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Tuesday, November 12, 2019


Even if I promise so many times that I will buy the boys' school supplies a month before school starts, I often fail. It's just procrastination at its best!

That's what happened for schoolyear 2019-2020. It was the last week of July and AAAAAACK... we haven't bought anything for the boys!!!! So one Saturday, by hook or by crook we decided to head on to Robinson's Galleria to buy what the boys needed for school (uniforms, sandos, socks, brips... he he he etc). And after a full day of shopping, I was ravenous.


Tee heee!!!

The Yub and I decided to go for PANCAKE HOUSE since it's been a long time that we've been there last. Though I always get to eat PANCAKE HOUSE goodies (from our office meetings) syempre, it's still different to eat at the actual restaurant.

So even if Master Mati was asking for Ramen Nagi (neknek mo, I'm the boss of you now) we went to PANCAKE HOUSE for some good ol' comfort food.

Yay! And all was well again. 


There were not too many diners that day so we were able to get a booth to ourselves.

PANCAKE HOUSE has this new cafe like design with its soft lights and earthy colors. Even if this design may be more chic to some, I miss the movie posters that used to dominate their walls!

ROLL CALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Yub and his ugly haircut!

Me and Master Mati!

If you're looking for Andrei, he got "tuli" the week before and asked to stay at home. He he he he!

Our shopping goods!!!

Master Mati asked for a new bag since he's been using the same one for about 5 years na.

OKAY!!! :) 

Thankful for having kids who are not so particular with their things. 

Orderin up!!!

The serving of Mati's Iced Tea means that FOOD is HERE!!!

Master Mati and the Yub got the "Choose Any Two" promo of PANCAKE HOUSE priced at P399.00.

My pogi guy got the Hamburger Steak with rice and buttered veggies. 

The Burger was fat and doused with their creamy gravy.

Hala... Why didn't I get this????

PANCAKE HOUSE Burger Steak is one of my favorites too!

The Yub naman got the Chicken with Spaghetti!

The PANCAKE HOUSE Spaghetti is one of our favorites too when we want a break from the sweetness from the one at Jollibee.

Of course, the PANCAKE HOUSE chicken is something they should also be hailed for. It's so yum with ANYTHING!

As for me, I went for the big guns -- PANCAKE HOUSE Special Set (P299.00)!

It's actually the same with Yub BUT with their famous Taco! Yum!!!!

Hayyy.... So beautiful to look at and devour afterwards. 

ERICJAZ FOODIES with Master Mati the pugi in PANCAKE HOUSE!!!!



Bilis ano?

For dessert, the Yub and I had this wild idea to have some of their special buttermilk pancakes (P152.00)!

I think the last time I've had this was YEARS ago because we usually go to PANCAKE HOUSE during dinner or just via take out.

One bite and OMIGERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS SOOOOO GOOD!!! I have almost forgotten how awesome their pancakes were and now I suddenly got a delicious reminder!

I swear, I had an Anton Ego (from Ratatouille) moment where flashbacks of breakfast with the family in PANCAKE HOUSE came rushing in. 

Now why DID I let myself be "pancake free" for so long?? I have often taken for granted this sweet manna from heaven thinking that there were better options when really, it SHOULD always be a choice in PANCAKE HOUSE!

Yep... It was still so moist, buttery, creamy, and just overall PERFECT at every bite. Promise, the Yub and I were all OOHING and AAAHING at every bite. HAY SUS!!!!!

And in less than about 3 minutes.....

I wanted more but that would be sabotaging my super sexy body. He he he he he!


Haaaaaaaaaaaaaay PANCAKE HOUSE.... Why did we leave you for so long? We'll be back ASAP I'm SO sure.

Level 4, Robinsons Galleria EDSA cor. 1110, Ortigas Ave, 
Ortigas Center, Quezon City, Metro Manila
02 632 9114



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