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Friday, October 10, 2014


One time I was doing my usual business at work when my Mom called me asking what I was doing. After I answered with a "same old same old" she asked what time I will be getting out from the office. Of course I gave her my usual "I don't know" since I could only leave work after I finish mopping the floors and washing the dishes (Har de har har!) but she didn't seem to mind "Just go to Powerplant Mall afterwards no matter what time. We will just wait for you".  Hmmmm.... Considering that it was already late to begin with, I was sensing something fishy.

So I did go to Powerplant Mall and met up with my family. Lo and behold! What a pleasant surprise! Nooo, there was no romantic proposal with the Chinese Adonis bent down on one knee (not by a long shot) OR Oprah excited telling everyone in Rockwell "You have a new car! You have a new car!" (that's more possible really) BUT it was actually my Dad who suddenly craved for some steak and decided to gather us "kids" for an impromptu family dinner at MAMOU.

I don't know about you but I really cherish times with my family wherein I am made to feel like a kid again. I always did say that my Dad is the original "foodie" of all and my sibs discovered our love for food (and Sinatra) from him. I remember that he would always take us out to breakfast, lunch, dinner, or whatever, just to try out a new hotel restaurant or have some "Ma Mon Luk" noodles when the weather called for it.

What I really appreciated from my Dad is not just his introduction  to the wonders of food but the many bonding times he gave us instead of going out with his friends to drink. And he always did that with meals (either in restaurant or with take out!). Probably that's why the Chinese Adonis and I would rather spend our hard earned money having food trips or activities with the boys rather than just shopping for items only we could enjoy. Like our Dad, we aim to make meaningful memories with the little lords and our family that they would hopefully carry on when they have kids of their own.

So yes, you can't blame me for being nostalgic again while we were enjoying our steaks in MAMOU TOO!  Though it was not as fun since my eldest brother and family were not there (since it was impromptu and all) plus the Chinese Adonis and the little lords were at home (he chose to watch basketball while the kids were already sleeping since it was a Wednesday), my other brother and sister raved with me that it was really nice to just have a spontaneous getogether even if there was no special occasion to celebrate.

And we have our Dad once more to thank for that. :)


The original MAMOU is located in SERENDRA but we decided to have our dinner here since Powerplant Mall is nearer from where we lived. 

We decided to sit outside in MAMOU TOO! since the weather was cool with the rain. 

My Mom and Dad!

Me and Kuya Jon!

And my Ate Jojit whose cellphone I'm using for pictures. My camera was busted at this time.

Our waiter that night in MAMOU TOO! was Judd and he was very nice and efficient. He was really happy to serve us!

MAMOU TOO! served some complimentary warm crusty bread with simple blocks of butter. 

Time to order in MAMOU TOO!

See the strong rain at my back?

MAMOU TOO! menu 1.... 

MAMOU TOO! menu 2.... 

Uy that rhymed!

MAMOU TOO! menu 3.... 

 and MAMOU TOO! menu 4... 

Even if it was very chilly from the rain, I ordered a MAMOU TOO! Iced Tea (P80.00) just because the night called for something more than blah water. 

First on the table was a small platter of MAMOU TOO! Greens (P295.00).

It was a very simple serving of leafy vegetables with tomato wedges, grated cheese, then generously drizzled with lemon balsamic dressing. 

Next up is one of my favorites in MAMOU TOO!... Lorenzo Truffle Cream Pasta (P375.00).

This is so delicious and highly recommended in MAMOU TOO! The spaghetti noodles were cooked perfectly al dente and the rich cream sauce was lusciously infused with truffle oils and cheese. OOOH YEAAAH.... 

I swear if I was not on a diet, I could eat 3 full platters of this!!!

I was initially going to order 2 servings of this glorious MAMOU TOO! pasta but then my Mom reminded that our appetites were not as strong as it used to. So let's see. I could always order one more if my tummy yearned for it. 

Up next were 2 single orders of MAMOU TOO! Angus Rib Eye USDA Prime Grade Steak (P1,780.00 each). The first one was cooked medium well (for my parents and Ate Jit) while the other platter was done medium rare (for me and my brother).

Now why didn't I remove that spoon?!

Usually, my Mom and Dad would have their steaks done rare but of course, their tummies are extra sensitive now so they just settled with medium well. He he he he!

As for my sister, she always takes her meat, WELL (cough...loser... cough) BWA HA HA HA HA!

MAMOU's steak! Heaven in a platter! No gravy or any sort of sauce needed. The meat was already flavorful on its own.

