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Sometime last month, we celebrated the birthday of our dear friend Mareng Chel with an all girl-please-dress-up dinner. Now usually, our BP Group would choose to celebrate special events with the whole family, but for Mareng Chel, that night was an exception.

You see, Mareng Chel is one of the most dedicated Mommies I know. She is a stay at home Mom who has prioritized her beautiful family over a high paying career as a Hollywood actress....

(Yes! Hollywood actress! Well we'll never know what could have been because she didn't work right?? He he he he he!) 

Would you believe that she home schools her eldest daughter and she breastfed her little guy till he was 2 years old? YU-UH! Plus, she loves to cook! I swear! I'm going to raid her house someday so that she could feed me all the grub she posts on FB. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Anyway like I said, Mareng Chel is one of the most dedicated Mommies I know and since she chose NOT to have a nanny to take care of her children, she doesn't get to have an all girl's night out since the kids were born. They always go out as a family and she personally feeds her little boy while us other girls are chatting our brains out. So for her birthday, she wished to have dinner with just US. Not really because she wanted to rant about married life or how she is tired from anything. But because she just wants to have dinner with friends where she could really pay attention to the meal and the gossip!

So with that, we had an all ladies dinner at 22 PRIME in DISCOVERY SUITES to celebrate the birthday of our beloved Mareng Chel.

And YUP! You guessed that right. A LOT of chatting AND pictures happened on that fun night!


22 PRIME is in the 22nd floor of DISCOVERY SUITES and is open from Mondays to Sundays. 

We all met up at the Serendipity Lounge first before moving in to our table at 22 PRIME.

The BP ladies are here!

Mareng Chel is the last to arrive and we gave her a warm welcome. I swear when it's my birthday celebration, I'm going to have a "special arrival" too. That's a very nice technique if I may say!

The BP Ladies! 

We were not able to dress up as much as we wanted to since most of us (aka ME) came from the office. 

Now I cannot be wearing a long gown while mopping the floors of our office now can I???

It was actually a full house at 22 PRIME but since Mareng Ann works at DISCOVERY SUITES, she was able to secure us a table!

Hmmm... I imagine my next dinner at 22 PRIME would be here!

Now! Who could my date be? 

Tee hee!!!

Mareng Chel: "Jaz, makuha ka sa tingin. Sit down!" Ha ha ha ha!

The BP ladies all seated and comfy 22 PRIME!


The birthday girl, Mareng Chel!

BTW, it's her camera that I'm using right now because mine got busted this night. She also edited our "facial flaws". He he he he he! I wonder why though she did not shade my forehead to appear smaller. Tee hee!!!!

Mareng Gem!

Mareng Gail!

And Mareng Ann!

Our simple but elegant table set up!

Our server for the night at 22 PRIME was so cheerful and was able to to attend to all of our requests. 

Never mind that we took so long deciding what to order... Never mind that we split most of the food... Never mind that we asked him constantly for refills or whatevers....

When we requested for pictures, he always did so with a smile!

Now THAT deserved a noble peace prize!



22 PRIME menu 1... 

22 PRIME menu 2... 

22 PRIME menu 3... 

22 PRIME menu 4.... 

Complimentary bread basket from 22 PRIME!

The complimentary bread basket from 22 PRIME also came with these 3 spreads (Herbed butter, Feta Cheese in Olive Oil, and Sun Dried Tomato).

As I am a sucker for butter, I stopped myself from smearing my whole bread with it. Of course, I tried to act sophisticated and just tore off a piece of my crusty croissant to eat with my pinky out.

My favorite though is the 22 PRIME Feta Cheese with Balsamic Vinegar and Olive Oil. Oooh!!!!

While we were chatting and enjoying our appetizers, dear 22 PRIME server always filled up our goblets with chilled white wine!

I'm not much of a drinker but this wine tasted oh so well with the bread and spread!


If you check my succeeding pictures, I would NEVER let go of that wine glass while having dinner. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Birthday girl Chel and Mareng Ann!

Me, the goblet, Mareng Gem, and Mareng Gail!

Yup! Still holding it!

We were initially served with complimentary amuse bouche of salmon croquette with Japanese mayo.

22 PRIME Discovery Special Pizza!

This was one of Mareng Ann's favorite in 22 PRIME as it was filled with a lot of meat and cheese!

I want to come back here so that my pizza loving Chinese Adonis could get a taste of this.

22 PRIME Classic Pasta Bolognese!

The linguine was definitely al dente while the bolognese sauce had a certain sweetness to it. My husband would have loved this one too!

I cannot NOT have my greens so we ordered 22 PRIME's Arugula Salad!

