What's up there?

The Androse and I had a bit of explorins in the second floor and we saw the library was open.

The same front desk attendant heard our interest in the library as we told the Yub and Mati about it. He then said that we could have our snacks there and he'll just make arrangements for our drinks to be delivered there.

Are you sure? I asked. I added that our snacks are from outside.

Not a problem daw. 

Wow cools!!!!

We got the ANYA library to ourselves!

There were books and boardgames. The Matster and I tried a short game of chess.

Later on, our drinks arrived!!!

Ahem... Not our fault that ANYA didn't bring coasters ha? I'm sure all you "Monicas" out there are getting triggered at this sight. He he he he he he!

We ate our chips with our drinks, then cleaned up after we're done. We also turned off the airconditioning and the lights when we left (we told the guy who turned it on for us that we'll just take care of it). 

Even if they didn't ask us to, we left the library how we found it (which is what we would usually do). ANYA'S been so nice to us. We shouldn't abuse their kindness right?

The night was chilly and we didn't mind the walk from the clubhouse going to the room.

We also saw this fat cat all lazy and grumpy.

(Pano ginising namin... he he he).

We're the only ones walking around. I can't imagine how the other resort guests could miss strolling with loved ones in a beautiful night like this!

So rare to experience this in Manila!

And here's our room!!!!!

The boys were asleep in no time!!!!

When you stay in ANYA, wear long sleeved jammies because the room could get super cold!

The bunsoy and I didn't feel like sleeping yet. We wanted to enjoy first the hi-speed wifi. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

As with all our staycations, I brought an extra pillow and bedsheet just in case somebody will be sleeping on the couch or if the bed gets dirty. I also got an extra blanket but ANYA already provided one so it stayed right in the bag. He he he he he!

Next morning...


Out and about for brekky!

Majority of ANYA's dishes that breakfast weren't your usual "silogs"!!!

Afterwards, it's time to swim again!

Master Mati didn't feel like swimming (PARTY POOPER) and was just tasked to guard our things.

He later asked to be excused to go to the room to poop (ASUUUUS.... I'm sure you're just going to watch something bold!).

The water was heated and so perfect for the cold Tagaytay weather. 

Our favorite spot was by the wall of the higher pool. The waves from there give a mighty splash down below. Ang saya lang.

The bunsoy Andrei and I asked the Yub for MORE splashes!

A kid later on joined the Yub.

Aba may nainggit!


After watching his bold (he he he he), Master Mati came back for us. 


After washing up and packing, we're all ready to go.

Syempre, we won't leave without doing our usual "Around the Room" shots!

By the beds shot...

Drunk shot! (Our favorite).

Mati's shocker shot!

The bunso on our laps shot (Andrei's favorite).

Mati's new Facebook Profile shot.

Room number shot!

Andrei's couch shot.

Mati's bed shot.

Our bed scene shot.

(Used only for sleeping... He he he he he he).

ANYA patio shot...

(My boys are so pogi... he he he he).

Mati's kunwari he's in deep thoughts shot.

Of course Hampie would do the same.


Waiting for our porter shot.

Rain was so strong that we cannot leave the room!!!!

Andrei entertained himself  by playing with a worm.

And scaring us.


The porter arrived and so it was time to go.

BYE ANYA room!

Our attendant was the same ultra nice guy from yesterday. 

We didn't mind waiting for him because we know how it busy it was at check out. 

Checking out!

It was easy breezy!

As we were boarding our truck Charri and the other attendants waited for us and waved good bye (with matching waves and "See you po again!", "Ingat!") as we drove away.

In fact we were telling them that it's okay to go na (since the Yub was still piling up our things in our truck) but they still stayed there. 

I'm sure they do that for all their guests but still, it made us feel really wanted (ha ha ha ha ha!).

As we were driving home, I finally saw a glimpse of Taal Volcano.


This is the first time that we went to Tagaytay where we didn't "spend time" with the volcano and have pictures with it. 

Oh nooooes!

IT'S ALL ANYA'S FAULT!!!!! Everything's just so nice and comfy cozy there that we didn't feel like leaving!!!!!!

Oh well..... We'll just go back for that attention seeking volcano (tee hee).

On our way home, we passed by BUTAMARU for our late lunch and for some of their delicious ramen!



It may just be an overnight stay in nearby Tagaytay but we all had a VERY enjoyable stay!

Besides the impeccable service (that really made us feel like VIPs), we loved the facilities in ANYA!!

Shout out goes to that heated pool! Wohoo!

Our short staycation in ANYA reminded us that we should still schedule regular family trips or gimiks for a more bonding experience with our ever growing kids. Even the normally kuriput Yub agreed that night that "Yes, ang saya. Gawin natin to uli."

Of course, I have always maintained that we are having the best of times as long as the four of us are together. But it wouldn't hurt to have resorts like ANYA to make those moments extra memorable. 



Buenavista Hills Road, Barangay Tolentino West, 
Tagaytay, 4120 Cavite
(02) 657 1640




  1. Muntik ako mabulunan dun sa "bold" hahahaha :D

    Also, hello Hampy!! :D

    Now looking through Anya Resort's website, gusto ko na rin pumunta hahaha. Thank you for sharing, Ms. Jaz :)

    1. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha! Hay naku he's nagbibinata na talaga and VERY curious! Kaya hinuhuli namin lagi ni Yub. He he he he he!

      Yep! Hindi pwedeng mawala si Hampie! Would you believe that he (or she??) has been with us when Mati was still a baby? I think it was a shower or baptismal gift (kuripot naman ng nagbigay... ha ha ha ha).

      Yeah! If there's a good deal, try it! Pero ha parang its more on relaxation and break from the crazy Manila. Kaya go there lang if feel mo tahimik and time with yourself. NAKS!


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