My Kuya Jon is our "steak master" and has perfected the art of grilling our meats. He was wondering if MAMOU TOO! was able to "rest" the steaks after cooking since it was served to us already sliced. Whatever it is, the MAMOU TOO! rib eye was extremely tender and juicy, and he loved it. My brother sprinkled a bit of salt on our steak and it tasted like what we enjoyed in HOUSE OF WAGYU STONEGRILL.

The MAMOU TOO! Rib Eye Single order came with 2 regular side dishes. Since we will be getting 4 servings total, we decided to just get one of each from the selection.

Here's the MAMOU TOO! Corn Pudding.... 

MAMOU TOO! Mashed Potatoes.... We loved this.

MAMOU TOO! Cream Spinach.... 

MAMOU TOO! Red Steak Rice. This was good too!!!

(blank)JAZ FOODIES and family in MAMOU TOO!!

Bwa ha ha ha! THAT'S what you get for staying home to watch basketball!

Mom and Dad enjoying their steak and pasta. 

My Mom and Dad do not eat much so my lucky sister got more than half serving of MAMOU TOO! steak!

Check out how our server elevated half of the steak platter by putting a small bowl underneath so that the oils will go on one side. 

He did that with our MAMOU TOO! steak but evil me still dipped the meat in its fatty oils. Yowza!

Our MAMOU TOO! table filled with awesome food!

My plate! My mouthwatering and diet busting MAMOU TOO! plate!

Oh I'm such a happy little lady!

My "soup" for the night! Ha ha ha ha! I drizzled my MAMOU TOO! steak with all these tasty oil and juices as if it were gravy!

MAMOU TOO! steak in medium bloody rare... Just the way we love it!

And we're done. Yup! And we still had leftovers fit for one more hungry person!

My sister suggested we try the MAMOU TOO! Key Lime Pie to share. I know it was not MARIE CALLENDERS but it was creamy with the right tartness to it!

Of course, I could never have dessert without coffee (P60.00).

Our MAMOU TOO! bill!

BURP! Thanks so much Daddy for the surprise MAMOU TOO! dinner! Hopefully you have another craving and take us out on an instant family restaurant night! It wouldn't hurt if it was MAMOU TOO! again! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Don't worry Daddy. Next time it's on me. 

Just you, Mommy, and ME! BWA HA HA HA HA!


Ground Floor, Power Plant Mall, 
Rockwell, Makati City
02 8226218
+63 9178062668


    -bonggacious talaga family mo! Nag-crave lang ng Mamou, punta agad! Ako siguro aabutin ng limang taon bago makabili ng softdrink diyan, hehehe...
    -homaygollygulay! mahilig ka din kay sinatra? Kindred spirits talaga!
    -awwwwww.... sweet naman ng dad mo... bonding over food, what could be better?
    -kamukha mo pala ang mom mo!
    -ano po ang specialization ni Doc Jojit and Doc Jon?
    -(recovers after a few minutes and starts reading your blog again)
    -oks lang yan na mag-order ka ng malamig na inumin kahit na umuulan, yung iba nga diyan kahit mainit nagka-kape e. =)
    -I LOVE their Truffle Pasta! So simple yet so delicious. Redolent with the smell of truffle oil. Tsalap!
    -eeeeeeekkkk! Medium Well steak! Que horror! (arte! hahahaha...)
    -bwahahaha... katakot ka palang magalit, talagang tinatanggal from existence ang pangalan... kawawang Eric, hahaha...
    -dipping the steak in the oils is the only way to go!!!
    -dapat ilibre mo ako diyan Jaz! Para makatikim naman ako ng steak, hehehe...
    -have a wonderful trip to Quezon! Bon voyage!

    1. Ha ha ha ha! Yihiii! Kilig naman ako that you read and commented agad! Thanks talaga!!!! :)

      1) Asuuuuuus!!!!! You're putting me OHN! I don't believe you! E your instagram account nga punong puno ng bonggacious na food! Ako nagugutom sa yo e!

      2) SUPER!!!! That's our music growing up kaya may sentimental value talaga! Now nga I'm imposing Sinatra On Sundays sa mga kids para they'll have wonderful Sunday memories din. I love his album COME FLY WITH ME. I love his movies pa with Gene Kelly!

      3) Super!!! He's very romantic pa to my Mom. Such a father figure pa to his family and other relatives.

      4) Wow talaga??? Many say I look like my Dad tapos my sis looks like my Mom. If yes then I'm so happy! My Mom is very lovely and a lady in every way. She's a doctor din pala.