Yup! I LOVE the bitter taste of Arugula as it goes oh so well with the strong flavors of the blue cheese.

22 PRIME Truffle Risotto!

I have become a huge fan of truffle since it worked so well with pasta and risotto!!!

What I loved about the 22 PRIME Truffle Risotto was that the savory flavors of the famed shroom were there but it did not overpower the over all seasoning of the whole dish. 

I could have finished this one all by myself!!! This was just so rich and delicious!! Please! Me want some more!

And if you get a scoopful of that creamy 22 PRIME Risotto with the fried cheese, you will get another layer of flavor that will get you reaching out for more. 

I know I did! When nobody was looking. Bwa ha ha ha ha!

Nah just kidding!

Or am I

Tee hee (kilig with laughter)

Mareng Ann ordered the 22 PRIME Surf and Turf and we split it into 2... One plate is the medium well (boo) while the other is the medium rare (hallelujah!)

Each serving of the 22 PRIME Surf and Turf came with grilled Tagaytay vegetables, twice baked potato, and itty bitty gravy in the tequila shot glass.

Now ain't that a thing of beauty? I can't wait to slice my knife into THAT.

Yup! Still holding it!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the BP ladies at 22 PRIME!

Just in case you're wondering, Yub was with me during this supposed to be "ladies night out". He was just going around in Podium and buying dibidis at Saint Francis Square while waiting for me. I told you he's my stalker! He he he he he!

Oh and there I go again with my wine glass! You would THINK that I would come up with a new pose. But NOOOOH!

My plate! My beautiful, carb laden, 22 PRIME plate!!!

Oh me so happy with me food!

FINALLY I put that blasted wine glass down!

Later on, Mareng Chel was surprised when the 22 PRIME waiters sang to her a Happy Birthday!

Yihiii! Iiyak na yan!

Make a wish mare!

Besides the complimentary birthday cake, 22 PRIME also gave us these wonderful Blueberry Cakes with Cream Cheese Frosting! 

Oh wow! Such a sweet treat after that delicious meal!

After we sang to Mareng Chel a Happy Birthday, we did our usual appreciation/loving messages to the celebrant. 

Here's Mareng Gail!

To which Mareng Chel was able to listen with her full attention! No baby and handsome hubby to fuss over just this time. It was all about Mareng Chel!

Later on it mareng Gem!

Who got a lot of laughs. I forgot why.

As for me, I always said I HATED speaking in public. But I got a lot of loving words to say about Mareng Chel! I really appreciated that we clicked even after our first meeting last year. It has certainly been a chatty and kalog friendship ever since.


Just an inside joke.

Of course. Nobody took my picture while I was talking. :(

Ha ha ha ha! The story of my life!

Of course the last one to give a speech to Mareng Chel is her BFF Aning. It was a beautiful moment. Tears were shed...

.... from the eavesdropping waiters.

Ha ha ha ha ha! Kidding!

I was having my 22 PRIME coffee during this time. 

And while they were talking and holding hands, my mind can't help but imagine if they will be making out soon.

BWA HA HA HA HA HA! Sorry! Too much porn in my head! 

Of course nothing like THAT happened. Tee hee!

The 22 PRIME bill!

Mareng Gem treated us for Mareng Chel's birthday dinner! Woooooow!!!!!!!! Thanks Mareng Gem!

(Mareng Chel should've had her birthday in Spiral... grumble grumble... Tee hee!)

After a delicious dinner, we took more pictures!

Just so you know, they released a memo that night to wear high heels. Obviously, I didn't get it.

But I could tippy toe like a boss! So there!

Ha ha ha ha!

Happy Birthday Mareng Chel! Love ya!

22nd Floor, Discovery Suites, 
Ortigas Center, Pasig 1600
+63 2 719.6822 / + 63 2 719.8888


  1. -Uy! Iba talaga ang mga napupuntahang resto pag kasing yaman mo si ericjazfoodies! So ilibre mo din ba kami dito? hehehe
    -mopping the floors ka diyan! Sabihin mo ikaw ang boss ni Manny Pangilinan! hehehe
    -uu nga ano! mukhang galit nga sa iyo si Mareng Chel, hahaha... perfect ang caption sa pic na yun =)
    -ang ganda ninyo lahat na BP ladies! Bongga ang necklace ng birthday girl, hehehe... luminous si Mareng Gail!
    -nobel peace prize agad? di ba pwedeng dagdag muna sa tip? hahaha...
    -eeeeekkkk!!! ang presyo! pang EJF talaga ang peg!!!
    -type ko yang ginawa mo sa bread at spread mo! ganyan din ako
    -hahaha... closet alcoholic ka pala! =P
    -mukha ngang masarap ang pizza
    -I LOVE SWEET SPAGHETTI! hahaha... siyempre, di type ni TP yang ganyan =)
    -pag-aagawan natin yang salad mo! I also love arugula and blue cheese
    -your plate is a joy to behold!!!
    -Bwahahahahaha... ikaw talaga! May ibang istorya pa yung holding hands nila, hahaha... ako din kaya, imagine ko na making out ang BP members na si ____ at _____ (ikaw na manghula kung sino =) hahaha...)
    -talagang naka-L pa ang fingers sa huling pic... hindi mapigilan, hahaha...

