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Friday, November 29, 2019


Ever since I saw the trailer DOWNTON ABBEY, I got so excited to watch it. I told Mommy, Ate Jit, and BGP Mariane that we'll all see the movie together since we're fans of the show. The series only had 5 seasons and even though my heart was broken with the death of Matthew (SPOILER!!! Well, if you haven't seen this wonderful series, then it's your fault), I still saw through it till the end.

Yun lang I was concerned if DOWNTON ABBEY was a movie worth seeing in the theatre or just in download because the last time I checked, it didn't have the action packed scenes and effects of Marvel movies. It's okay. I'm sure it'll be a great ladies' night out for us anyway.

HOW-EVER, my Mom and ate Jit watched ahead without me!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! I have work on Fridays (while my sister didn't have clinic) so it was when they decided to go for it. At first they were like, "Oh, we'll not watch without you...." then later on they still went ahead knowing I'll get it out late.

HMP. That was on purpose for sure.

I was hoping to watch it with the BGP but she got sick and was advised by her doctor not to stay in enclosed spaces (aka theatres). Kaya haaaaay... Now who does that leave me?


Okay before I get judged, understand that my husband is my favorite movie date of all. BUT, he has this big habit of falling asleep easily. As in, kahit naguusap kami, he'll snooze. Now imagine what he'll do when instead of his favorite action movies, we're going to watch a period piece (something that has loads of dialogue at that).

Not a good picture right? Of the Yub I mean.

Oh well.... As much as I wanted to watch it on download, I cannot wait anymore so I DEMANDED the Yub that we'll watch DOWNTON MOVIE on date night.

Good thing he agreed. And since Im sure he's already thinking about wasting about bucks because he'll just sleep through it, I decided to look for movie houses that charged less for tickets. And that's how we ended up in BGC for our movie. I think at only P300.00 per pax (compared to the others that charged about P400.00), this is a good price.

And then where to eat?

We don't really go to BGC often so we're not familiar with the restaurants at that part in the metro. Good thing that after buying our tickets, I saw MAD MARK'S!

We have long wanted to try out MAD MARK'S because we saw how the food was good and the prices very affordable. So at least yay -- that would be the Yub's consolation from "wasting" his money in the theatre by sleeping.

Hmmmm... If MAD MARK'S dishes will give us a bang for our buck, that means we could order more and get bondat!!!! Yun lang, that would mean the Yub would get so full and get all sleepy again afterwards.

Oh well, NOTHING will stop that from happening. So might as well enjoy meself na lang.

He he he he he.... 


MAD MARK'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MAD MARK'S was so near the movie theatre in BGC!

Inside, MAD MARK'S was well-lit and had that fun casual vibe going on. 

There were many available tables when we visited. Afterwards it got more full.

It's Saturdate for me and the Yubhubbers!

ORDERING UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Parang gulong gulo ako sa sarili ko. Ha ha ha ha ha!

MAD MARK'S menu 1!!!

MAD MARK's menu 2!!!

Yehesss... Food is here!!!!!!!!!!!

First up is the Yub's order of MAD MARK'S Fish and Chips (P160.00)!

For the price, this was quite good. We munched on this while waiting for our orders.

While deciding what to order, I was choosing between the MAD MARK's Kebab (P210.00) or their steak.

THIS won because I just had steak the previous night.

This was just okay. I'm not a fan of the strong artificial flavors and I most likely won't order this again. For that night though, it satisfied my hunger. 

MAD MARK'S House Salad (P60.00)!

I wonder if I could ask for Caesar's dressing next time. 

The Yub still felt hungry and ordered the MAD MARK'S cheeseburger (P160.00)!

He enjoyed this very much and finished everything almost in one bite!

ERICJAZ FOODIES in MAD MARK'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


For dessert, we got the famous MAD MARK'S Homemade Ice Cream and it was sooooooooo yum (P168.00 / 2 scoops). 

We got the bestsellers Chocolate on Chocolate Chip and the Madagascar Half Baked cookie dough.

Would really want to have more of this!!!

While eating our ice cream, I attempted to explain to the Yub the story of DOWNTON ABBEY from season 1 to season 5. Yun pa lang inaantok na siya!!!

Haaaaayyyy... Gudlak to us! Here's hoping they'll be flashing some bewbs to wake him up. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Wohoo!!! MAD MARK'S passed around free taste pa!!!!!

LE BILL!!!!!!!!!

And the movie's done!

As I predicted, the Yub slept for most of the movie. Oh well... I guess it's okay because it's better than having a husband who didn't want to accompany me at all. He he he he he he!!!! At least nalibre pa ako!!


Thanks Yub!!!



Third Floor, Central Square, Bonifacio High Street, 
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City




  1. hi ms jaz...very timing talaga while i was reading this today, just yesterday we also ate at Madmarks :D

    i had the signature steak (cooked at medium - so juicy and tasty) with bootstrap steak's my all time favorite there..with a side of smashed potato and corn carrots <3 and my hubby got the johnny double black ribs with herbed rice (the best) and bacon cheese potato...grabeee default order po namin lagi yun hahaha:D

    before po sa Glorietta 5 may rootbeer float (at ang float po is a scoop of halfbaked madagascar) pa sila, now wala na sa menu so's the best rootbeer float pwedeng pwede lumaban sa rootbeer float ng A&W..hehehe

    and lastly favorite din po namin ang half baked madagascar..very time ms jas, also try their Rolling Dutchman...the best din po yun

    ayan nagutom ulit ako because of your post..hahaha this is the first thing i read in my PC before i work today <3

    1. Huloooooo dear Tinemon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Hay naku next time talaga I'll have that instead. I figured kasi since we're going to have steak the next day (or we had it the day before) I should choose something else. Ayan... I was not too happy tuloy. He he he he he he!

      Alam mo just reading that paragraph makes my mouth water na. Hala!!!!

      Yes. You are sooo right half baked madagascar. Sarap!!!!

      Yayyy thanks! So much! Kinilig naman ako. Thank you thank you!!! He he he he!

      Mwah mwah mwah!!!!


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