      5) My ate is a fellow in Child Psychiatry tapos si Kuya is Architect na naging animator. He he he he he!

      6) ASUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUS!!!!!! Kumain ka na diyan e!

      7) Ha ha ha! I'm Queen of bottomless drinks. I could finish mga 4 big glasses ng iced team!

      8) See??? KUMAIN KA NA IN MAMOU?? Ha ha ha ha! As for the medium well... EXACTLY!!!

      9) Ha ha ha ha! Don't worry, I gave him pasalubong naman. Yun nga lang supposedly we'll eat here uli nung Mag Un Anniv namin. Hindi niya ako binati so tanggal uli siya. HA HA HA HA!

      10) Saraaaaap steak oil! Pwede pa used for garlic rice! ERMIGAAAD!

      11) Promise if I win in EB raffle sa Christmas Party namin, treat kita... Pero hati tayo sa single. Ha ha ha ha ha!

      12) Thanks!!! Naku I'll miss your comments kasi day off muna ako sa blog sa weekend. Take care and have a blessed weekend too Mr. Snuff! MMMMWAH!

    2. -HOMAYGAHD! Meron din ako niyang album na yan! That's one of the very first CDs I ever bought! I love "Come Fly With Me!"
      -pramis, purlalu lang ako... hindi ako makakakain diyan sa mga resto na yan kung hindi dahil kay The Partner
      -pareho kasi kayo ng hugis ng mukha at facial bone structure ng mom mo e, tapos pareho pa kayong maputi... will I get in trouble if I say you look like your sister? hehehe...
      -ooooohhhhh, child psychiatry! Dapat sa US siya mag-practice! Lakas ng kita dun, hehehe
      -(ooooops, I slipped and fell out of character, nakalimutan kong hindi pa pala dapat ako kumakain sa mamou, hahaha)
      -malapit na din anniv namin ni The Partner, buti na lang hindi pa niya nakakalimutan ang anniversary namin (so far) hahahaha...
      -yung steak ng Hai Chix and Steaks use the drippings and some small pieces of meat for their steak rice
      -ANOVAH! Sa iyo pa lang kulang na yung single e, hahaha... although medyo sobra nga sa dalawang tao yung 800g na steak... sobrang sarap! I love how they do their steaks Peter Luger style
      -Ingat sa biyahe mamaya... pasalubong ko ha? hahaha...

    3. Hiya Mr. Snuff! Aba gising ka pa like me??? I wonder if you've read my Acacia post... Hmmmmm... he he he he he!

      1) I love that song so much! I nearly jumped in excitement when I heard it pa in CATCH ME IF YOU CAN! The Chairman of the Board RULES!

      2) ASUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSSS! Nag drop out of character ka nga!

      3) Ha ha ha ha! No naman but I don't think I look like my sister. She's very petite and thin. Many say talaga she's the carbon copy of my mom pero THANKS SOOO MUCH that you think I look like her. He he he he!

      4) Ha ha ha ha! She's happier here e and very much stable in her practice. Also, we're a very close knit family, walang iwanan! Sa kainan lang! BWA HA HA HA!

      5) I KNEW IT! YOU ALWAYS EAT IN RESTOS that we post!!!!!!!

      6) Haaay good for you! My husband remembers pero always forgets to greet me! But it's okay I guess. Yun lang naman nafoforget nya. He doesn't forget to kiss me every morning before going to work. Big deal sa akin yun kasi he does it kahit na sleeping ako. Kung alam lang niya, nagtutulug tulugan ako. Ha ha ha ha ha!

      7) Would like to try Hai Chix soon! TARA!

      8) Yes for me sobra siya! Biro mo samin na nga lang ng brother ko, marami din leftovers. Very heavy siya sa tummy since it's a really thick MAMOU cut. Pero ang SARAP!

      Thanks dear Mr. Snuff!!! Ano gusto mo?? He he he he! MWAHNESS!

    4. Gusto ko? Si Sir Jonah! hahahaha... wala, basta safe lang kayong makarating dun at maka-uwi dito masaya na ako, naks! hahaha...

      Wala pa kanina yung Acacia post mo, will read it now. =)

  2. Now I miss Mamou again! Timing coz we'll be in Rockwell for the BFF tomorrow! You're spelling is slipping! Lots of misspelled "meynuh" again. Gyahahahaha!!!

    1. Oh no! I forgot to proofread! Ha ha ha ha ha! Thanks and have fun tomorrow!!!!


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