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Monday, October 28, 2019


THE YAPPY BUNCH have been to TAGAYTAY many times already but I just realized that we would eat many things EXCEPT for Yub's favorite -- BULALO.

It's not really because we have this hidden hatred for him (tee hee...) but more because when we eat out we're always on a budget and a big bowl of bulalo is usually priced at about P500.00. Add to that, our little boys don't like bulalo so much and would always get Pizza or Carbonara.


Fast forward to 2019 where the little boys are older with bigger appetites. We went to TAGAYTAY for a family weekend in ANYA and when deciding where to eat, the Yub put his foot down and said that we'll be eating BULALO.

We were all like, "Chill grandpa... ", and agreed. He he he. Truth be told, Mati and I were actually very curious to try out this restaurant recently raved about by our favorite vlogger Strictly Dumpling, that BULALO was actually on the itinerary that weekend.

So yeah, dreams finally came true (especially for one panget) and we're happy that our first experience with BULALO as a family was a success.

Would love to go back to BULALO POINT again!!!!!!!

Tapos hindi kasama si Yub...

BWA HA HA HA HA! Kiddingsssss! 


We arrived in BULALO POINT at dinner time and the place was packed. We had a 20 minute wait before a table was available for us.

We really wanted to have a table by the window but since it's night time and there's no view, we settled for the first available table for us which was in the middle of the restaurant. 

ROLL CALL!!!!!!!!!!

The Chinese Dimpol with the bunsoy Andrei!


Everytime we have a family trip, we would always make it a point to dress nicely for Saturday dinner. We may just be going to an eatery but we feel that we should be dressing up like we do on date nights -- e our "dates" for tonight are our favorite "dates" of all!

Ordering up!

Aba tumawag pa ng reinforcements! He he he he!

BULALO POINT menu one...

BULALO POINT menu 2!!!!

Wohoo! Chili and Calamansi!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords in BULALO POINT!

Yehess... Food is here!

BULALO POINT Crispy Tawilis (P230.00)!

We were not supposed to order Tawilis (knowing that it's endangered) but I saw it on the menu and the server verified that yes, it's available. She claims that it is not "endangered anymore".


We got a plate and each fish was nice and crunchy. The guys were not fans of bony fish so I guess we won't have this again. 

When my Mom looked at the pictures she said that it's not really Tawilis but something like Herring.

  I'm not really sure. What do you think?

BULALO POINT Pork Sisig (P240.00)!


The pork bits were crunchy and were grilled and fried in butter and seasoning. SARAP!!!

I swear, we were all scraping the hot plate even after we're done.

Huli ka balbon!

And the piece de resistance...


Piping hot Meat bone soup with vegetables!

The beef was fall off the bone crazy tender. We actually don't need a fork to cut it in pieces.

Awwww... My sweet bunsoy offered to lift the Bulalo bone so I could take a good picture of it.

Thanks my dearest.


Everyone was done EXCEPT me and Andrei! HA HA HA HA!

Surprisingly, Andrei LOVED the BULALO and ate a lot that night. HAY MY MOMMY HEART IS SO HAPPY! When you have a picky eater son, moments like these are priceless!!!!

He asked for about 2 more helpings of the flavorful soup along with the yummy meat. Yayyy!!!! 


Now something tells me that we WILL be having more BULALO in the future. 

Yep. Andrei said that we should go back here SOON!


YEP! We'll definitely go back here the next time we're in TAGAYTAY!!!!






  1. Andrei is growing out of his picky eater phase, yaaaaay :)

    Also, yaaaay for Strictly Dumpling :D

    Mej nakakapanghinayang nga talaga yung price ng bulalo pag konti lang kakain, tas large serving size. Buti nalang growing boy appetite na sila Andrei and Mati.

    Haha Ms. Jaz, I'm reading this while I'm at work, 4 AM (bayaning puyat)... and kailangan ko atang maghanap ng reinforcements for my kumakalam na sikmura :D

    1. Huloooooooooooooooooooooow dear Yanna!!!!

      Little by little! H aha ha ha ha! Medyo nadadagan na ang kinakain niya. Yun lang mostly carbs!!! Pinagsasabihan ko siya when he only puts kanin. He gets angry when I add ulam pero bahala siya. I'm forcing him also to eat veggies.

      Have you seen the video? Ay nakakagutom!!! I would love to try the kare kare there kaso ang dami na e.

      Di ba??? E kami we have a budget of sana P1,000 per meal. We don't mind sana if nauubos pero if madaming tira, nasasayangan ako. E nobody eats pa leftovers much at home. Kaya yes, buti na din love na nila Mati and Andrei ang bulalo. Masaya na si Eric. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

      Grabe gising ka pa! What time do you wake up the next day? Sarap diyan noodles no? Kaya sodium. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Take care dearest! Mwah mwah!

    2. Mamahalin din niya ang veggies in a few years, hopefully :)

      Yeeeees, whenever I see Strictly Dumpling post a PH video, click agad. Hahahahaha :D Mabigat pa naman ang kare-kare and bulalo at the same time. For some reason, mas gusto ko yung mga videos niya in Asia; pag sa US lang siya, mabilis ako mabore. Hahaha

      Ay oo Ms. Jaz, lalo na't ang bulalo mas masarap pag bagong luto... pag reheated na, nagiging soggy na yung veggies.

      9 PM - 5 AM ang shift ko, Ms. Jaz... so lunch time na gising ko if hindi ako gigisingin ng son ko ;) HUHU noodles sana, kaso di na masyado pwede, kasi I had gallbladder and gallstones removal last month --- hinay hinay na sa fatty, salty and rich food :(((

    3. Hiyaaaa Yanna!!!!!!!!!!

      Yes hopefully. Ngayon force feeding ko siya sa veggies. Ha ha ha ha ha! Si Mati okay na kumakain na siya. Si Andrei hindi pa.

      DI BAAAAAAA??? I love his videos!!! Yes you're right mas masaya watch yung asian videos niya. Especially the collab videos. I like him because very witty din siya. My favorite video niya is the Ichiran video. The best for me nakakagutom grabe!!!!

      Di ba??? Kaya we don't really like ordering too much kasi nasasayang lang at home. Syempre tipid din kami we dont like useless spending. Kuripot na kung kuripot. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

      Yes I looooove instant noodles too. Dati laging yun ang side dish ko. Pero oo nakakaUTI siya. Matindi grabe the sodium. Hala natanggalan ka na ng gallstones. Yes please ingat na. Naku health is wealth talaga. I discovered that now na tumatanda na ako at medyo nakakaramdam na. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

      Thank you soooooooooooooooooo much Yanna mwah mwah!


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