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The Chinese Adonis and I were already regular customers of NOMAMA that we have even celebrated some of our special occasions there. In fact, we have several blogs about our happy meals in Chef Him Uy de Baron's popular restaurant that it may be high time for us to move on. Let's just say we don't want our imaginary readers to think that we don't have other places to go to. 

Yes because we also have our home and room and Victoria Court... este... work! There you go! Tee hee!

Anywho, we received an invite to try out their new dishes in their branch at Capitol Commons that I thought, we cannot really have enough blog posts about NOMAMA now can we? He he he he!

And so we went, breaking our rule of going out on a kids' school night. Because, if we have already enjoyed some of Chef Him Uy de Baron's specialties in the past, then having a taste of his new creations should definitely be in order. We would be crazy not to go!

Also, we lost our Victoria Court discount card.

OH. I'M KIDDING! Ha ha ha! We're married anyway. 


It was our first time to eat in NOMAMA CAPITOL COMMONS in the night time and I still felt so homey with the rustic and casual vibe of the restaurant. 

We stayed at the second floor of NOMAMA CAPITOL COMMONS and the wooden tables plus colorful sunken plates made for a chic setting.

Roll call!

Ate Irene (INDULGENCE BY IRENE), and hubby Richard (TALES FROM THE TUMMY).

Dear Joan and hubby Stonibert (THE FOOD ALPHABET)

Plus Jeeves (ABS CBN WEBSITE) who was officially missing his lady love so we imagined she was with us that night. He he he he!

Our very gracious host Chef Him Uy de Baron was there to welcome the group.

Let us share first the NOMAMA menu...

NOMAMA menu 1.... 

NOMAMA menu 2.... 

NOMAMA menu 3

NOMAMA menu 4... 

And here's the rest of the NOMAMA menu...

Plus NOMAMA dessert menu!

Actually, the new dishes of NOMAMA are not included in the menu! BWA HA HA HA HA! I just included it because my husband did a good job in taking pictures that I don't want to discourage him. Hi hi hi! Use it for reference of their other grub instead.

First on the table was NOMAMA's Edamame Hummus with Spiced Pita!

At first bite I loved this new appetizer from NOMAMA! I am a sucker for creamy dips and the mild flavors of the edamame tempered the spiced toasted pitas. 

We were also served some NOMAMA Onigiri. At first I thought they were my favorite takoyaki octopus balls but at first bite, I discovered it was slow cooked pork rolled up with deep fried sushi rice. Give it a quick dip in their sambal aioli to add a bit of a creamy kick to this very appetizing dish.

Yep, it may not look much but believe me, this was GOO-OOD. I think I must have had 2 of these. They were seriously filling!

NOMAMA'S Chef Him would always introduce each dish that come our way and gave detailed explanations on how he conceptualized and cooked each one. 

I am impressed with chefs who are so in love with cooking and with Chef Him, you would get the idea of how much passion he has for his food by the way he talks about it.

Next up for us are NOMAMA's Sliders!

NOMAMA has 2 types of these popular sliders:

The first was the Soft Shell Crab sliders where the the main filling is coated in tempura batter and fried. It is then mixed with some watermelon salsa, kimchi mayonnaise, and creamy brioche cheese.

This was a very tasty mini sandwich from NOMAMA! Yum!

The second slider served that night was the NOMAMA Tori Karaage!

Karaage is the Japanese style of fried chicken and in NOMAMA, they put it inside a bun with red cabbage coleslaw .

You know how when you read a menu and already know how  the food would taste? Well for NOMAMA's Tori Karaage Slider, I got what I hoped for --  the savory flavors of the chicken that matched with the citrusy coleslaw of the red cabbage. Oh wow!

One of the top favorites that night was NOMAMA'S Half Cooked Tuna Steak!

This thick cut of tuna was served with cooked pumpkin and chunks of bacon. 

I loved how this NOMAMA fish was perfectly rare (or raw) in the middle. Just the way I like my tuna!! Give it a good sop with the reduced sauce and you will have bliss in a bite! 

Burp! Nummy!


This was our second serving by the way.

Another beautiful new entree on the NOMAMA block is the Almond Crusted Lapu Lapu!

What you have before you are boneless fillets of lapu lapu coated with crunchy crushed almonds to complement the very moist fish. This savory NOMAMA creation is served with fried enoki mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, leafy greens, then drizzled with  brown butter. 

Oooh la la!

I am not a fan of beef stews like "mechado" or "caldereta" (except the ones cooked by my Mom) because usually the meat would be tough and gnarly to the bite.

So I didn't expect to like (AT ALL) NOMAMA's Braised Wagyu Beef Cheeks. 

I was sort of right though because I didn't like it. I LOVED IT!

The beef cheeks were buttery fork tender! Yup! No need for a knife! When I got a chunk of the braised meat, it was insanely juicy, moist, and emitting the flavors of the rich sauce. Oh my gulay!

Another AHA moment for me with this NOMAMA dish were the mashed japanese pumpkins (kobacha). I'm not too big on squash since I am always reminded of dribbling babies and their food but I fell in love with the smooth and silky creamed kobacha with subtle flavors. This was so perfect with the strong taste of the stew! 

The edamame bits gave this luscious siding a bit of texture. Sarap!

Of course, you cannot go to NOMAMA and NOT have a hot bowl of their hearty Ramen!

The classic NOMAMA Ramen never fails.

The NOMAMA broth was well seasoned while the noodles were very chewy!

NOMAMA Thai Green Curry Ramen!

If you love coconut milk, you'll have a happy time slurping on this NOMAMA favorite!

Check out the thick and milky soup!

My favorite for that night would have to be NOMAMA's Korean Town Ramen!