    Enjoy your Wednesday Jaz!

    1. Goooood morning Mr. Snuff! How are you??? Would you believe this 5:30am I woke up and checked agad if you have comment. When I saw na wala pa I was like AWWWW... Then after like 5 minutes, MERON NA! YEHEY! Ha ha h ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Talagang inantay ko!

      1) Grabe! Ang haba na ng ililibre ko syo!!!!!!! Basta kapalit niyan trip to Paris courtesy of you and the Partner ah. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (LEVEL UP ANG JOKE!)

      2) Naku! Isa akong lady janitress na taga timpla din ng kape! Tee hee!!!!!! Nakikigamit lang ako ng computer para magblog!

      3) DI BA??? We love her necklace too! It was a gift from her hubby btw!

      4) Ha ha ha ha! E sa kulit ba naman namin na papicture, papicture uli, isa pang camera, hay naku! Pang noble peace prize ang patience niya!

      5) KAYANG KAYA MO YAN HELLER! Ikaw nga complete with salad, soup, main entree, and dessert lagi ang food trips mo!

      6) Di ba? Sarap??? Everything with butter is YUM!

      7) Naku! I didn't drink the wine! Ang galing ko di ba? Iyon lang ang pose na kaya kong gawin! For some reason kpag picture time na, I would get the goblet and smile. Mukha akong eng eng! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I just noticed it when reviewing the pics.

      8) Uuuuy pareho sila ng type ni Chinese Adonis (pizza and sweet pasta)

      9) UBOS NA ANG SALAD! BWA HA HA HA HA! Hindi kita titiran! Joke!!! Of course! Hating kapatid! Naks!

      10) OMAY! You should also try PEPITA'S LECHON with truffle rice!!! SUPPPER SARAAAAAP!

      11) Bwa ha ha ha ha! I've been watching too much porn siguro or lumabas uli pagkagreen minded ko. JOKE!!!!

      12) NOOOO! Ha ha ha ha ha! I just remembered why I did the letter L! If you've seen my other blogs (especially with KTG) I love doing the MR. POGI pose. As in LAGI! I do that! Tapos that night, I did it, then I realized, magmumuka na naman akong jeje doing the pose along with the lovely ladies, so I put my hand down. Namaintain ko pala ang L! (Di ba naka L ang fingers when you do the Mr. Pogi pose?) HA HA HA HA HA!

      Thanks Mr. Snuff! ALREADY ENJOYING cos of your comment!!! Have a great day too! Mwah!

  2. Hahahaha... enjoy na enjoy talaga ako magbasa ng mga replies mo. =)

    Ashush! Magsitigil ka! Balita ko ikaw daw may ari ng michelin, lamborghini, porche, alfa romeo, mercedes benz at ducati e. Ikaw daw nag-uutos kay MVP na magtaas ng singil sa kuryente namin, hahaha...

    Ikaw yata ang sinasabi mo diyan regarding the full course meal. Ako nagdidildil lang ng asin dito sa bahay. =P
    Yes, I've seen that L in a lot of your posts, hahaha... di ko kinaya yan! hahaha...

    1. Ha ha ha ha! Same here Mr. Snuff!!!!

      Oy! Humahaba na ang ilong mo! Maghulis dili ka sa pinagsasabi mo! Lamborghini lang ang pagaari ko no! JOKE! Ha ha ha ha ha!

      Ahem... ahem... sorry ka I saw your BLACK BIRD instagram post!

      Ha ha ha ha ha! Tinigilan ko lang ang Mr. Pogi pose ko kasi ang pangit pala. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!


  3. Ateng, hindi ho blackbird yun, black olive ang kinainan namin. Ang blackbird pang EJF lang ang afford dun. hahaha... mwahnesskadin!

    1. Ay hi hi!!! Hindi ako masyadong expert sa black kasi my heart is GOLDEN!


      Tee hee!

  4. IKAW NA! hahahahahaha...


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