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Thursday, November 7, 2019


The Yub and I along with my sister, her hub, and Mommy, checked out something and made it a family day trip at the same time.

Syempre afterwards, we needed to some sustenance. We were supposed to go home to have our lunch but then, we finished late so we all just decided to go somewhere for some serious grubbing...


When I heard about RICO'S I thought we're going to eat somewhere that had that fast-food "Mang Inasal" like setting.

Turns out, MANG RICO'S had that casual yet stylish vibe that is great for special occasions or if you have a balikbayan that you want to treat out.

We're all loving the well-lit place with matching natural and fresh colors. Galing!

(Oops... Sorry eating lady!)

Service was awesome also in RICO'S because they were all friendly and the manager visited our table many times to check if we're doing okay.

ROLL CALL!!!!!!!!!!!

The hubbies na KEEEE seswerte sa mga asawa!!!!

Me and Mommers!

Ate Jojit and Mommers!

See? Mas masaya si Mommy with MEE! He he he he!

RICO'S menu 1...

RICO's menu 2...

RICO'S menu 3...

On the table RICO's had simple condiments, just toyo and their special suka.

I guess if your lechon is flavorful, no need to add any more seasoning!

We asked for what soup would go well with Lechon and the server recommended their Monggo (P190.00)!

I would have to say that indeed, it WAS good and all but it doesn't really go well with the Lechon because of its richness. Next time the handy dandy sinigang would be nice.

But again, this WAS a good choice too!

Even though there would be a lot of pork later, I can't help but order my favorite Chicharon Bulaklak (P180.00)!

Yummm... I loved the crunchy sides. 

RICO'S Calamares (P230.00)!

Calamares is fast becoming one of my favorite "ulams" to order whenever we're at a Filipino restaurant. I don't know. I find that the seafood in light crispy breading goes so well with our usual heavy on the tastebud favorites.

We also cannot resist ordering noodles that's why we got the RICO'S Bam-I (P280.00)!

Canton and bihon noodles topped with veggies and crunchy garlic. Yummers. I could totally see myself having THIS with rice. 

Don't let the picture fool you, this was still oh so enough (especially if you have other dishes) to feed us!

Of course, we cannot NOT have veggies so we got an order of RICO'S lechon (P280.00)!

Now, you cannot eat at RICO's without ordering their famous CEBU LECHON!!!

RICO's spicy lechon (P500.00 for 500grams).

This was good but it was just a bit too spicy for some of us. (I like spicy food but this had a lot of bite... ha ha ha ha).

Next time we order this we'll get the smaller size.

RICO'S Original (P470.00 for 500grams)

Now this was the bomb!

The meat was succulent and flavorful while the skin was crispy. 

Hay! This is SO perfect with rice....

Check out their rice containers. CUUUUTE!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the family in RICO'S Lechon!

Oops.... Ate Jojit blinked... One more picture!

DRATS! Ha ha ha ha!

LET'S EAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My plate... My kunwari-dieting plate!


The Yub ordered a Sago Gulaman (P80.00) to wash down all his RICO's food down.


We purposely left some Calamari for Master Mati at home because it's his favorite. He he he he he!


Thanks Mommy for the treat!

It was a fairly good lunch in RICO'S! The Yub and I would like to go back with the boys to try out the other dishes.




Tiendesitas, Frontera Verde, Ortigas Avenue Corner C5, 
Ugong, Pasig City
+63 9178650000 / 02 2349944




  1. We ate here when my mother in law visits the Ph. How I want to taste the lechon again. Im literally drooling right now. (0^0) Good thing, they will open a branch in SM North.^(+0+)^ -- heyaa mamshiii. I'm back from my long hiatus and I'm reading your blog again. I don't know if you can remember but I'm your cutie very preeeteh virtual daughter. ������

    1. Hellooooooooo dear Annie Anonymous!! How are youuuuu???? Long time no hear!!!

      Hala Mother In law??? You're married na?? My baby daughter cannot be married!!!! Huhuhu! Baby ka pa dapat! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

      Parang me din I got hungry with the thought of having lechon. Halaaaaa... bawal naaaaa!!! Im sooo fat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Missed you dearness!!! Mwah mwah mwah! Welcome baccccccckkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!

  2. Yooouu stiill remember meeee?!!! (>\\\\<).

    I'm not -- but I consider my boyfriend's mom, my mother in law already since we are planning to settle down soon. (With your blessings of course haha xD).

    There's been lots of changes in my life for the past months, so your pretty daughter had less time to visit her mamzi's awesome blog!! :">

    Don't get upset pretteh mameeh 'kay? I'll be reading your blog more often now. (*v*)

    1. Huloooooooooooo!!!

      Of course dear Annie!!! I missed you! I missed your comments!! Pero I know naman you're still there even if you don't write kasi we're kindred spirits. Naks!!!!!

      Aba... aba!!! Hmp!! Baby pa kita e! Pero fine! Whatever makes you happy. Basta my tip is make sure that he also loves you soooo much and that you could be yourself with him (as in fart and pick nose but he'll still find you pretty).

      Halaaaa parang I have an idea why??? Baby waby??? Hi hi hi hi!!!!!!

      It's okay ano ba. Whatever makes you happy I'm happy na din. Yaaaaaaaay! Mwah mwah! Take care always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. There's no baby waby on my tummy yet. XD Puro foods pa lang.

      But I already found the one and I'm 100000% sure to spend the rest of my life with him. Oh naks!!! (/)3(\) I just hope that I'll have the same awwwwesooomeee family like yours!! :">

    3. Awwwww.... soooo sweet!!! I got so kilig bigla. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Would really love to meet you both.

      Oo naman I'm sure! Baka nga better pa ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!! Take care dearest and always stay in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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