I always go for spicy food and the heat of this NOMAMA noodle dish was just right for me. The kimchi infused soup was absorbed by the Ramen but was still al dente until I finished my bowl. I may order this one the next time we're in NOMAMA because I wanted more of that salty broth with a spicy kick towards the end!

That delicious NOMAMA Korean Town Ramen may be spicy but I washed it all down with my ever favorite Coke Zero! It's Cohen approved! (I don't do cohen though... Ha ha ha! )

Naks! According to Coke Zero, Joan is a cutie! The can never lies!


We were glad that we saved room for dessert at NOMAMA! First on the table was this ultra fudgy Flourless Chocolate Cake with Miso Salted Caramel. 

The Chinese Adonis cannot stop from spooning some of the moist cake with the smooth whipped cream and caramel.

Spooning??! He he he he!

I wasn't able to get a taste of this NOMAMA Cookie with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream because I concentrated too much on the flourless chocolate cake. 

Too bad because one of my favorite desserts is warm chocolate chip ala mode and THIS was very similar to it!

When I was about to get... La na! Wawa! 

It's okay though. I was full to the seams! I think my jeans were about to pop and NOBODY wants to see that happen. Ever.

Thank you so much Chef Him of NOMAMA for having ERICJAZ FOODIES!!!

Always a great time with these foodie peeps!! 

I want to go back to NOMAMA just for that Korean Town Ramen, Braised Wagyu Beef Cheeks, Edamame Dip and that Half Cooked Tuna....

Homer drooooools....


Capitol Commons, Kapitolyo, Pasig City
02 5422558

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As we still wanted to chat up some more, ERICJAZ FOODIES (in 3rd person point of view for you) had a nightcap with Joan and THE FOOD ALPHABET!


  1. Replies
    1. Not yet! But I still tagged him in the pic!

  2. -ang tagal na ng Nomama, pero hanggang ngayon di pa ako nakakakain diyan; parang nakakatakot kse presyo, di ko afford. Pang-Sosing's carinderya lang ang peg ko.

    -Imaginary readers talaga??? Sino ako, si Mr. Snuffleupagus??? :P

    -tatlo ang discount card ko sa Rosal, ibigay ko sa inyo yung isa, dun na lang kayo, bago pa at malinis... yun lang nga walang "themed rooms" hahahaha

    -uy maskulado si chef! pwedeng Bench mowdel!

    -ooooohhhh... edamame hummus! Sounds very interesting and delicious! I love edamame!

    - uy! mahilig ka din pala sa takoyaki! Grabe, sa mga nabasa ko sa blog mo mukhang parehas tayo ng panlasa! Gravy, gravy, gravy... medium rare steak... takoyaki... Chinese Adonis... hahahaha

    -those sliders look amazeballs! Especially the soft-shell crabs!

    -homaygollygulay! That tuna!!! Penge!!! At may second serving pa! waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh... And that Lapu-Lapu!!! Ginutom ako ng major-major at 2am!

    -"gnarly" - my word for the day

    -those ramen (ramens?) look fantastic!

    -mahilig pala sa spooning si CA! noted ulit...

    -The Partner and I must visit this place... and soon!

    1. Ha ha ha ha! YYYEEEEY! A new comment! Naku baka masanay na ako Niel sa comments mo that if you don't anymore, it'll break my heart. Ha ha ha ha! It was such a good morning tuloy (I wake up at 9:15am) HE HE HE HE!

      1) HELLOOO! I don't believe you! I'm sure you just go to other restaurants that's why napapaliban mo ang NOMAMA! Ha ha ha ha! I'm sure we have the same love in going out with the partner!

      2) OMG! Yes! He was my favorite character in Sesame Street! Promise! Si Mr. Snuffleupagus!!! That's why I always make "imaginary friends" as a referral!!! Galeng!

      3) Naku baka sosy ang ROSAL ha? Meron lang kami Bermuda at Winston (YAAAAK!) I'd like to try the Thor theme though... JOKE!

      4) SUPER! I'm not sure in my first blog if I mentioned na super firm and well fit si Chef! I think that's the reason why he has hasn't approved my FB request yet. Ha ha ha ha!

      5) Yes it was yum! I love edamame and dips too. Now when NOMAMA put it together, AMAZING! SARAP!

      6) If you add GARLIC RICE to add, hay nako! MTBFF (made to be foodie friends). TARA NAAAA! Let's have a food trip! Tayo nila Jane and who wants to go pa!!!

      7) Yes they were good!!

      8) OH WOW! Yes! The tuna really got us raving! (Except for the Chinese Adonis since he doesn't eat sushi or anything raw.. ew no?) That was SOOO good! Especially with the sauce... Naku I don't know what to order next time we're there!

      9) With regards to the ramen, if you like your noodles to be not as salty as Ramen Nagi or Ukokkei... then NOMAMA is for you. If I were made to choose which is my most favorite in the resto, I loved the Korean Town because it was spicy! YUM!

      10) Spooning and Forking. AY ANO BA YAN!

      11) Tara! Sked na tayo ng food trip and I'll blog about it! O di ba??? That'll be SO fun!!!

      Thanks again for dropping by Niel!! MMMWMAH! Pahabaan tayo ng reply! Magkakasundo talaga tayo because we love nobelas... Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    2. Sige, food trip tayo, sagot ni Jane! hahaha... (o ayan, hindi nobela, hahaha...)

      Purlalu lang ako ano! =)

      Ano ba trabaho mo at lagpas alas-nuwebe ka na gumising? =) Donyang-donya!!!

    3. Noooo! I like always the first one nobela ha? Love ko kaya nobela!!! Don't change pretty please... Ha ha ha ha ha!

      I'll tell you when we meet up. Basta isang libo at isang tuwa ang equivalent niya. Pero I wake up naman at 5:30am for kids' school. Natutulog lang ako uli. He he he he he!


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