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Tuesday, December 10, 2019


The Yub and I have long wanted to try out POPEYE'S since it opened because we're curious how it would fare up against our other chicken favorites. I remember having it many years before in Robinson's Galleria but wanted to taste first-hand if the quality and taste are different now.

Of course, we cannot just try POPEYE's without the 2 asungots. So from the comforts of their Youtube and FB chats (grrrr) we yanked Mati and Andrei to go with us out for a family dinner.

And it was another fun night for THE YAPPY BUNCH where not only we ate enjoyable food but we also saw how helpful our little guys are when needed.

The Yub and I are really thankful for these kind of family nights (yep... even if it's in the very busy restaurant of POPEYE'S). 


It was the Yub's idea to try out POPEYES that night and egad, when we entered, I wanted to wring his neck because it was so crowded!!!!

I'm sure the diner turnover is fast because this IS a fast food restaurant after all.

So that means this place is THAT jampacked!!!!!!

Master Mati and I agreed that we will look for a table and split into two separate areas. 

If you're looking for the bunsoy baby, he stayed with his Daddy to help him order and carry the food afterwards.

Hmmmm... What to get?

To be honest, I was not confident if Mati could get a table for us because he had a tendency to be so into his celphone that not pay attention to what's going on around it.

I got a big surprise when I went defeated to his side (because I couldn't find any available table at mine) and saw him triumphantly sitting on a nice table for 4. He said he saw this family about to finish and swooped in the minute they stood up.

Awwww! So proud of him!!! I know this may be mababaw but still, I'm really glad that he was alert and fast! My dependable binata!

I won't doubt you again.

The Yub and Andrei were so thankful too that after ordering, they could sit agad (they were standing for a long time as well). 

ROLL CALL!!!!!!!!

Now why is my hair so buhaghag???

The Yub and bunsoy baby Andrei!!!!

Me and Master Mati!

He he he he... My photobomber bunsoy boy!


POPEYE'S food is here!

The Yub got the POPEYE'S 1-pc chicken with Spaghetti Meal.

We read some scathing reviews about their spaghetti and though the serving is kinda pathetic, the taste is okay naman. 

POPEYES 1 pc meal (P129.00) served with cajun rice and crabmeat soup (additional P10.00)!

My bunsoy baby got the POPEYE'S 1 pc chicken with fries meal (P105.00)!

As for me I tried out the POPEYE's Chicken Burger meal (P165.00)!

They used the same breading and seasoning from their chicken pieces to their burger. 

We got an additional order of their Chicken Fingers because the boys were still hungry.

And since much has been said about their biscuits, we got 3 pcs (P150.00) in different flavors: honey, hazelnut, and white chocolate.

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little guys and scowling lady (he he he) in POPEYES!!!!


After eating, we tidied up our table. 

For dessert, we had some coffee and cheesecake in Starbucks.

Awwww... Thanks for getting us water dear bunso!

Mati's frap!

I love embarrassing the kiddies that when I order for them, I ask the barista to put "Mati the Pogi (or panget -- depends on my mood). I would also specify that he should call the name out. He he he he he!

While we were having coffee, we noticed that the bunsoy was SOOOOOO into his game that I signaled the Yub to go.

So one by one we left the bunso by his lonesome and hid somewhere (we love pulling this joke).

Siguro it was a good 5 minutes before he noticed that we were gone. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha h!!!

THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR ZONING US OUT!!! He he he he he he!!!!

I'm happy that I discovered more of my sons' true dependability even at the most unexpected places. It's great how they would come through when I have "given up." I'm sure they would carry that even when they're adults na. He he he he he!


Oh and if you're wondering if we liked POPEYE's, it was just okay. The chicken was flavorful but it was a bit too salty for my taste. The bunsoy baby loved it though.




Arcovia City, 9 Eulogio Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, 
Ugong, Pasig City
+63 9190606687




  1. Instead of lettuce it should be spinach since it's Popeye's! :P

    1. I don't get it? Why? Why spinach??? May conspiracy theory ba? Hindi ko maintindihan ang lalim. Why... why... WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY????


    2. Ayaw pa umamin na nanonood ka din nun dati sa RPN-9 every Saturday...hahaha!

    3. Huh??? Dunnow watyumins.... What's R--PN 9? Is that on cable?? What's Saturday?? Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      San tayo sa 27? ( ha ha ha )

    4. Ewan ko sa'yo. Kami kasi may lakad na with college friends. Wholesome Table kami lunch on the 26th with Jun and Gail.

    5. Ay buti wala kami sa 26! Ha ha ha ha ha! Have funsssssssssssssssss!!!!


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