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Monday, November 4, 2019


ERICJAZ FOODIES have a new favorite these days...


Could you blame us? The place serves delicious Japanese food at affordable prices. At the same time, they have this efficient system ensuring fast service and seating. So yeah, it's pretty understandable why this would be our current favorite.

And when I say current favorite it means we'll be eating here as much as we can!

Tee to the HEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It was just the 3 of us that day because the bunsoy Andrei joined his Lola for a trip.

For our first MARUGAME UDON experience, we went to Uptown Mall in BGC. Accck! Check out the lines!

We didn't mind too much because queue was fast and moving.

Hmmmm... What should we order?



There are actually lots more dishes available I just didn't take a picture of it. He he he he he!

Like I said, MARUGAME UDON made a system that upon ordering, they will get a table with your number of people. They won't seat people who don't have orders. 

Their hardworking kitchen staff.

MARUGAME UDON interiors were earthy with that casual romantic vibe to it from the warm lights.


In MARUGAME UDON, they had dishes that they prepare for you while you wait while some will take a bit longer so it will be delivered to your table. 

The restaurant had this cafeteria like setting where you wait for your turn for the cashier. While waiting, you'll pass by these other fried treats that you could get as extra to go along with your order. 

Hmmmm.... Omusubi? I'm tempted!

Yehess! Other fried goods!

Master Mati was hungry that morning and got two bowls of food for himself.

The great thing about MARUGAME UDON is that they have this condiments station where you could fill your bowl with leeks, tempura crisps, and seasoning to your liking. 

After paying, Master Mati made a quick pit stop there.

We also got a bit more in small bowls provided just in case kulang. He he he he...

Wohoo! We're in MARUGAME UDON!

My dates for the day -- Master Mati and the Yub!

Master Mati got the MARUGAME Beef Ontama (P210.00)!

The noodles were perfectly chewy and was flavored oh so well with the light broth. The runny yolk also added a richness to it. Sarap!

(I was able to zoink a taste from Mati.. ha ha ha ha)

Since Master Mati felt bitin siya, he got a small bowl of MARUGAME Curry Rice (P160.00)!

Sorry not sure which is which but our other order is the 

My big guy also got a MARUGAME Salmon Omusubi (P55.00)!

Yummm... I love how my binata has this big appetite.

I got the MARUGAME Sukiyaki Beef (P210.00)!

I only got the regular size because I wanted to watch my carb intake but this was still so much for me. The udon was so heavy in the tummy!

But this WAS mighty good though. The sauce really went into the noodles. Yummmm....

The Yub got the MARUGAME Teriyaki Chicken (200.00)!

He enjoyed it but made a mental note of having the kimchi on the side. 

Yay! That's mine na!


ERICJAZ FOODIES with my handsome guys in MARUGAME UDON!

Le bill!

Not bad right?

After our delicious lunch, we still didn't feel like going home and went around the mall.

check out the Yub's cute butt!!!!

He he he he!

After a LOT of walking we ended up in Starbucks to cool off. 

Tee heee... I just LOVE embarrassing my big guy.

(That's why he doesn't like to go with us that much. Ha ha ha ha ha!)

On another day, we went back to MARUGAME UDON this time with the Andrei and my Mom!

Yayyy! My Mommy is with us!

The great thing pala with treating your Mom to MARUGAME UDON is that besides the togetherness, you'll get seats agad agad because Senior Citizens are given priority.


Master Mati joined us again because he wanted to be with his Lola PLUS he craved for some MARUGAME UDON.

We basically ordered the same things but this time I got the MARUGAME Chicken Papaitan and it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO good!!!!! I loaded it up too with Spring Onions, Tempura Crisps, ginger, and pepper flakes. 

ERICJAZ FOODIES with my Mommers once again in MARUGAME UDON!

After lunch,  the bunsoy baby requested that we pass by the sales office for Bentley and Audi. 

Yes. He just LOVED luxury cars!

Uy pogi! He he he he!

He also checked out some Lambs!

And when I met up with the BGP, guess where we went?

In my last 2 meals in MARUGAME I found the udon to be so heavy on my tummy. My new favorite there is the Gyudon!



MARUGAME UDON is starting to be a YAPPY BUNCH favorite!

We'll surely be back anytime soon!

B7, Bonifacio High Street, Lane P, 
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
02 77999184 / +63 9166270275




  1. Uy it's my favorite too! Pag walang budget, ayan lagi ko kinakain. mas masarap fried foods nila dito. But the Udon same lang ng lasa. And dito sa malapit sakin walang Gyudon or rice meals 😔


    1. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ERIKA!!!

      EOW POZH!!!!

      Di ba? For the price, ang sulit sulit niya. Of course, medyo pricey din si 1 piece Tempura at P60.00. But at least it's better than having to order the whole thing!!! Cravings satisfied kumbaga!!!!!

      Really? Why are the fried foods better there? Grabe walang Gyudon. Sayang. It's really good!!!!

      Sayang lang we dont have that spicy egg udon here. I think it's offered before but since hindi nagclick masyado, they removed it from the menu. Oh wells....

      Hala I'm craving tuloy. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

  2. It's been my fave toooo mamziii!! (Nagsawa na ngayon xD)

    I used to eat here atleast 2x a week kaya nag fade away agad yung pagka favorite ko haha.

    P.S.: My baby broo Mati is so biig na!! Whhyy??!!! XD

  3. Hellooooooo dear Annie Anonymous!!!!!

    Really??? Ha ha ha ha ha! I guess kung may malapit din samin I would do the same! It's so good kasi and mura pa!!! So far I'm not yet sawa but the last time I had it was last week pa. Huhuhu... Ayan I'm hungry again!!!

    I KNOWWWW!@ Huhuhu!! He's so big na and naku! Such a grown-up! Di mo na maloko! Kainis! So binata na. Did you see his prom? I blogged about it and haaaaaay... Such in a hurry to grow up!! Baby ko pa din siya!

    Mwah mwaaaaah!

    1. YEEEES!! And his date is so prettteeeh tooo!! Like a younger version of me. Hahaha. Lol.

    2. Dearest Annie...

      Opkors!!!! Parang ikaw nga naiimagine ko din!!! Ha ha ha ha ha!

      Mwah mwah!!!!!

  4. It's one of our fam's fave Jap to-go-to. Just got to remember to make chika who's in front and behind to sneak out a bit when the line gets too long. Love the udon, teriyaki and tempura - op kors

    1. Hulooooooooooooo!!!

      That's a good tip!!! Pero good thing mukha akong senior citizen kaya they let me get ahead.


      It's starting to be one of my fave Japanese restaurants as well. Sarap and mura! My favorite combos.

      Take careeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! mwah mwah!


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