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Monday, December 23, 2019


These days, I'm really not keen on having hotel staycations. When the boys were young and they're all so wide-eyed at new surroundings, yes, that's why we also booked ourselves a weekend before everyone started doing it. As in I would really save for it!! But now that they're older, they fully appreciate just staying home or going out with their family and friends. Let's not forget too that it could get SOOOO tiring to pack and unpack (ha ha ha ha). So yes, the appeal of having staycations is now lost with us. And it's not something that we would really set out to do like before.

Of course, there are exceptions!!

The Yub told me that a supplier gave him a voucher for an overnight stay at EDSA SHANGRILA Hotel!! He said that it could be our additional MU anniv celebration. He he he!

Meh. I answered. For the many reasons stated above, I was not that enthusiastic anymore because I could be so LAAAZZZZZY. But then I realized that

  One) it's a blessing since it's free... ha ha
    Two) it would still be a fun weekend off with the boys
    Three) We haven't stayed yet in EDSA SHANGRILA, one of
    the classic top hotels in Metro Manila.

Okay then. We're sold!  Kami pa? We're always game with anything.

(Yun ay kung, hindi ako tamarin. Ha ha ha ha ha!)



We're here!!!

While waiting for the Yub to park, the little baby bunsoy checked out Edsa Shangrila website. 


We got late checking in so we joined everyone who were as late as we are. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Yay finally!

We were received by this very gracious Front Desk officer. She's so nice and friendly.

When we got out the elevator...

Hmmmm... Where should we go?

Hallway going to our room!

We're here!

Room 1230!


We loved our room because it was cozy comfy. The twin beds too were bigger than the usual size.

Let me give you a quick tour of our room.

Our TV!

Our work station!

Our beds!

Our coffee table!

Notice how the plate was "inside" the table. 

Those banana breads were mighty yum too!

Our bedside table!

Our view!

Our drawer for utensils!

Our toilet!

MY toiletries!

Kidding. The Yub always used this.

Our shower!



It's a weekend bonding with my boys!

Let's get this staycation rolling!!!!

If you're looking for Master Mati, he opted to stay home with his Lola, my Mom. 

We were inviting my Mom to go with us (and just request for one more room) but she's more comfortable sleeping at her own bed.

We thought that since this was just an impromptu staycation, Master Mati could stay at home since he already made plans. At the same time, may kasama si Mommy.

It's THAT and, we don't like him.

KIDDING! He he he he he!

We rested for a bit and got to watch a little of Sharon Cuneta's "Ikaw" -- the song that launched a MILLION walks down the aisle. He he he he he!

Time to swim!

I'm loving EDSA SHANGRI-LA'S pool area!

Besides the clean pool for adults, EDSA SHANGRI-LA also had this kiddie water play area.

The kiddie pool also had a slide!

Andrei went for it immediately.

I stayed behind to guard our bags and just watched the Yub play with the Androse.

IT WAS SOOO COLD! My fats can't handle it!

I tried swimming in the big pool but after a few minutes, I gave up. I don't know what's up with me that day but I cannot handle the water temperature.

Oh well! Maybe I'll toughen up after I get some food in my system.

Pizza and Fries!!!!


I ate the pizza with mayonnaise and ketchup. He he he he he!

Yep! Our poolside staple will always be Fries with loads of mayo and kechup. 

Salingkit lang si Pizza. He he he he he...

The EDSA SHANGRI-LA lifeguards were very attentive and would even assist the younger swimmers in wearing the lifejackets they could borrow for free.

After we finished our pizza, we were in the mood for some ice cream.

Hmmm... What should we get???

The Yub and I shared the chocolate gelato while the Androse got the vanilla.


I think this is the best ice cream I've had this year!

It had the right amount of sweetness, fudginess, and creaminess. Super sarap!

I WANT MORE! He he he he he!

That night, we joined my family for a dinner arranged by my Kuya Jay and wife Karen. It's a welcome back to her sister Kristine (who's home after living in London) AND a padespedida to Karen and Rocio (when they fly next week to attend Kristine's wedding in Italy).

Blog post coming soon!

When we got back to the hotel, we decided to stay at the lounge.

The Yub and I now love watching performances in hotel lobbies. The music is always relaxing and the place is not noisy nor crowded.

The bunsoy baby agreed because we said he could use his phone.

Andrei didn't like anything so the Yub ordered this special iced tea. When my bunsoy tried it he asked if he could have it instead. Hay naku!

As for me, I got coffee in this handle-free mug!

Look at the ceiling!

This was certainly an ultra fun nightcap for us!

We suddenly missed the Matster even if he deserted us first. He he he he he...

When we got back to our room, we were given the turn-down service as EDSA SHANGRILA made everything ready for our snoozefest.


The next day...

Wakey! Wakey!

Breakfast that morning was in HEAT and we had a great time EATING!!!!!

After breakfast, it's time to swim again!!!!!!!!!!!

This time, the bunsoy asked if he could go to the deep part.

Go Androse!

Syempre we'll stay with you.

My happy boy!

The sun was out thus making the weather perfect for swimming!

Yayyy! Yesterday it was soooo cold that I gave up after a dip. 

My bunsoy went for the kiddie slide when he got tired of the big pool.

Enjoy the perks of being 12 years old dear bunsoy. When you're 13 na you cannot go on these things anymore.

Yun ay kung you'll suddenly have a growth spurt when you turn a year older.

We especially enjoyed the mini-water park in EDSA SHANGRI-LA!

Bye pool!

After washing up and packing, it was time to go.

But we were still OH SO HAPPY that Master Mati's not with us!

Ha ha ha ha! Kiddings!

And now it's time to do our usual pictures around the room tradition.

Room hall shot!

Happy shot!

Hall shot!

By our door shot.

We figured that we couldn't do our usual "around the room" shots because Master Mati's not with us.


Hampie is sad too that the big guy isn't here.


Bye 1230!!

Thank you for taking care of us.

And by "taking care" I meant everything's working which gave us a very comfortable stay.

Lining up to check out!

And we're done!!!!

The bunsoy and I stayed in the lobby while waiting for the Yub.

As we were boarding, saw this cute but very tired sniffing dog taking a rest.


Even though we would normally prefer to stay and enjoy the comforts of our home, we're thankful for this experience courtesy of the Yub!!!!!

We really enjoyed our impromptu staycation EDSA SHANGRI-LA!!! If our big guy approves, we'll definitely go back here!

Uuuuuy namiss nga namin si Mati! He he he he he!



 1 Garden Way, Ortigas Center,
Mandaluyong, 1650 Metro Manila
 (02) 8633 8888



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